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  1. Brook Lopez 2018-2018 Season Outlook

    I feel like BroLo is being underrated this year - mostly because of the way he was handled in LA and that’s really not his fault. (4th quarter benchings and funky rotations). Any concerns people might have about him being too slow to play in a fast offense can be put to rest as he did fine during his last season in BKN. Brook is a better scorer than Myles as he has shown that he can create for himself posting up, facing up or using his length for lumbering drives that get him to the line. Allen is overrated this season IMO with regards to where people are willing to draft him; He could have a nice Dieng (top 50 a few seasons ago) like season but i’m not buying into him putting up young Ibaka averages. IMO it’s unlikely that Allen scores in the mid teens and gets to box out stronger, more physical bigs for more than 8 rpg. People get excited when a young big man can makes his free throws but I guess only time will tell.
  2. Brook Lopez 2018-2018 Season Outlook

    He’ll be the fourth option IMO behind Freak-Kmidd-Bledsoe but the amount of defensive attention those wings will command should leave him wide open almost every play (Especially since he’ll peel the opposing big out and can post up whoever they put on him if they cheat). The numbers you gave seem spot on to me as but with around 1.4 bpg as a floor Fg% will depend on him getting post up opportunities, he should be above 50% IMO since the Buck’s big three are all willing and able passers Ceiling: 16 ppg (50%+ fg, 77% ft), 2.4 3PM, 6 rpg, 1.7 bpg + <2 apg / TO, <1 spg.
  3. Grabbed him in the 3rd round, he’s probably the least talked about 20-5-5 guy in the league and its a contract year. MIL is better offensively with Lopez and ilya there for spacing so hard to envision him not losing touches; Projecting him to increase his fg%, threes and assists at the cost of some points and rebounds. 18 ppg (47%, 80%), 2.4 threes, 4 rpg, 5 apg, 1.5 spg with half a block and 2.2 TO
  4. Because Dipo’s numbers last season could be Kawhi’s floor - but I do agree with you that Dipo is safer pick than Kawhi in general. I actually like the Tyreke signing as it will take away some pressure from Dipo; His turnovers will go down and he can get better looks spotting up. He’s not realistically going to stop being the first option just because Evans is on the floor I don’t think his fg% will regress like McCollum’s did - because that was mainly because Nurkic got brought over and clogged the lane - forcing him to take more jumpers. Projecting the same numbers as last season with less turnovers with a slight uptick in threes and ft%. Lot to like about his outlook
  5. 50%+* not gonna try guessing the exact % lol Teague will definitely get to feed him more this time around without Jimmy and he’ll be able to get more pops or drives for sure
  6. Beast season incoming 27ppg (50%, 80% on volume) 1.7 threes, 12 rpg, 3 apg, 0.5 spg, 1.5 bpg, 2.4 TO
  7. He definitely improved as a ball handler last year, admirably improving his ast:to ratio while getting to 5 apg, but that career high only translated to +1 assist per game. His fg% even dipped as he took more jumpshots (like you said more threes per game) and got less free throws (NBA gather foul changes + taking more jumpers); which both factor into his ppg going down. My point isnt that he’s blatantly ball hogging, like driving on 5 guys every possession - it’s that his shot selection did not improve - he was still the first option, a midrange iso player who took more threes because of their new offensive system + that’s what the defense would rather give him. (Rather than a three from Lowry, Ibaka or even JV) Anyway, that’s all just my opinion based on what i’ve seen but a healthy Kawhi does not have these same issues which is why i believe he’s a significantly better fit than DDR.
  8. Lowry consistently deferred last season to get other guys involved - DeRozan didn’t and he chucked at will. Kawhi had to also get aldridge involved and wait for most of his lumbering teammates to initiate the offense and still finished 4th at a slower pace with less ball movement 2 seasons ago. What I haven’t seen mentioned is how the number of easy transition baskets the Raptors will get through all the deflections and swats will only do good things for the value of their players (Trying to score on their best defensive lineup of Lowry, DG, Kawhi, Anunoby/Siakam and Ibaka will not be fun as you will end up second guessing every pass and hesitant to attack the rim). I also like Lowry’s outlook this year as he doesn’t have to guard the best 1-2 anymore so that will translate to less fouls, less wear and tear and the spacing generated by that line up will pull rim protectors out (just use Siakam or Anunoby as the screener). You could make a case that lowry is a high end handcuff in case Kawhi gets days off as well.
  9. So.. 2013-14 Gordon Hayward numbers? 16ppg, 41% fg, 80% ft, 5 rpg, 5apg + ~2 threes and a steal?
  10. Rudy Gobert 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    Why would they marginalize both Favors and Gobert by going small and fast? Theres a big difference between having Harden, CP3 and EG vs Rubio, Mitchell and Ingles - they don’t have the personnel to play fast and jack threes. I do agree with you in that Capela is gone by pick 25 though
  11. Rodney Hood 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    I project him at the 2 in a timeshare with Smith; IMO Osman is starting along with Hill, Love and TT. Feel like CLE will play to win atleast early-mid season in order to build up the trade values of Hill and Love. Don’t think Hood is a priority as he only signed a 1 year deal to be a FA next offseason
  12. Nikola Jokic 2018-19 Season Outlook

    Second big off the board after AD (even in real life) IMO Jok wasn’t putting up empty stats on a sub 30 win team, the Nugs were a game out of the playoffs in a loaded conference without any household names (maybe Millsap? who was out half the season). You don’t need to be a two way player to have a team built around you and win playoff games or even a championship - you just have to be a mismatch nightmare (Prominent examples from the past decade: Dirk and Curry won it all as the centerpieces of their teams; Harden, Boston IT2, Lebron hasn’t been a consistent defender either over the past few seasons either) What it comes down to is the roster and coaching system the front office puts into place. Back on topic: In 9 cat H2H, nobody is going to outproduce a healthy AD in fantasy but Jok has the innate talent to challenge Harden for 2nd (and/or a healthy Kawhi). If he works on his conditioning and matures with another year under his belt - then he’ll be a household name before next season ends.
  13. Like I said, don’t see the new cast affecting him much statistically as they move the ball well enough even if they need it in their hands. (Not ideal off ball players) At most, their depth will affect his minutes but even a reduction wont affect his status in the Pels pecking order. (He’s still my number one pick if I get that lucky) but it also allows AD to sit out games against garbage teams if he’s banged up and their record is okay / he may not be necessarilly rushed back if the rest of the team is clicking. Proj: 27+ppg (50%, 80% good volume) 1.4 threes (he added it last year and he’s a good shooter), 11 rpg, 3 apg, 1.6 spg, 2.5 bpg, 2.4 TO
  14. Kawhi gets MVP and stays in TOR after narrowly losing to GSW in the finals after shutting down Oladipo in the ECF Kyrie and a pick get traded for Murray and Millsap Ingles carries the Jazz past the thunder in the first round and Presti loses his job for it Spurs miss the playoffs and Pop steps down, unwilling to go through another season of LA, DeRozan and Gay Myles Turner bags MIP after posting 20ppg, 7rpg 2 bpg and 2 3PM, is hailed as the ideal modern big man; KAT and embiid get jelly Mitchell Robinson edges out WCJ as ROY
  15. Pels are deeper this year with the capable additions of Payton, Randle and maybe Okafor/Diallo if he develops vs just Jrue, Moore and Miro (when cousins went down) 2nd half of last They shouldnt affect his numbers much but that’s still more mouths to feed as a whole as AD should be able to slot in alongside all of those guys.