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  1. Chriss has shown some life in the preseason.. what do you guys think, solid end of bench rotation until Willie returns? Anyone know when Willie is due back?
  2. Thoughts on Mr. Saric? Perhaps returning back to relevancy this season -- looks like he is a lock to start and is reunited with Monty Williams, the former 76ers asst coach. I picked him up 3rd to last pick, so high reward low risk -- hoping for an award.
  3. Its absolute incompetence on Yahoo's part by not putting the INJ tag already
  4. This dude and his ankles! Is he wearing BBB shoes or something
  5. such a pessimist, there's still one more day of december left
  6. I'm sure showing up to USA camp all bloated didn't help the matter either
  7. Forever Young! my league laughed at me for this pickup, but he's had solid run of 7 games..... and counting
  8. The only thing which could hinder this stud is his health -- otherwise enjoy the season
  9. I was so upset when the Lakers got all cheap and released him, love his enthusiasm and hustle. However, I never viewed him as starter material and so far he's proven me wrong, but I'm still skeptical... for you guys that have been watching Wiz games, what do you think.. sustainable as starter?
  10. Nope but hopeful MRI doesn't reveal anything catastrophic and just ends up being day to day.. aside from fg efficiency, he really has started to play well
  11. It certainly is a big loss, but is it weird that at the same time I'm somewhat relieved? He has been really annoying to own... will forever be on my DND list forthwith
  12. I remember when Vecsey used to be the standard back in the 90s and early 2000s... nowadays I'm not so sure
  13. I immediately went to pick him up after the news of CP