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  1. He wasn't getting any calls vs MEM (especially in the fourth: There was one sequence where he got fouled upon getting the ball inbounds, bringing the ball up and trying to run the play but the whistles stayed quiet). SA has also started getting Aldridge more involved after his return from the heart issue. During Kawhi's MVP stretch, LA was relegated to just getting kick outs and pops and it looks like they want to stop utilizing him like a role player and more like a 1B. It's worked out for them and the offense looks better with more Spurs getting better looks and being in rhythm and alleviates pressure off Kawhi.
  2. Considering he has the ability to produce just as much or more boards, threes, points while also providing some volume to anchor ft in 2 games than somebody like Wilson Chandler can in 4 games ( Faried wasn't playing during Wilson's latest hot streak where he plays the 4) I would just hold.
  3. Dropped him in both my leagues, Smith and Mahinmi got healthy and diminished his role. Smith offers better spacing, Ian is more disruptive defensively and has a decent post game.
  4. Good pace and Houston should be up by 20 by the time the fourth quarter comes along so good opportunity for atleast a double/double with a block or two.
  5. An efficiency (fg%, ft% and TO) build can counter most unfavorable schedules. This build is more bigman heavy so focus on winning rebounds and blocks then be above avg in steals and threes. You'll win most weeks. (Make sure most of your bigs can hit FT and have 2-3 FT anchors)
  6. "The first step to returning to action states the player must first be symptom-free at rest. Once the symptoms dissipate, the injured player can than sit for a neurocognitive test, most likely the ImPACT (Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing) test. Due to the variability amongst concussed athletes, the ImPACT testing allows for each individual to be properly screened. The test is conducted on a computer and analyzes the individual’s status through neuropsychological tests that include memory recall, immediate shape and color recognition and matching. The results are compared to a set of baseline information gathered on each athlete prior to the start of the season. Before an athlete can progress to the next step in the recovery process, their IMPACT scores must return to their initial baseline numbers. From there an athlete must remain symptom free following a progressive increase of activity, starting with riding a stationary bike and concluding with non-contact team drills. Once the player has completed these steps, Dr. Jeffrey Kutcher, the Director of the NBA’s Concussion Program, will be contacted to discuss the final clearance for return to play. The time needed to complete the process varies from player to player and predicting..." http://instreetclothes.com/2015/05/30/understanding-the-nba-concussion-policy/ A flicker of hope? He was reported to be on a stationary bike a few days ago and that's part of step 2.
  7. Bogdanovic Harden
  8. They closed with it. Mahinmi closed out the third (~3 min) started off the fourth, Bogdanovic got hot and Kieff subbed for Ian midway. Gortat played 0 minutes in the fourth. Also as somebody mentioned, he got into a bit of foul trouble during the 1st quarter with 2 in the first 6 mins. He returned with around 8 mins left in the 2nd and closed the quarter.
  9. Wall, Porter, Beal, Bogdanovic and Markieff
  10. Carisle really gets the best out of his guys, another steal for Dallas. (and fantasy owners!)
  11. High motor, takes up a lot of space but relies on soft shots to score, all of his shots have come off cuts. Haven't seen him post up this game yet
  12. "System players can't be MVP candidates" - PG13 / KD / Melo / ESPN / anyone else he guards. Kill em Kawhi!
  13. Went to the locker room a few minutes into the 4th, hope it's precautionary.
  14. Yes, this isn't a strategy that you go into the season, itching to use. This specific trade deadline, as well as the injuries this season has affected a lot of player's roles. Said situations create timeshares or affected their usage dramatically. Examples from this season: - Steven Adams now has to contend with Kanter AND Taj Gibson. (3 consistent rostered players affected off one trade) - Eric Gordon and Lou Will (more of EG affected) - Dieng's usage and one of two plays run for him, went out the window when Lavine went down. - Miami's guard rotation is now healthy (Waiters, Tyler, Josh : all good players to own, but they're in each other's way - so if one is playing bad, there is less chance that they get redemption minutes) - Warren's return to early season form sans Tucker, Tyson out of the rotation. Anyway, it's a situational tool that everyone can use in the right situation(s).
  15. H2H Same here, I prefer efficiency builds as they can possibly help you overcome a disadvantage in games played, atleast in 3 categories. You just plan week to week. Having gone vs all of the teams in your league a few times, you should know, or have a general idea of which categories are contested between both of your teams and which ones you will respectively dominate each other at. If you have a tough time gauging it, list down their top 5 guys or their untouchables and add up their stats up and compare them to yours then take each other's specialists into account then look at each players individual matchups to plan properly.