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  1. still need 3 players, if you can attend the live draft and pay the $20 bucks upon signing up we'd love to have you.
  2. Draft is set Sunday night 9pm EST, Mar. 24th still need 3 players!
  3. 3 more players needed now! Let's go. Just pay when you enter and when everyone is in and paid Ill have Yahoo randomize the draft order so we'll know where we'll draft.
  4. Been running the league for 7 years, looking to fill out the league. If you join, please pay asap. Majority rules on payout as always. $150 to 1st $70 to 2nd $20 to 3rd
  5. I hate this F'ing guy. Has he always been this injury prone? Most annoying fantasy player to own BAR NONE.
  6. are you freaking serious? i gotta play this guy 5 times this week? FIVE?!