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  1. poor reading comprehension, the fantasypros blurb is talking about Ramsey covering Moore, and then says if Ramsey is out it isn't all sunshine because Bouye is good too and hasn't allowed a TD, it doesn't say Bouye is covering Samuels because he lines up on a particular side of the field or that Bouye is going to be shadowing Samuels. it actually is implying that Bouye is shadowing Moore
  2. he's a potential volume play this week. no Williams no Adams means that Jones is going to have to step up for GB. the final line may not be great when it comes to ypc and such because DAL D is legit and GB sometimes can't seem to get out of its own way but he should have volume to be a fantasy starter
  3. i love it, the whole summer all we hear is how Reid is a bellcow RB guy and how Williams is going to be the man, and there is no chance he is sharing with anyone, citing all his past RB successes as examples, now we get the this is going to be a timeshare story when Williams isn't the main guy. irony is McCoy is on the list. to be honest it doesn't matter if it is a timeshare or a bellcow situation, if McCoy is steady all season in the 10+ range he is going to far outperform his draft cost and that is where he has been in a timeshare up to this point. anything else at this point is gravy.
  4. gotta remember guys they lost their starting center, would surprise me if Michel is more the second half hero like he was last year
  5. they may do just that but he will be resting on the bench after putting in a good days work on the field and have the points to show for it
  6. actually could have been negative points plus injury worse. but did you really honestly expect a week winning performance? he got pretty much 50% of his projected points last night against last years best rush defense. 1 TD every 60 some carries allowed. the only things that mattered about last night were 1, he didn't get hurt and have to miss the game. and 2 he basically doubled Williams in carries. you still have an entire roster to make up the remaining 4-5 points he was projected to get last night. i had fournette and carson ahead of him but michael/johnson/jacobs/jones were in that same tier for me. carson was a weird case because his adp was so low.
  7. 3rd RB in the 8th round sounds a bit late. but i suppose that also means you have big guns at WR, so the team should be fine.
  8. the better question is. who would need to? he came so cheap that he wasn't being drafted as a starter
  9. unless your team is super loaded, you play the guys you drafted to be starters. its week 1, no one knows what is going to happen out there. matchups shouldn't worry you in week 1. it's a clean slate for the season. never know what will happen. you don't fade your projected starter because you're afraid of the matchup
  10. he is getting used the minute he sets foot back on that field,
  11. this is the problem, Gordon is in a lose/lose and the Chargers are in a win/win. if Gordon comes back and balls out, he will most certainly get the franchise tag and we're right back where we started. if Gordon mails it in for the back half of the season they will let him walk. and Gordon is either going into FA with diminished value from a poor year or he is stuck in franchise purgatory hold out again. meanwhile the Chargers either get a great year from Gordon and the option for next year or they let him walk because he was bad and they don't need to pay him. without knowing the details of the offer, like guaranteed money, pay schedules, offsets, etc. it is hard to say how fair of an offer it was. it is actually surprising to me that players keep wanting these long term deals with make believe money they will never see. screw the theoretical annual salary for the contract, all they should care about is the guaranteed money. take less years and less overall dollars if it means more guaranteed money. and get a chance at another contract in a few years. with salary not guaranteed they are more or less playing on shorter contracts than what they signed anyways because as soon as that guaranteed money they are basically on a month to month with the team. you don't see it from the east coast Chargers have been far from consistently good. and even in years when they were good it was in spite of the management. which is why they haven't ever won anything. this ownership is interested in maximizing dollars, not winning championships. sure they'll take one if it falls in their lap but it has been apparent to those in San Diego there is no action behind all the lip service they put out there about winning. do you want to know how many times there was the threat of blacked out games down here till the NFL or someone came in the 11th hour to bail t hem out so the game could be televised? there were seasons where that was a weekly occurrence.
  12. the problem is LAC management/ownership is completely inept and has been for over a decade. they are going to take every shortcut they think they can get away with.
