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  1. Where are you seeing outside of top 200 last season? He was ranked 150 on Yahoo last season.
  2. https://yahoo.uservoice.com/forums/206157-fantasy-basketball/suggestions/38813080-list-paul-george-as-injured Vote here so Yahoo sees it.
  3. I know Rondo has higher upside on AST but Pat Bev tends to grab more boards and chip in more def stats. Rondo also has an expiration date when Lonzo comes back.
  4. He would still be the main point guard in Memphis, don't see anything changing.
  5. Lillard decides to have 7 TOs in a blowout game leading to losing TO by 2. Very nice.
  6. Wait... You should've gotten Capela and Derozan for PG, not sure why you included Middleton and Harrell....
  7. He was hospitalized, very different than calling in sick and having a few coughs.
  8. Maybe in terms of shooting but he is no where close in terms of ball-handling and playmaking.
  9. I had plans to stream his spot for Sunday after today's game but having second thoughts with the way he's been playing lately...
  10. Hard to say, Suns still have a ton of wings.
  11. Apparently Suns thought they're getting Dillon and Grizzlies thought they were trading MarShon LOLLLLL
  12. Mikal is getting minutes, he's just not doing anything with them.
  13. Except Mikal is a much better shooter than Roberson.
  14. He's been averaging close to that the past few games except the steals.
  15. The Trier train is pulling up, you can hop on to that one if you'd like. Both are likely to crash though.
  16. JJ Barea, he's been playing well even with DSJ was healthy.
  17. MKG has been hurt, it's his first game back today and he played only 17mins. Not sure how the min split would look like once MKG is up to speed.
  18. Stat correction, he did get a steal on Sunday