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  1. 9 yesterday. He missed his first FT and finished 9/10.
  2. Monster game today vs Team USA : 21pts 16rbds 2 ast 1st 3blks 0 to in a win for France
  3. From Yahoo : Thank you for getting back to us. Yes. The earliest you can start the playoffs is march 9th. This is a what we meant by you can start the playoffs after the all star break. I apologize if the wording is misleading. If you have any other questions, comments or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Have a great day, and pleasant playing! Thank you for choosing Yahoo Fantasy Sports! Regards, Yahoo Sports Customer Care
  4. Start the playoffs any week after the all-star game week Did anyone created a league with PO starting week 18 (feb 24) or 19 (mar 2) ?? I can't do that
  5. Don't know if Embiid will get some random rest this year. But last season he was 17th in total rank. Drummond was 14, Gobert 12, Jokic 8, and Vuc 6...
  6. Are those three guys ahead of Turner, Embiid, and Capela for you ?
  7. Maybe because of avg blocks and transfer rumours...
  8. Otto pre-rank is 31 in Yahoo. His ADP is actually 35. Hard to call him a sleeper.
  9. Who can play PF and C for Miami this year ? JJ, Kelly, Bam, and Leonard ? That leaves 96min for 4 guys. Leonard is injury prone, and played +20min only one season. I doubt he is a real threat for Bam's Playing time...
  10. JJJ, Wendell, Bagley, Isaac, Tatum ? Don't understand why they are in a "bounce back" topic
  11. Thank you guys. Kyle Anderson had a rough start but he was really good before getting hurted. If Vuc stay in Orlando, Bamba will not get much opportunities next year. Garry Harris finished 167th, and i think there is a chance i can draft him round 6, or maybe even round 9 next year...
  12. There are my players and their linked rounds : rd 01 : J.Harden rd 02 : N.Jokic rd 03 : J.Jackson Jr rd 04 : M.Bagley rd 05 : G.Harris rd 06 : empty rd 07 : M.Conley rd 08 : J.Lamb rd 09 : empty rd 10 : J.Collins rd 11 : K.Anderson rd 12 : M.Bamba rd 13 : J.Isaac I have to keep 9 of them. Right now i hesitate between Harris, Lamb, Anderson, Bamba and Isaac for 3 spots. Any help will be appreciated !