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  1. He looks fine, the Spurs dont play anyone coming back from an injury 28 minutes (+4th Q minutes in a blow out) They just used it as an excuse to rest him vs three match ups they should’ve won on paper (Lakers, Sac and Portland w/o Lillard) IMO
  2. Gary Harris 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    The volume that he can anchor and to an extent, the quality of the shots he gets can (Millsap can clog the lane, so less top of the key drives / floaters) The threes can foreseeably go up off kicks due to Sap’s gravity but the defensive stats and turnovers should be constant. Points (19ppg / past month) and assists (4 apg / past month) will go down
  3. Gary Harris 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    I love Gary but at this point he’s realistically a sell high as the Nuggs are rolling without Millsap’s usage. Does anyone else feel that his current production is sustainable? This is also factoring in that their main backcourt options are shoot first (Murray / Barton); There’s only one basketball after all.
  4. I have 0 expectations from Kawhi till post ASB, the way they’ve handled this just strikes me as the Spurs: 1) Breathing life and confidence into LMA 2) Keeping Kawhi fresh from unnecessary wear and tear 3) Getting more reps to the younger Spurs roleplayers (KA, Forbes, Paul) who wouldn’t have had the opportunity since Kawhi and LA are very ball dominant. From a fantasy perspective, the teams I have Kawhi on are doing fine standings-wise (I only play 9 cat H2H) so I’m not looking to move him. I just feel like all the offers being thrown at me still aren’t worth moving Kawhi for. 2 games from Kawhi will probably be more valuable than 4 from OPJ, 80% of the time IMO
  5. Gary Harris 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    I’m going to name all my kids Gary at this rate... just does everything right!
  6. I don’t foresee Olynyk starting over him as their bench needs somebody who can create their own shot and JJ really came on last year as the starter
  7. Yes, he looked lost and unfocused vs Dallas as well. I view him as a high upside 2nd half stash since bigs are hard to come by and I have a surplus of wings anyway
  8. Chris Paul was making him look silly and he looked lost on both sides today
  9. He took Winslow’s slot in the starting 5; him and KO end up playing a lot of PF but they also play him at the 3 and KO at the 5. JJ doesn’t affect Hassan’s minutes
  10. They ran the 2 man game with him and Aldridge in the first quarter which lead to a lead but went away from it as the game progressed. Once those two start clicking on that play, seems almost impossible to stop. He also finally has some bounce to his step and is starting to get back in shape. Should be back to form by Feb barring any setbacks. Lot to like about his outlook IMO
  11. Josh Richardson 2017-2018 Outlook

    If him and Tyler keep this up, I can totally see them moving Dragic this season or next
  12. Richaun Holmes 17-18 Season outlook

    Brown went from lobbying for minutes and praising Holmes over The past few seasons, to playing Amir Johnson and giving Booker minutes off the bat without much fuss. Is it that hard to see that a short big man rotation involving Saric, Embiid and Holmes is better both now and in the long term? Such trash decision making!
  13. Yes, with what Bell’s churning out - I still had to “overpay” to get the other guy to accept. But this is probably the last chance to “buy low” if he’s already rostered and you want him. He will be on a lot of championship rosters IMO. Collins is more of a traditional big, (fg%, boards, stocks) but Bell can do more for you statistically and I do like his outlook more, especially in the Warrior’s system.
  14. Nurk was actually one of the pieces I gave to get Bell in the package. Been thanking God he’s not on my roster everyday. The free agent pool this season has been great and if Bell continues to add to his solid play and/or Javale gets moved, then it could work out nicely for GS and for us!
  15. Bought/buying in all of my leagues, I’m really liking building around multicat big men / wings (Horford, Vuc, Marc, Cousins, Dray Jokic, Lebron, JJohnson, now Bell). The kid’s in good company in fantasy land!