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  1. Thanks, I won't drop Jaylen. Guess i'll drop Lyles then. or maybe Lee?
  2. Thanks for the help, I'd go with Reddick.
  3. Thanks and Yeah, I'm punting free throws and Assist(but might win this week).
  4. With Rudy Gobert on the mend, I'll need to drop someone soon. Also looking to stream Milos Teodosic tonight in order to secure the assist category this week. Is Jaylen my drop?
  5. Unfortunately my league is allergic to trades unless it's absolutely lop-sided and there's only been one so far. I'm thinking I'll drop Jaylen cause he doesn't have any game left this week and pretty soon I'll have to activate Rudy from my IR and will have to decide between dropping Lee or Gibson then anyway. Decisions, decisions
  6. He should sweeten the deal a bit, Porter has more value. But I know Centers are at a premium so if nothing comes out of negotiations than do whats best for your team and take the trade.
  7. Whiteside + Courtney Lee for Kawhi WHIR

    Risk taken on both sides. Good trade and the roster spot is nice!
  8. One add Left WHIR

    Thanks for the help! Drop those guys for Adebayo and Bogdan. The arrow is pointing up for Adebayo and the floor is high for Bogdan.
  9. Remove Hardaway jr or Randle and I'd do the deal. If somehow he would take this deal without Markkanen then take it ASAP! But as is, I think you're giving up too much unless your waiver wire is loaded.
  10. Looking to for an uptick in 3's. I've been surprisingly decent at free throws due to DJ's improvement and dropping J. Brown may push me up a tier in that department as well. Should I make these moves?
  11. Drop Jaylen Brown, Rondae Hollis-Jefferson and Kuzma for Tyler Johnson, Mirotic, and Ellington. Looking to improve 3's. Good move?
  12. Whiteside + Courtney Lee for Kawhi WHIR

    Good trade, and now you've opened up a new roster spot.
  13. ...and who should I drop for any combination of the 3?
  14. ...and who should I drop for him/them?
  15. ...and who should I drop for him? Other options on the Wire: Wayne Ellington Tyer Johnson Michael Beasley Bobby Portis