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  1. 8 Cat. vs. 9 Cat. Format

    Can only speak for myself but I never draft a player just because he has low turnovers (I only play 9 Cat H2H) A lot of Otto Porter's value lies in his 3PM on Bigman-esque FG% + the steals and solid rebounding from your SG/SF. Myles Turner last year was also similarly valuable because he gave me the stats (fg, elite blocks and 7 rpg) that I want from a big man; but he also made most of his free throws and chipped in a three once in awhile (out of position). Both of them having low TO was just a bonus My point is, when you say your team punts assists, what it really means is you're going for excellent percentages (fg and ft) since most high assist, high turnover guards have garbage fg% that can lose you a matchup by going 5-20. It also means you don't target big men who have crappy ft%. IMO It's not about penalizing high usage players as it is another way to build your team and appreciate efficient players. (Quality over quantity)
  2. Trevor Ariza 2017-2018 season outlook

    13-14 WAS Ariza is possible (45% fg, 77 ft, 2.3 3PM and ~2spg) if he owns the corner this season. if I can get him after the 60s (you never know), he can be a great ROI.
  3. Paul George 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    I can see PG13 being a viable early selection for a punt assists H2H build where you pick a big or Kawhi first. The volume probably wont be there this season but it's not like he's going to fall off a cliff for Oladipo numbers (he's way more skilled) and it isn't far fetched to project that his efficiency goes up as 2nd fiddle (fg%, TO). If I played in a deeper league and picked say Gobert first and decided to punt assists then and there, going Paul George next will allow me to load up on atleast 2 bigs instead of reaching for Middleton or Ariza. I would round off my roster with PGs like George Hill and Tyler Johnson late-mid and 3PM guys like Allen Crabbe, Danny Green and Bazemore even later. 20 ppg, 6 rpg, 2+ threes and 2+ steals per game from a SF on improved efficiency are appealing to any build if you can compensate in other ways (Rubio,Cousins (near the turn if applicable) / Horford and Marc combo etc). Just my 2c
  4. I like that he can create his own shot and move off the ball, but I doubt he will be able to just dribble and create like he's doing now in FIBA - especially with George Hill and Fox being the primary ball handlers. There probably will atleast be a timeshare with Hield to start off the season, but I like his upside better as a three point specialist who can possibly get to the line, someone to consider in the last few rounds. Does he play D?
  5. Your top 20 picks for 2017/2018 season

    In retrospect, he can be had much later as other posters have said, there are more attractive options early on in the draft. I just personally see him potentially returning top 10 value like he did 2 seasons ago with a line like this: For the reasons I already mentioned
  6. 2017 NBA Offseason and Free Agency Thread

    They're similar statistically but Kyrie will probably be more efficient and get more usage in Boston. Would still rank Wall, CP3 and maybe Lowry ahead of both since they historically get more steals and assists. Threes are easier to get throughout the draft. Kyrie > Lillard > IT for me this season
  7. Paul George 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    I peg him at 22+ ppg (45% fg, 88% ft), 2.4+ threes, 1.6+ spg, 6 boards, 4 assists, 0.4 blocks and ~<2.5 TO I like his offensive upside as Roberson will most likely be guarding the other team's premier wing allowing PG13 to focus more on buckets. I expect him and westbrook to be staggered so he'll get opportunities to have the offense flow through him (Oladipo sucked at this last season) when RWB sits.
  8. Myles Turner 2016-2017 Season Outlook

    In 9 cat, yeah but probably not in 8 cat. Even without Teague and Pg13, one could argue that Oladipo and Collison will dominate the ball - but it's unlikely that he doesn't carve out a larger role than the one he had last year. Statistically, I see him having numbers similar to LaMarcus Aldridge last year but tack on ~2 bpg with less points per game. 16 ppg (~50 % fg, 78% ft), 7 rpg, ~2bpg with low TO and maybe half a three per game
  9. Spurs Offseason 2017-2018

    Simmons needs to fire his agent.
  10. Your top 20 picks for 2017/2018 season

    Definitely risky and ya'll can probably get him later but yeah, this man was like top 12? <2 seasons ago - i'm just projecting.
  11. Your top 20 picks for 2017/2018 season

    Millsap thrived playing with Horford who can spread the floor and was unselfish with the ball. Jokic is similar to Horford, but can arguably attract more attention as he's a more dominant back to the basket player that already has three point range. Howard clogged the paint forcing Sap to settle for more jumpers so his fg% suffered. D12 was also the dedicated rim protector whenever he was on the floor vs Horford and Millsap helping each other protect the rim. I feel like the same thing will happen here with Jokic. Having Howard out there also slowed the game down, so less possessions because of the slower pace + hack-a-howard. He's old yes, but his game has never been based on athleticism. With the spacing and fast paced offense that Denver should have - I anticipate a bounce-back year for Sap.
  12. Your top 20 picks for 2017/2018 season

    1) KD 2) Giannis 3) Curry 4) Kawhi (SA pg's suck, could be facilitating more) 5) RWB (PG13 coming in) 6) Harden (Integrating CP3) 7/8) KAT / AD (Ironman / more stocks) 9) Wall 10) CP3 11) Millsap (Better spacing, Denver plays fast and Jokic isnt a blackhole like Howard) 12) Cousins 13) Jokic 14) PG13 (He'll make half the looks Oladipo missed and is much better at creating his own shot) 15/16) Lillard / Lowry (Post ASB snub tear incoming / Sell high before ASB) 17) Jimmy Buckets 18) IT2 (Pay me year) 19) Turner (His team now. Had way more stuff run for him pre ASB and responded.) 20) Lebron (Nothing left to prove, east being crap = rest days + CLE internal problems)
  13. John Collins 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    Timeshare with Dedmon?
  14. Jusuf Nurkić 2016-17 Season Outlook

    I would take him late third, early fourth next season before the likes of Vucevic, LA, Dieng. Basically after the 20/10/3 stock first rounders, the efficient shotblockers and the multicat bigs (Horf,Marc) are picked.
  15. He may be skilled at positioning himself and have a soft touch, but he's an undersized below the rim player who relies on his teammates to create for him (from what i've seen). If he develops a post game then he could be a 12/10 guy coming off the bench but it's tough to bank on him in the long run IMO. His foul issues won't just go away IMO because he's forced to use his active hands to compensate for his lack of size and athleticism to protect the rim.