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  1. You can type out their whole names if you want, there’s nothing mandating you to use acronyms. Back on topic: I like the idea of pairing Vuc and KAT; You could literally build any way you want after picking up a 20-10-3-1-1-1 player, having 2 is an incredible start. You can easily compensate for the threes later, but you will need to aggressively go for steals in the next 2-3 rounds (OPJ / Covington would be nice follow ups)
  2. He’s a lot like Okafor offensively, a skilled low block scorer that is a little more brutish vs Ja’s finesse. He does have good vision unlike Ja, but generally has the same problems: Decent post up defender, but not switchable or a rim protector; Also isn’t consistent from outside the paint and not particularly effective without the ball in his hands, but can crash for bunnies, set screens and roll. At this point in his career and development, he should’ve taken the money. If he plays selfishly to try and “prove” it, then this will only diminish his value over the season. ——— TJ Warren should have a career year on the boards. Myles relies on his teammates to rebound, as he is the designated rim protector who is busy altering shots on D and spacing the floor on O.
  3. Last season with a core of Dame, Horford, Siakam and BroLo. Lost Dipo to injury Lost OPJ and Roco to shutdown Shoutout to Payton, Kanter, KCP, Jakarr, Harkless and Caboclo 14 man 9 cat H2H
  4. He’ll be fine. Some inconsistency is to be expected as he’s a young guy being pushed into a featured role; He has the versatility to still contribute in multiple categories even when he doesnt shoot it well.
  5. Probably similar to last year: low teen scoring, good percentages, 5-6 assists and a steal + over a three With 2.5 TO Too many mouths to feed for him to do more as he is unselfish and the 4th/5th option in the starting lineup. Him and WCJ will get open shots though, with all the attention the Bull’s big 3 (Zach, Lauri, OPJ) will get
  6. Trading for him now will likely be the cheapest you will get him. If he puts together a month or two of top 30 value then his price will normalize because he has name value to back it up. Health aside, the reason he tanked in value last year is the career low fg he posted. He still averaged 15 ppg with 2 threes, 4 rpg, 8 apg and 2 steals with 2.5 TO, in a down year - all of which are excellent and impactful (sans the points). He won’t be forced into Morey-ball this season, so his fg should trend up. Only concerns are: health/age and where he ends up traded come seasons end. Anyone trading for him (in real life) is going all-in, so he will likely start and get atleast 25mpg wherever he lands.
  7. It’s likely that the low minutes and lack of aggression is due to his hammy injury. No sense doomsaying till the games matter IMO They inked him to a 3 year deal so it stands to reason that they’ll use him. Carisle is smart enough to know that he cant lean on JJ and Devin forever. It does concern me that Delon needs the ball to make an impact on O, but he should get enough opportunities to produce and is a solid defender.
  8. Absolute weapon, wasn’t able to draft him this season but the OOP fg% combined with his newfound stroke should make him a top 60 commodity over the next few seasons IF he can stay healthy. Very similar statistically to OPJ
  9. I would still grab both of those guys a round before I grab JJJ as they are both well established. Capela is a steady late 2nd traditional big who I think will benefit from RWB more than CP3. Concerns about him losing rebounds are overblown, as whatever boards RWB steals from him on the defensive end (assuming they let him pad for the sake of padding like OKC did which isnt likely) will be compensated when RWB takes bad shots on the offensive end as Capela is more than capable of crashing the glass and feasting on putbacks. When Harden sits, the chemistry RWB had with Adams via the PnR will also translate well with Capela, so his scoring should still be in the mid-high teens. Booker is pretty much a poor man’s Lillard and should turn in a healthier season if he isnt playing thib minutes. 25ppg, 2.5 3pm, free throw anchor with volume and 4-5 assists should be a lock when he does play. Rubio should be able to take pressure off him (allowing rest) as he is very capable of running the offense when Book sits (whereas they had Melton, Ullis and Okobo over the past few years). Big upgrade there. Another year of development from Bridges, Ayton and Oubre should also make things easier for him. Saric is a wild card who can handle some facilitation and maybe he finally develops a go to move. Either way, these guys + Rubio should be able to punish teams for throwing 2-3 guys onto Book. While i’m really high on JJJ, I find it hard to project him breaking into the top 25 this season. There are just too many great established players and good above average players whose outlooks improved this offseason. It is especially hard to accurately project rankings this offseason, because of all the player movement. So one shouldnt gamble too heavily in the first two rounds (the top 30 picks) IMO this season, more than ever - Just ask the people who drafted Ben Simmons or Mitchell as foundational pieces in the teens or early twenties last season.
