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  1. Drop IT for Fox? WHIR 100%

    I'd give it another game, you've held on to IT this long and Fox isn't the most consistent either, he just picked up a minor injury too. Wait & See approach with this one, but if it'll make your day to finally drop a player who's been frustrating to own all year. I get it.
  2. Chriss is too inconsistent and It'll feel like betting on green in Roulette if you're looking to hold him. Crowder seems to have a higher floor or maybe stream that spot.
  3. Drop Jabari to open up stream spot?

    Thanks for the help, made a quick change in my sig, removed Taj Gibson and replace with Austin Rivers. Also forgot to include some Waiver Wire streaming candidates: Kyle Kuzma Buddy Hield Taj Gibson Montrezl Harrell Tyler Johnson Rondae Hollis-Jefferson Markieff Morris Jae Crowder Jaylen Brown Thanks Again!
  4. Pick up Isaac or Noel?

    Noel is the risk worth the risk for Stocks. Mavs are giving him a long look before heading into the off-season.
  5. Trying to secure a BYE week and not sure who to drop. Jabari?
  6. I agree it comes down to best fit at this time of the year and sometimes even addition by subtraction is the way to go. It looks like you did what was best for your team and hopefully Wall will help Morris when he returns.
  7. Teodosic over Ish?

    Milos If you need 3's and a better playoff schedule. Ish for less turnovers and better consistency overall, even as a backup.
  8. Nerlens Noel

    I'd give Noel a few more games before making a move because the Mavs going to give him opportunity which we really haven't seen recently and he should be highly motivated. The other guys are a wash since they'll have good games but are inconsistent. Wait-and-see approach here.
  9. Looking ahead for next week

    Drop Tyreke for Mirotic. If Collision isn't back by the top of the week you'll have to consider dropping him for Ariza. Give Nance another game before deciding on how to proceed with him since the Cavs are still figuring thing out.
  10. Drop Collison for Love

    I'd drop Rubio for Love. Collision is returning very soon and since you're siting in 2nd and your playoffs are a bit later than average, this is a gamble worth taking for Love.
  11. Who is the drop for Millsap?! WHIR 100%

    I was in the same scenario and ended up dropping RHJ and he's still sitting on the wire a week later. I do worry about Morris when Wall gets back but as of today, RHJ is the drop.
  12. I'd stick M&M. They are both better than each of the other two players and that usually outweighs the schedule.
  13. Looking at my playoff schedule I'd have to bench a forward a few nights because I'd have too many, while still having an open starting slot for a guard. Example:
  14. Prefer to drop a forward/center since I'm short on guards and unfortunately my trade deadline is today.
  15. I'd take Embiid, best player in the deal. Middleton will lose some touches as Jabari acclimates himself, you may find another Mitchell in next years draft, good Centers are harder to come by.