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  1. Could be scary in a few years, if things go well, but it may be a bit premature for the rest of the league to dread that line-up. I really like JJJ and Ja and Clarke, but the stability on this roster will come from Tyus (who is underrated and I feel will do great this year) and JV (Take off scoring pressure early on, as the young blood gets thicker). Caboclo will likely be a wild card that has an opportunity to realize his potential, while Josh jackson has the BBIQ of a cheese sandwich and has been immature thus far, not a fan. Impressive overhaul from Mem given how crap their situation was a season ago!
  2. Neither am I, not sure where I would target him either, as I tend to prioritize ft% as it’s easier to secure than fg% (I play H2H). ☺️ As for the 18-19 Horford comp, I’m not saying that Bam>=Al in real life or fantasy, point is, it’s hard to overlook how statistically similar they are outside of those two cats. (Al least season: 14/7/4/1/1.3 VS my outlook for Bam this season: 12/10/4/1/1.4) which is not the norm for big men. He’s unique in that he projects as the middle ground between a traditional big (10:10:1+ bpg) and a defensive multicat ala Marc, Horf (4 apg + ~1 steal) who tend to be weak rebounders as they contest shots and box out, while Bam himself is not a shooter
  3. Right, but Horford barely got to the line so it’s not like he was really a huge factor there. Bam actually doubled Horford’s attempts, and with more usage comes more attempts, especially since Bam is a roller and not going to be popping like Al. Will probably need a ft anchor if he doesn’t improve from there
  4. Without the 3PM but likely a double double (which i prefer as threes are easy to innately get)
  5. Named summer league’s MVP, has a very fantasy friendly game (2 way player and can hit threes). His usage wasn’t nuts so I dont think this is a Christian Wood scenario all over again. Slated to back-up JJJ (cornerstone) and JV (paid) in Memphis, so he could get 20 minutes out of the gate. I like his game and opportunity, could be statistically similar to WCJ last year, but is more athletic and already looks comfy from range. Something like 10/8 on good percentages with a three and more than a block (~1.5+) seem doable. Downside is he’s *only* 6’8 and 215. Hey may be in the right era for that, but it could also limit his production vs real NBA bigs; tack on the usual things young bigs struggle with (fouls and getting overpowered). Still, not a bad guy to take a flyer on - late in the draft (especially since he’s a PF not a C for leagues with C caps)
  6. High on him this season: Kawhi is gone, but TOR has a lot of willing passers and he’s the only one there who I can see consistently running the break while also moving without the ball in halfcourt sets. Makes sense that Lowry, Gasol and FVV will be doing most of the facilitating while Siak and Serge will be finishing plays or kicking out. Something like 20 (~50%+ fg, 79% ft), 8 rpg, 4 apg, with 1.2 3PM / 1 spg / 0.8 bpg is totally realistic, as these are really slight increases from last seasons numbers: (+3 points, 1 reb, 1 ast plus 0.2 3pm / 0.2 blk) I’m sure it’s also a no-brainer that he has a higher floor than last season (finished 41st). Feel like it’s unlikely that he averages over a block per game, he’s not a heavy stocks guy despite having the physical tools to be great at it. I dont view him as a building block, (since he doesn’t carry any counting stats) but he should be a great layer to add to every team.
  7. Feel like the Knicks (Fiz) may do the same thing to Barrett as they did to Knox (Learn how to play off the ball first, good shot/bad shot). It’s worked out for both Knox and MRob who steadily improved throughout the course of the season. Fiz straight up benched Marc Gasol back then, so he won’t likely tolerate RJ just chucking or consistently spacing out on D. Not sure what to expect but mid teen scoring with poor-average efficiency categories are the mark of most young wings. Mudiay, Burke and Nti as your point guards won’t help him either. Will let somebody else gamble on him this season
  8. With the ball handlers that the Pels have (Ball, Jrue) I dont think his TO will be that bad; As they will likely handle the offense, atleast early on in the season. If he can operate properly as a roll man for Jrue and Lonzo, then he COULD return top 30 value for a punt ft team at the very least. Something like 19ppg (50% fg, 70% ft), 8 rpg, 3 apg, 2+stocks and 2.8 TO is realistic, especially since Gentry likes to push the pace and is a great offensive coach. but I think the main factors that may cap his ceiling, are: 1) Ingram, who may fancy himself as the go to 2) Some of the shots he could pull off in college will get swatted in the next level. 3) The concerns about his durability, given his style of play + adjusting to an 82 game season are also valid. He could be a nice value pick in the 50s (or earlier if u punt his weak cats), but he isnt a top 25 guy this season IMO
  9. Too early since this offseason will shake things up (deep draft too) basically players coming back from injury are the only notable ones to list now (kp, dipo, nurkic, wall etc) but they will end up being risky if u reach too early I will say that Josh richardson should be a great value pick next year, now that the farewell tour is over OPJ qualifies as he was disappointing all year till he got to Chi, but he’ll likely be gone within by round 5 even with injury concerns Thats all I can think of rn, too much player movement will happen and management overhauls are already ongoing - wiping out 2nd half rotations (Mem, Lal, Sac)
  10. 14 team 9 cat h2h ($) Lillard, KCP, Payton, Joe Harris, Ellington, Caboclo, Looney, Siakam, Kanter, Harkless, BroLo, Jakar, Kaminsky (Looks like a horrible final roster but lost a lot of key pieces along the way) 1st pick - Oladipo trades that saved my season: - Jimmy Butler and Dunn for Lillard (December pre Tobias and Dunn was playing well) - Middleton and Ariza for Siakam and Ibaka - Ibaka for OPJ (before he was traded to CHI) Trade I lost: Cousins and Smart for Covington (Around the time Cousins returned, Covington never came back) Whirlwind of a season but it’s the end result that matters My playoff MVP(s): Lillard, Horford, Kanter and KCP
  11. Smart player, can see him maintaining this sort of role
  12. I like his outlook in CHI but I needed him to play today. Oh well, the Bulls have someone to kick it out to now and he should slot in fine. He’ll open up lanes for Lavine and Dunn to create.
  13. I think he has a chance to be a pretty solid player, not necessarilly an all star - but a lot of that will depend on what happens this offseason since the Knicks want to cash in on the upcoming FA market.