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  1. Jamal Murray 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    To be fair, Mark Jackson’s offense was horrible and they were last in the NBA in passes per game the year before Kerr took over. I get what you mean though, Murray is still young but he rarely hits the open man and likes to play hero ball whenever Denver gets into a halfcourt set. IMO, the offense should run through Jokic-Millsap-Harris in that order since these guys are more experienced and make better decisions with the ball. (Millsap isn’t great off the ball thats why I pegged him over Harris since Gary is excellent off the ball as a consistent floor spacer) If Murray can learn to make that extra pass and not force shots (especially with the teammates that he has) then sky is the limit for him
  2. Jamal Murray 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    Steph has Bball IQ though... Blue Arrow: Natural shooter Confidence: 20/10 Decision making: 2/10
  3. Al-Farouq Aminu 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    Past 2 teams (Houston/LAC) have forced Aminu / Harkless / Nurk to take the shots to beat them. If that’s how opposing teams roll till the end of the regular season then Aminu will have a chance to sustain the usage atleast. He has Tatum/Horford and PG/Melo to guard and will be guarded by them so I like his chances to either get 2-3 threes + some defensive stats this week (the rebounds should be constant). Personally not dropping him this week
  4. Al Horford 2017-18 Season Outlook

    Tries to get everyone involved to the point where he has a lay up then ends up overthinking and forcing a pass. OKC had Adams on him so posting up wasn’t an option (they had Melo on him last time and he feasted) thus the contested jumpers today. I would draft him next year as his post ASB performance will lower his price + having Hayward / Kyrie / Brown or Tatum will hopefully allow him to anchor fg% again since he almost never shoots unless he’s open (He’s not good at creating his own shot).
  5. Starting the week right!
  6. Gary Harris 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    This season’s incarnation of Mem would reasonably be a rest game for somebody who survived an injury scare but i’ll go down with this ship if it sinks. (Denver needs every win so he could still play if he’s okay) Also happy that any concerns about his usage (~14.5 shots over the last 2 weeks) with Millsap back were unfounded as he established himself during Sap’s injured stretch - (sans the DET game). It’s Devin harris (less minutes for Gary) or Murray (more aggressive offensive player) getting hot that affect his value IMO
  7. Hate to sound hypocritical like a peddler of false hope after expressing belief that this was some elaborate Spurs ruse to have Kawhi fresh so i’ll own up to it. I guess the rumored internal issues about Kawhi vehemently distrusting the medical staff of the Spurs (or him forcing his way out of a situation where he has to carry a dying llama and a fat aboriginee who are making 100m over the next few years) have some merit. Not going to elaborate, as it would be CSB but I managed to retain seeding carrying his corpse into the PO; My last straw was news about him not even practicing despite him giving the NO game as a possibility after pop called him out. Goodluck to those still standing!
  8. Watched the game, credit his garbage fg% to the refs, ton of no calls on his attempts like they really wanted PHI to win (or give CLE the 3rd seed). He’s a reliable shooter but he gets most of his looks from the top of the key off a PnP with Myles and it’s obvious that the scouting reports have that covered post ASB. His fg% is elite for a guard and 80% from the line is fine - he’ll get more calls next year once as he should have seriously earned a lot of respect for what he’s put out this season. You can actually make a case for him being a top 10 player this season, this was supposed to be a rebuild - but they’re 3rd in the east with Myles, Thadd or Darren as the next overall best players (up in the air). Part of me wants Kawhi to sign with IND once he’s a FA as a core of Dipo, healthy Kawhi and Turner will be absolutely monstrous on both ends as the young blood develops and Kawhi does his thing.
  9. He has a 3 year contract with the Suns so they will still see what he can do. Watched him last year and he is more offensively skilled than Faried and Noel. Better positional awareness and can post up. He takes up a lot of space as he’s wide and knows how to use it. Sets big picks and rolls well, cleaving space as he does so; plus he also plays with effort. What he truly has going against him is he’s undersized and not athletic. There’s also the risk that he doesn’t push himself hard as he now has the contract - plus he was inconsistent with his jumpers (and from the line). Free throw shooting should be the easiest thing to fix as he can stay immobile* Suns have tough matchups vs good defensive teams this week though )sans the Cavs game) vs GS / Utah; So next week may be a better time to add.
  10. Because I can get out of position ft%, assists and threes from the multicat big men available in the next 2-3 rounds (Vuc, Marc,Horf). This also keeps my TO lower than a G heavy roster despite not directly punting. Vic leads the league in steals and won’t destroy my fg% (47% even with his current no other scoring threat slump). He’s shooting 80% from the line, that’s hardly a punt ft percentage - he just can’t be your only ft anchor. 2.4 threes per game isn’t punting threes either. There aren’t any great big men past pick 50 while there are lots of wings that can hit threes, steal or score (Bazemore, Hood, Warren, Carroll, RHJ, KCP) closer to or past pick 100 There is a 2.1 apg difference between him and Lillard, that’s not huge. You can probably even it out with a late mid Dinwiddie, Rubio pick.
  11. Drafting Dame vs Vic is pretty much choosing between fg% or ft%, a handful of assists plus a three vs double the defensive stats. The rebounds, points, and TO are all close enough to be negligible. Personally would rather pick Vic for the defensive stats as it’s easier to compensate for the 1 three, 2 assists elsewhere (plus he’s younger and more athletic). Picking Vic would allow me to grab 2-3 early bigs without being useless at steals
  12. Kevin Love 2017-18 Season Outlook

    Don’t have a BYE / IR but I see Love beating the 8 week timeline, Vooch was ready to go week 7 but sat out since the Magic don’t have anything to play for
  13. Kevin Love 2017-18 Season Outlook

    Stashed him as I have easy matchups leading to the PO (week after next) Key words that i’m looking for are full contact or 5 v 5. I don’t know if I like this situation more than Kawhi’s (who has been medically cleared and did some 4 v 4) but there are less questionmarks. I don’t think the Cavs care about seeding but he does need to get reps in and his injury should still allow him to maintain some conditioning. Wouldn’t be stashing him if I was going through an elimination round next week though.
  14. Nikola Jokic 2017-18 Season Outlook

    This on O plus him not hedging high PnR’s (Giving Dirk threes / Powell rim runs or Dallas shooters open looks off penetration) on D
  15. John Wall 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    Seeding /chemistry reps - but he should still be more useful in 20-25 mins than 30+ mpg of an end of bench / low usage guy like Agustin, Hill, Mudiay. Playoffs start late (2 weeks from now, next week x2) in my leagues though