  10. All that will do is destroy the median - so you’ll have guys in the high 80s and 90s and guys sub 50. They could literally just clean up some of the foul calls if they want to speed the game up. But to be fair, it is very hard to ref the best players in the world, who constantly find ways to legally circumvent rules that you’re trying to enforce.
  11. To be fair, TB has a higher floor IMO: He should essentially be one of the league leaders at double doubles. One could compare him statistically to JV or young Vooch: Great efficiency and rebounding, midteen scoring + MAYBE a block and a three. Had to dig as JJJ is a little more difficult to project. He could pull a 2015-16 Giannis statistically: 16.9 ppg on 50% fg, 7.2 rpg, 1.2 spg and 1.4 bpg but with better ft (~77%), threes (~1.5) and less TO (2) but without Giannis’ assists of 4.3, I have him at 2 apg. I see assists as JJJ’s only weak cat. It would be reasonable for his fg% to take a hit, but with his shot selection and natural gifts, he should be able to maintain solid fg%. Hopefully he can improve from the line, (which should be the case as he has good touch) and keep his TO (and fouls!) down.
  12. Since when did his game rely on athleticism and 30 mpg? Even though TOR is being branded as a rebuild, they’re still a top 4 team in the East. With FVV likely to join the starting line-up along with Marc, Lowry, Anunoby and Siakam - they have a good defensive loadout with 0 ballstoppers. With the exception of OG (because we don’t know what he can really do on offense yet) nobody there will have a problem finding the open man or taking good shots. To summarize, the team is still very competitive with an ECF ceiling. This is still a better team (system and culture wise) than any Lowry/DDR/JV led one. Marc will have an expanded role; He isnt just a last minute pop target / defensive anchor that they needed to cover Embiid and Vuc anymore. There is 0 doubt that he actually gets integrated properly into their schemes, this isn’t post CHA Al Jefferson or post IND David West, he is still a versatile high-IQ impact player. It would surprise me if they don’t somehow utilize his playmaking on the low block which is easily atleast half his offensive game. (Don’t get it twisted, I don’t mean he’s going to straight up iso in the post) With all that said, I do expect some rest, early in the season: Dec (16 games) and Jan (15 games) are their most loaded months. So it makes sense to rest him there since he barely got an offseason. They have 13 B2B games and he will likely miss most if not all of those games. Assuming health, I expect around 66 games: 15 ppg (46%, 78%), 7 rpg, 4 apg, 1.2 3PM, 1 spg and 1.4 bpg with 2.3 TO. That’s pretty good value for a pick in the mid-late as your 3rd big man. After all, everyone needs high floor, low ceiling players to compensate for the more exciting picks.
  13. Not a fan but he could admittedly hit 2nd round value in 9 cat if he joins the three 3PM club while maintaining 24+ ppg / volume ft / ~ 5 apg which he is capable of IF he can stay healthy. He’s been at 0.9 spg for the past few seasons and it isnt unreasonable to project him hitting 1.1 spg IMO That’s essentially younger Lillard numbers But the real issue is his health, which is probably rooted in him playing ~34 mpg over the past 3 seasons. That’s just not conducive to a long career, given that he’s a first option and the pace of the league is crazy. There are some things to like: Solid and steady coach in Monty Williams, Rubio should really alleviate his load and another year of development from Ayton, Bridges, Saric and Oubre should also make this team take a step forward. They won’t compete for a PO slot - but they finally have something to build on here. Decent outlook for this Suns core IMO
  14. Don’t see a reason why he would change, same situation and his game doesn’t rely on athleticism. Ever since he stopped whining about playing center and resigning himself to whatever the team needed, you know that you’re getting a 18+ ppg 8+ rpg, 1 bpg + low TO player whose main value is the out of position free throw % with volume you get. Not exciting but definitely solid and especially good for punt assist builds (but he shouldnt be considered a fg anchor as he’s prone to stretches of bad fg). He SHOULD take a hit usage wise with the emergence of White and return of DJM, but he’s still their most reliable offensive player (not a DDR fan). I find that he’s harder to trade for midseason, but you can consistently get him cheaper than you should in most drafts and via preseason trading.
  15. Cant really compare OPJ and Cov, one is a st3cks popcorn machine who will likely kill your fg and the other is a ~50/40/80 anchor who can also hit 2+ threes, get 1.5+ steals. Both are valuable and fine top 50 selections.