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  1. It’a vice versa, Vonleh is the one who benefits from Nurk’s gravity. Vonleh was one of the main beneficiaries of any attempt to double Nurk last season as he would get hit with a quick drop pass from the Bosnian. Vonleh has low usage on O so they aren’t fighting over post touches and defensively, Nurk being a decent rim protector allows Vonleh to stick to his man. TLDR: their games complement each other.
  2. So statistically he has an 80% chance of cloning Patrick Patterson and a 20% chance of pulling a Kevin Love? Kidding aside, I know a lot of people consider him garbage but Felicio hasn’t done anything except be 280 lbs, Lopez is probably being showcased and Mirotic is having his tantrum. What do you guys objectively think of his outlook RoS? He’s been OK end of the bench guy for me and theres nobody left on the wire
  3. The lack of minutes is not necessarilly about defending the opposing big as it is about him being unable to defend PnRs. Theoretically, him getting switched unto a stud ball handler like Harden, Kyrie or Wall / Beal scares Casey. For the actual games, Irving didnt play during that toronto game but Casey went small and Bebe played well. Beal feasted off the switches sans Wall during the Washington game and Toronto went small vs Houston and won.
  4. Gary Harris 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    First time i’ve seen denver give him a midrange j coming off a down screen. Happy they’re actually running something for him instead of just kicking it out to him. Reasonable to expect more shots, higher fg and some assists if he keeps this up
  5. Jamal Murray 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    Sell high, the Pelicans cant defend the perimeter. The corpses of Jameer Nelson and Rondo were “guarding” him
  6. Josh Richardson 2017-2018 Outlook

    Dropped him and grabbed 2017 David West who gets ~1/1 in 10 mins (LOL) for the PHI (possible frontcourt foul trouble for GS) / BKN (Game will be over after 5 minutes) weekend. I liked Miami’s Indiana match up but FG% is close and I have Marcus Smart playing tomorrow. I’ll pick him up again if he stays on the wire or Waiters misses time
  7. They need to play Waiters off the bench for real. His dribbling and stream of pull ups mess up movement. He’s a sparkplug, like Jamal Crawford or Lou Will but a starting 5 with Whiteside, Dragic, JJ and yes, even JRich can move the ball around much more fluidly. It’s still early so i’m sure adjustments will be made to Miami’s O.
  8. Al Horford 2017-18 Season Outlook

    For those concerned about his blocks, the Celtics have been playing a lot of man-to-man this season instead of zone (They dont have to funnel to him anymore to compensate for IT) so he’s spending more time away from the rim as he is glued to the opposing 4 (usually someone who can shoot like KP / Durant etc so he’s away from the rim). Wouldnt count on blocks (1.2 as a ceiling this season IMO) as he isn’t a particularly great weakside shotblocker either - but he will atleast contest
  9. The showcase is real! He can be that consistent third scorer they need if they want to atleast stop losing by 30 (they’ll lose by 10-15 instead)
  10. Al Horford 2017-18 Season Outlook

    Kyrie and Brown will most likely get the glory but this guy right here is this games MVP
  11. Marcus Smart 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    Everytime he takes a shot a part of me dies
  12. Noticed this from watching the games this season but whenever somebody pokes the ball away right after an opponent gets the rebound - and maintains control, they charge it as a rebound instead of a steal May factor into why Lowry is getting more boards
  13. Quote of the year for every Kawhi forum browser lol Can’t wait till this topic gets filled with enthusiasm and relief vs crap offers and some random guy’s life story
  14. Probably the same guy on a 2nd account trying to condition Kawhi owners to give into garbage deals. Stay strong!
  15. Nikola Jokic 2017-18 Season Outlook

    Probably feels guilty he got Nurk traded so he just lets him have his way. Jok needs to get angry, not gonna develop if he keeps deferring. (I would say buy low but thats unlikely to happen in any competitive league so whatever) Side note: Denver offense has looked terrible, they really miss that offensive coordinator they lost to the Pels. They should’ve traded for Bledsoe or start looking around for a decent point guard because Murray is really just garbage. He’s a young JR Smith being touted as a point guard lol