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  1. or i can tell you what i know to be true because it happened to people i know, but if you insist from tmobile faq Are there any usage restrictions for this promotional subscription? Yes. The sharing of accounts is prohibited and subscriptions cannot be accessed from other wireless carrier devices. from the tmobile reddit from past years
  2. not that is not true, if you use it while on another carrier they will cancel the account.
  3. concerned but have no choice but to roll the dice, now just need him to be the stud we all know he can be
  4. lol, all i said was that it is a possibility he is used a decoy this week because of the injury. not a given that just because he is active he is going to used like he would normally. you're the one who got all defensive about it talking about how that won't happen because he plays in the slot. like there is some hard and fast rule about slot receivers, bottom line is if he plays he is a big risk this week
  5. there is plenty of history of injured WRs being decoys, being active doesn't mean he can make his normal cuts. where are you getting that from? the problem is the team isn't going to tell you one way or the other, so you have to proceed like everything is good to go but the reality is that it is a gamble
  6. i need him to play too, and there is hope with a few extra days, i just wish that the game was on Sunday morning, to get him an extra day.
  7. why couldn't he be one? being on the field means they have to account for him, means that the top corner is on him and not on Mike or Tyrell or Travis.
  8. that is BS, he fell to the ground in a heap when he tried to come back into that game, barely got off the line. there was no way he would have been able to tough out last week. and in a divisional game for first place, if he could have played he would have played. so things are certainly not fine
  9. yeah but there is a real possibility he is merely a decoy out there to keep BAL honest. the good sign is that he tried to give it a go after the injury but wasn't able to, at least that points to him maybe only needing some rest, but the short week, even if it is just one day is not good for anyone who couldn't finish the week before after an in game injury.
  10. probably Lattimore, Moore is the WR1 on that team
  11. yes they are good, and CAR probably won't win, but garbage points are still just as good. main concern is going to be Cam's shoulder more than NO defense, as long as they are putting up points there will be volume for CAR in the passing game, it will be up to Cam to deliver
  12. with the state of that oline and the CHI pass rush, i would project lots of check down to Cobb just like in the first game, should be great for ppr, the yardage total remains in question but provided he finishes the game healthy i can't see him with less than 6-7 catches and a possible touchdown
  13. it's a nice thought, but remember there are 2 other guys named Cooks and Woods who have just as good a matchup and they are both higher on the pecking order. Boyd is the number 1 in a good matchup, it is just a question of qb play, it is a home game so things should be better. to play reynolds over boyd is a hero ball type move to get bragging rights, with the data at hand it isn't the right move, both have good matchups at home.
  14. nothing was established, all there is, is conjecture based on the fact that Williams started, which could be for any number of reasons that people outside the team won't know about
  15. there is no Williams/Philbin issue, what are you talking about?