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  1. Derrick Henry 2018 Outlook

    He’s anywhere from the best RB to have ever lived, to an ok RB in a timeshare with a great RB.
  2. Joe Mixon 2018 Outlook

    Definitely is getting expensive to own. I got him for 19 and 23 in a couple leagues I did before the first preseason game. If he is that expensive in my upcoming drafts he probably won’t be on my teams.
  3. 2018 Fantasy Football Platform Central

    Has anyone used ESPN for auction drafting this year? It seems to me like they took out the “value” and “average” players. I see a dollar amount with the list of players, but once they are nominated and are bidding, you don’t see it. Love this if that’s the case as people don’t feel the need to bid up somone because they don’t want you to get a good deal based on what ESPN tells them. BUT, I don’t know if that is just how mine is set up. Didn’t see there were other options to view it though.
  4. Odell Beckham Jr. 2018 Outlook

    OBJ has yet to have 1 season with Brock Osweiler as his QB. Hopkins has done it once.
  5. Josh Gordon 2018 Outlook

    Regarding Dez...My bet is him being hurt, a non-issue from ineffectiveness (again), or imploded and not on the team by mid-season. So IF (big) JG makes the field his outlook is pretty good. So now is the time to buy if you have any faith in JG...imo.
  6. Josh Gordon 2018 Outlook

    There is no way his ADP will remain in the 4th round after all this. Perfect timing for my auction draft coming up next week. I'll be buying if he goes in the single digit $. Dez is a bum and I expect that to work itself out by year end.
  7. 2018 Do not draft list

    As a fantasy player, I really don't care about the reasons, though that is one factor I have thought about. I consider a 40% drop in TD's/gm, 25 less yards/gm and 1+ less reception/gm from weeks 1-4 to weeks 13-16 significant. Fair enough if you its still worth it for you. Im not a AJG hater, just defending my position for why I will be looking elsewhere for WRs that are likely to be about the same cost. Also wanted to point out the actual stats for those who care.
  8. 2018 Do not draft list

    Well that's because you didn't look at production month by month. Again, that's not averages. Everyone can be boom or bust on a game by game basis, which is why I broke it down by months/4 week increments as it gives a better indication over time. Maybe DND is a bit harsh, but it would take a deal. I've been around long enough to know 95% of people here do not change their mind, but in case anyone here is curious, the numbers are below. It may not be something worth taking him off your list for, but its definitely something good managers should be aware of when drafting. AJG Value G Y/R TD Ctch% Y/Tgt R/G Y/G TD/G Septem 24 14.73 15 64.1% 9.44 6.3 92.1 0.63 October 24 15.92 14 58.1% 9.24 5.5 88.2 0.58 Novem 25 14.74 14 59.3% 8.75 5.0 73.1 0.56 Dece 27 13.97 13 54.4% 7.60 5.3 74.0 0.48 Weeks Value G Y/R TD Ctch% Y/Tgt R/G Y/G TD/G 1-4 28 14.94 17 63.6% 9.49 6.1 91.2 0.61 5-8 25 15.28 15 60.4% 9.23 5.4 81.9 0.6 9-12 25 15.02 16 57.3% 8.60 5.4 80.5 0.64 13-16 24 13.66 9 52.2% 7.13 4.9 66.6 0.375
  9. 2018 Do not draft list

    But the end of the year is when money is made. And its not just last year. Its his career I am talking about. I don't put much stock into 1 year results. Listen, I love AJG. Im just saying fantasy buyer beware.
  10. 2018 Do not draft list

    Im not talking about just last year. I don't dispute he will win you games, especially early, but his numbers drop month by month for his career (ie, not just last year). Like I said, love the player, but the tailing production has me fading him this year...unless he happens only cost somewhere in the low 30's.
  11. 2018 Do not draft list

    I love AJG the player. I've become lukewarm on AJG the fantasy player. He will also have more competition for targets this year. And like I said, my main problem with him the fantasy player is that his productions continually falls throughout the year (regardless if its his fault or not).
  12. 2018 Do not draft list

    He is also the same AJG whose production goes down month by month throughout the season over his the end of year numbers look better than what he helped you do at the most important time of the year. I'd rather have a player that maintains than one who starts of hot and tails off by year end. I guess I haven't checked his auction average lately, which is all I do, so maybe at the right price. But not if he is close to previous seasons.
  13. 2018 Do not draft list

    Based on current ADPs/Auction Values: McKinnon McCaffrey Cooks Julio AJG Graham
  14. Jerick McKinnon 2018 Outlook

    I’m in MN and have the same assessment. He been pretty “meh”, sparq be damned. He’d sprinkle in some games where he looks really good, but there were many more games in between where he looked average at best. He’s not a good runner unless he has a lot is space untouched. His situation has improved now, but he’s essentially a DND for me at his current price because I just don’t believe in he talent or the ability to not be dealing with nagging injuries all year, which seem to significantly impact his performance.
  15. Joe Mixon 2018 Outlook

    Sounds like you’ve just been burned by bad RB’s.