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  1. this guy gets no love
  2. He gave up a homer, it happens. But if this turns ugly and he goes on to have 2 more bad outings in a row it will be drop time. He's earned a bit of a leash as far as im concerned. Let this game play out though.
  3. more like top 40.
  4. Man, I had really high hopes for this guy being he's had one more year experience and hitting in the 2 hole in a potent lineup but he just....really, really sucks. I held on since the draft but he's WW trash as far as Im concerned now.
  5. lol I was clearly drinking that day which is why I had no idea I said that. a little hint of sarcasm too, come on now. Too obvious.
  6. i never said nor entered any thread like that whatsoever.
  7. props to anyone who sold high on him
  8. this guy sucks, i knew i shouldnt have started him
  9. exactly what I was sayin. Beast mode approaching...
  10. counting stats for days....batting average superb.
  11. this is surreal. the guy is going to hit 50-60 dongs this year.
  12. Best Power hitter in the game. Yes I went there.
  13. thank God, a 2 bagger. he was shaking his head after swinging and missing during the AB and he's getting pissed. That could snap him out of it
  14. 2 homers tonight! He's in streaky mode!
  15. sweet, I selected Freddy Galvis No. 2 overall.