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  1. Al Horford 2018-19 Season Outlook

    Thanks, though it’s unlike Stevens to give up that easily. Guess they just wanted to rest him for TOR
  2. Clutch buckets galore!
  3. Successful Trades 2018-2019

    Traded Jimmy Butler and Dunn a week ago for Lillard (Harkless was my add) Breath of fresh air after dealing with Butler’s drama in MIN and inconsistency in PHI
  4. Traded for him as part of a package an hour before the trade happened in real life. I like the move as he’s a better shooter and defender than Casspi and D brooks and should atleast crack the rotation in a team with multiple facilitators (Conley, Marc, Anderson, Mack.. Parsons? Lol) Best case scenario is he starts alongside Conley, Temple, JJJ and Marc giving them 5 guys who can all defend and hit threes Worst case is this is a salary dump for Mem and they weren’t even considering him in the rotation, but I seriously doubt that. Also doubt that they’re done making moves as their bench is pretty thin on talent and they have internal issues to resolve
  5. Kristaps Porzingis 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    He’ll be a high end, late Jan luxury stash - fantasy trade markets should be buzzing around then with lots of players coming back (Cousins, Levert, Millsap off the top of my head). Lots of moves could go down as well, especially in the West where everyone except phoenix is in the PO mix. Buying up for open slots could determine a lot of champions this season Zingis plays this season IMO and I would rather take 20 minutes and 3 games of KP over 4 games of Jamychal or Jeff Green in March / April
  6. Matthew Dellavedova 2018-2019 Outlook

    Agree with all your points but there isnt really anyone else who projects as a PG on this team - he has played behind (Kyrie, Bledsoe, Brogdon), played with other facilitators (Lebron, Giannis) and overall superior offensive players (Kmidd, Giannis) so he didn’t really get any usage or opportunities in general then. I’m not saying he has the most upside but I like his outlook as an end of the bench guy
  7. Matthew Dellavedova 2018-2019 Outlook

    20+ mins for sure, don’t see another point guard on the roster (Sexton plays like a 2 and is more of a slasher) so the backup PG slot is Delly’s barring them bringing in another PG
  8. Matthew Dellavedova 2018-2019 Outlook

    Must add 12 teams+ IMO, decent floor but low ceiling player that gets the job done Cavs suck so doubt teams are itching to game plan for him
  9. Foul trouble almost every game, should be fine once that gets addressed
  10. Refreshing to see the young bulls actually run plays to end the game instead of watching Lavine jack up 10 shots in a row As a side note, Dunn’s release point is really high, way above his head - could have a tough time being consistent from long range
  11. He should get back to 2+ threes a game in WAS. The floor spacing that Wall will get to create from a 5 man line up of him, Beal, OPJ and Markieff will be better than anything they could / have fielded this season. Washington won this trade
  12. This live by the three, die by the three approach is maddening - hope Mil can balance it the way Boston righted the ship (by bringing Hayward / Brown off the bench)
  13. Any projections for his numbers if he maintains a 25-30 min role? Having a hard time figuring him out because all of his lines seem to be random stat vomit; All I can piece together is he can actually shoot now.
  14. B2B so it makes sense to give him burn tomorrow vs today