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  1. Who would you start? Samuel v. Rams Williams v. Broncos It’s a .5ppr league and I need a replacement for AB tomorrow. Thoughts? Leave a link if you need help with yours.
  2. 10 team, half-ppr QB: Mayfield RB: Zeke, Montgomery WR: Obj, Antonio Brown TE: Ertz FLEX: Mark Ingram K: Tucker DST: Cowboys (v. Giants) Leave a link if you need help in return
  3. Immediate production: Faried, Holiday, Rivers, Bridges, Kleber ROS Value: Bridges, Kleber, Holiday, Faried, Rivers Thanks for the help with mine
  4. Team A gave: Ingles, Kanter, Vonleh Team B received: Randle, Gary Harris, Bryant Let me know and leave a link if you need help with yours.
  5. If it goes through would it be vetoable though?
  6. In need of a PF and looking to make this trade. Which side is better?
  7. Lol, I would actually veto that trade, so there might be some hope.
  8. I agree with the above poster. The Beal owner will prob want more..even though you are giving more than enough. My question is, who would you pick up from the wire?
  9. Who would your drop be if you hve to pick up a pg? Like you said, on the surface this looks great, and it is. But, some things to consider are that lillard is usually insane after the break, while it is likely KD rests. I had him last year and he missed a good chunk of my playoffs. I would base it on who the drop would be. But it is a good trade. You could also then flip KD for say Irving and another solid piece.
  10. So go with THJ? The rest of my team is: KAT PG13 Kemba Ayton Vooch Kanter Richardson Garry harris Reddick Ingles Vonleh Derrick White Prince IR: Levert btw, leave a link if you need help with yours
  11. Want to put my waiver on Ariza but idk who to drop. Options are: Taurean Prince Gary Harris THJ or stay put
  12. For Kanter you only need about 20 min. for him to produce. With the trade deadline coming up, and two 4 game weeks next, you just have to see what will happen. They keep saying Kornet will take his minutes, or Robinson before, but Kanter always plays big minutes from the bench because his production is higher. It’s a gamble, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he keeps producing close to nightly double doubles the rest of the way.
  13. I hope so. He was playing great lately, so hopefully that doesn’t change.
  14. Should I give my Harris for his Covington? I am currently confortably in first place