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  1. Down huge and thought I had no chance going into tonight’s game. Had Ridley, Julio and Matt Ryan. Pulled it off and took the narrowest of leads on that last Julio TD, only to lose it with the Ryan kneel down.
  2. Not as splashy of numbers as last week, but love the number of catches. For those that watched, did the hip look like and issue at all? Looks like he played a lot more than last week?
  3. If you’re on yahoo, wait until after the early games. Once they’ve played and you have a little more info, then decide and pick up a kicker on the ww that has a later afternoon/Sunday night/Monday game.
  4. Points? As in plural? You’re a glass half full kind of guy, aren’t you?
  5. Can anyone familiar with Ten comment on if they have the talent to be a top flight DST this year? Thinking about cutting ties with Den and Ten seems to have a favorable schedule.
  6. Even when that vet is responsible for a safety and just lays down to the side of a defenders path so said defender can have a free shot at the QB? He junk. Play the talent.
  7. Right, people on here were hyping him, but fell in the same category of about 150 other dart throws that you just keep an eye on.
  8. Good info, appreciate it. Though it begs he question (for me)...what caused the swelling and soreness?
  9. What’s your budget? Is it your whole leagues first time or just you? It kind of depends on the league, but we have a 200 budget and I would expect him to go in the 20s or 30s.
  10. I think it’s officially time to repaint the 2018 Trey Burton hype train and rename it after this guy.
  11. Depends on which thread I’ve read most recently 😥
  12. Then youll likely be monitoring him on another team.
  13. Now that you know it, you must promise never to use the term, lest you sound just as douchey as all the other douchebags here.
  14. I just think after he signed his contract, he realized he was going to spend the remainder of his productive years playing for a garbage organization. Then he got cold feet.