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  1. Love this guy as a sleeper, big time counting stats potential, but now Im not sure if hes a 4th outfielder with Myers, Renfroe, Margot and Reyes also around. Any thoughts? I have space for a sleeper outfielder and and considering him, Cedric Mullins and Teoscar Hernandez. All seem to be platooners with Teoscar the only one having any reasonable sustained success. Could also just decide to not keep any of them. Thoughts?
  2. No Im not a Marc, juyst referencing my post from above
  3. hey guys ive changed my mind he doesnt need any time in the minors
  4. he needs two months in the minors
  5. i love the load and the way he gets to the ball but i cant help but imagine him struggling with good offspeed stuff. im excited to see how his swing holds up
  6. since hes on a minor league deal hes bound by service time, right? i can imagine seeing him in mid-2019 if they are contending but if not theres no way they start his clock before July 2020 right? i mean theyve already spent 50 million on him (with taxes/penalties) id think they would want to wring every dollar out of the back end of that deal
  7. love the delivery, i know the change plays up of the fastball but those 84 that fall of the table are wicked ...i only saw one curve, maybe i missed more. does anyone think that pitch has a chance to be something?
  8. Yeah of course you are right, for some reason I combine the two in my seems like we more easily accept the service time weirdness than the super two
  9. Okay, okay...the royal WE
  10. Wait that presumes you dont think he will be up at all this year before Sept that true?
  11. Man we have to fix this super two nonsense. there is no way he shouldnt me on the opening day roster
  12. I love the stats of McClanahan and he certainly seems to be rated as high as anyone around, but for fantasy purposes (or rather ranking purposes) how do you compare him to a guy like Jesus Luzardo, Freicer Perez, Nate Pearson Also would be interested in hearing where people think Hankins or Mize fits in with this group
  13. i predict the hitting experiment wont last long if the Halos remain in contention, occasional PH perhaps. I take the under on 200 ABs
  14. in fact he looks eerily like Yu out there
  15. hes got to work on inducing soft contact, Darvish had the same problem and would wear himself out trying to K everybody. 18+ K/9IP is no way to go deep into a game