  13. he is going to play a game of chicken, he is betting that Eckler and Jackson won't be able to cut it this year and LAC maybe losses week 1 and week 2. then he'll sign that 10mil deal will magically show up again but maybe with a little more guarantees in it. ultimately that is all the matters, not the annual money of total worth of the contract, everyone knows the dollar figure isn't worth the paper the contract is printed on anyways. the 2 sides should just come to an agreement on guaranteed money and move forward
  14. except for the fact that it was a boiler plate press conference that every newly signed player have and they all give nearly that exact same quote each time. you're simply missing the point. trying to grab at anything from that press conference is grasping at straws
  15. hit the nail on the head there okay, so McCoy isn't a moron, he isn't going to come in and flex on Williams for no reason. this is boiler plate new teammate talking about contributing to his new team talk. there is no insight to be taken for this, and it reeks of desperation to grasp at this as some kind of sign. it's easy to sound modest and humble when you know you have the coaches backing. and you don't have to do your own dirty work.
  16. i don't think he is sitting out till week 10 for 1 simple reason. he will be fined each week he isn't there. and he is going to be getting a prorated salary for weeks 10-17. between the fines and pro-rated salary he is going to be virtually playing for free the second half of the year. so it seems more likely he'll burn maybe 2-3 weeks sitting out in protest while he tries to find a trade and a team willing to give him a new contract and then he'll report. because otherwise the numbers simply won't add up. hell it could end up he is paying them to play. of course they could waive his fines i suppose or it could be even worse and they play the exemption game with him which will really screw up his money for this year
  17. the only test that matters at this point is the usage test, there are 3 guys in this backfield. all 3 guys should be a hold but everyone needs to be prepared to drop which ever is on the short end of the stick and right now it looks like Thompson is the one who will be without a chair when the music stops
  18. this is how i see it. people who are saying Williams is the man 100% no doubt about it have their head in the sand. and the people running around thinking Thompson is going to run away with it early have their heads in the clouds. Williams will be given his fair look because he has earned that as a veteran and he performed when called upon last year. but make no mistake there isn't much rope there for him to run with. he better show out if he wants to hold onto the job.
  19. unfortunately with the way the NFL is right now, that is pretty much it, he could retire i suppose. but if he simply sits out this year he gains nothing, and simply paid LAC a ton of money in fines.
  20. its not simply people talking about Darwin, the dude is balling out on the field and forcing people to talk about him
  21. anything after the 6th round, that is where i see him really becoming a value. once you're in that part of the draft you're looking at vets with solid floors and low upside and the unproven tier with high or limited upside. grabbing Gordon in the 7th and having him bust isn't going to really cost you very much in terms of what you could have drafted instead. but if he comes through you have a guy 5 rounds worth of draft capital there
  22. there is a difference with having his rights and having him under contract. Bell wasn't under contract and PIT had already dicked him for multiple years with the franchise options, . whereas Gordon is actually under contract this year on the last of his rookie deal and then would go through the franchise carousel. big difference. PIT choose to let Bell go because he would cost a crazy amount to the cap because it would be a 2nd/3rd tag. where as Gordon wouldn't cost as much to the cap, once he goes into the franchise tag phase. situation is apples to oranges. bell was a de facto FA even though the team had his rights, because of the cap hit. that is not the case with gordon, he would just simply be under contract next year if he choose to skip out this year. LAC has no pressure to trade him even if he threatens to hold out the season.
  23. ' first off, Bell's situation is different, he wasn't under contract. Gordon is under contract and if he doesn't play this year he is still under contract next year. he has zero leverage. LAC can just keep fining and not paying him indefinitely. Gordon has to play this year he doesn't have a choice, only question is how far into the year before he shows.
  24. actually big difference, because those are players that you are drafting with the intention of dropping if they don't show in the first week or 2. whereas in Williams case you're talking about a 8 week stash. the point is, he doesn't warrant a bench spot at this point, unless you are in the deepest of leagues and even then it is probably debatable
  25. sure but that last roster spot is a revolving door, it can't be clogged up with a guy you're planning possibly using in week 9, if you draft with the intention of hiding a guy who 8 weeks you're playing with your arm tied behind your back and handicapping yourself