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  1. Travis Kelce 2019 Outlook

    Yeah it’s a delicate balance. If I don’t make him the #1 TE, people may throw out Ertz or Kittle thinking they may be able to get them cheaper if they throw them out first because they think everyone wanting to spend on TE would rather wait for Kelce. He definitely won’t be my first nomination, but by the time the 3rd comes around if he hasn’t been put out yet, I might go for it.
  2. Travis Kelce 2019 Outlook

    Right now I am planning to make a run at Kelce in auction this year and am thinking of using this to my advantage and throwing him out early so that people will 1. Hopefully not want to spend their money so early, esp at TE and 2. Not bud so high thinking they can still get one of the other 2 in the first tier. Not sure it will work, but is one of the thoughts I have floating around.
  3. Auction vs Snake

    I couldn't get logged into an quickly in one of my leagues this year. Only ended up a couple minutes late, but the computer drafted me Gurley and Hill (luckily I got in in time to stop the bidding on mckinnon as they were trying to bleed my money down and some other schmuck got stuck with him), which weren't heavy targets of mine in other leagues. It ended up being 1 of only 2 of my teams to make it to the finals, and the only team that won it. If it weren't for the computer bidding up injured and newly suspended players, I might think about joining leagues and letting the computer do the work for me next year. The point is, I have no point. Just like this thread has no point.
  4. Auction vs Snake

    Never understood this either. Auction is better in every way, imo. Once you go auction, you never go back.
  5. Melvin Gordon 2019 Outlook

    Its not the timing Im worried about. Its the fact that it has been every year but one. All knees too, if Im not mistaken.
  6. Adam Thielen 2019 Outlook

    Im a Vikings fan and can't say I am fanatical with verifying all of what Im typing or doing deep dives into what is wrong, so take this for what its worth.... Last year I believe AT's drop off had to do with injury (though don't remember exactly when that occurred) and not being challenged in the final few games. I remember the bears and bengals as 2 late season opponents. Zimmer loves to take is foot off the gas on offense and go into a conservative shell whenever he gets the slimmest of leads in order to be able to show his defense can hold it. This year, there were a few things going on. First, the defense sucked to start out, requiring heavy passing. Zimmer of course blamed his D's shortcomings at least partially on the O not running enough. He started throwing the OC under the bus publicly stating we aren't running enough and our O was "too complicated". So he started messing with the offense and applying pressure to the O to change what they were doing. Around the same time, I think teams figured out to have 2 guys devoted to each of Diggs and Thielen and try to have the vikes beat them some other way. Unfortunately, our Oline sucks and is not built for running in any way (one could argue not built for passing either). I think with the aforementioned changes, the OC and Cousins went into a shell and the pressure got to them, especially Cousins. He really is not at all what I expected when he showed up. Also, there was an injury mid-season and I don't know if that ended up lingering. So the point is, I don't think either years drop off has much to do with AT shriveling in the 2nd half of the season and is due to circumstances outside his control. However, going forward, I think Zimmer is going to be meddling heavily in the offense next year in order to protect his defense. He doesn't care if runs are effective or not, he just wants to see a higher number. And unfortunately, there is no creativity to our run game. Runs go left or right, between the G/C or G/T and that is it. No draws, no pitches, no sweeps/outside runs. Nothing getting Cook in space where he excels. Im predicting the offense to look a lot more like the 2nd half of the year next year. Frustrating volatility, lack of creativity and Zimmer micromanaging something he doesn't understand. The good news is I expect them to finally devote some more resources to the offense after realizing Kirk is AR and cannot do it on his own. But as far as WR's I am staying away from Vikes WR's unless they come in that low-mid 20's range, then I might reconsider.
  7. 2019 Keeper League Central

    Thanks, that’s the number range I had in mind. I didn’t know if anyone had something more sophisticated though.
  8. David Johnson 2019 Outlook

    This year has to be his absolute floor, barring injury. Pretty astonishing, all things considered. I doubt I will be buying next season, since Im sure he will be more expensive than Im comfortable with since people will convince themselves positive regression is coming, even if there are minimal moves made by the team to expect it. But one could do worse than a guy who had everything go wrong this year and still finished top 10 at the position.
  9. Nick Chubb 2018 Outlook

    Its early, but what are we thinking his auction value will be next year? Seems like he was fairly dependent on breaking big runs and TDs, otherwise he would get a ton of touches for 2-3 yards a pop. Do they need better lineman? Does the rumored hiring of McCarthy hurt him?
  10. Baker Mayfield 2018 Outlook

    I thought I read that Arians said the CLE coaching gig is the only one he would come out of retirement for? If that is the case, I don't know why anyone other than him ends up their HC. Especially when they choose this jabroni.
  11. 2019 Keeper League Central

    How do you guys adjust value in keeper auction leagues? Our league just went to 1 keeper this year and Im wondering if there is some sort of general formula that can be used to see how much of a bump the top end guys left should get.
  12. 2018 Season Black Monday Firings

    I don't disagree about the Freeman contract. However, I don't think it has anything to do with Coleman. Im not a huge ATL fan, but the handful of games i have watched or caught parts of coleman has looked....adequate and completely replaceable. Freeman on the other hand always sticks out to me as looking good. But that is when he plays, which hasn't been very often lately. Definitely hard to trust him at this point. I could be wrong though and Im sure the knowitalls here will correct me if I am
  13. 2018 Season Black Monday Firings

    Pretty sure I read DQ resumed defensive coordinator duties.
  14. Todd Gurley II 2018 Outlook

    Saw this earlier. I guess the part that stuck out to me is the last sentence. Not that it matters for FFB, but what is that based on? I wouldn't feel confident at all that hes 100 percent for the playoffs if I am a Rams fan.
  15. I have been contemplating this too and wondering if there is a lesson to be learned here. I mentioned earlier that I tended to focus more on the talent than the situation/offense. But like you mention, the top offenses haven't been producing like they were early. On the flip side, it seems like teams that have strong Ds and can run have been doing better and controlling the clock, resulting in decent fantasy numbers from them. Did D's figure out the top O schemes to slow them down? Is colder weather slowing them down? Is this a 1 year anomaly or does this happen to some extent every year? Will these teams offensive slumps linger into next season, or will they reboot and start off hot again until Ds figure them out again? Or will the ground and pound O with solid D model be the new template/fad?