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  1. Got damn you're a curse Billy. why do you suck so bad?
  2. It just seems like he's hitting in a smaller ball park than everyone else.
  3. That was a majestic shot. I think he's out of his funk
  4. Lamb Chopped!
  5. no action in this thread. Dude is sort of a beast.
  6. he struck out 21 times in 12 games. what good is Coors when he cant even connect with the ball?
  7. this guy must freaking hate me. the ONE DAY i sit him all season and going 12 games without a RBI he hits a homer and has a great day at the plate. FML
  8. holy hell! 21 k's in the last 12 games with ZEROOOOOOOOOOOOOOO rbi's. Say hello to my bench beta boy.
  9. what a piece of trash tonight
  10. this is going to be an injury plagued snake bitten type season, i can already feel it. dude doesn't hit homers anymore. WEAK genes.
  11. why is he sitting on the bench again? is he hurt?
  12. Diaz sucks, send him back down to play with Schwarber.
  13. dude has been on 14 homers for a minute..
  14. Diaz is melting down now
  15. Does anyone really trust this guy in a fantasy championship round situation? I sure as hell don't.