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  1. Anyone stashing him in hopes he can return to form this year?
  2. latest blurb: "Nationals manager Dusty Baker said Tuesday that he's trying to see if Koda Glover is ready for the closer role. Advice: The writing has been on the wall in recent days, as Glover has worked the ninth inning in each of his last five Grapefruit League appearances. Baker has been praising Glover's stuff dating back to last season, and the opportunity is apparently now there for the taking. No final decision has been made on his role, but Glover figures to gain momentum in fantasy drafts in the coming days." If he doesnt mess up between now and opening day I think the job is his.
  3. A comparable guy to Jones who you can snag slightly later is Lamb (who I think will eclipse his projected stats)
  4. Wow I hope you're right
  5. Didn't see a thread for him. Here you go.
  6. I did 40 last season but I didn't like having to sit my SP1 on Sunday some weeks. Is 45 innings pushing it? we have: SP SP SP SP SP RP RP RP
  7. dayum, there must be a waning interest in fantasy baseball or something, because it's been hard forming a league this year.
  8. I will just leave the link here, first come first serve, IF you join, please pay right away so we can be ready to draft!
  9. haha, I remember your username. Is this Max20 characters, didn't you play in my league last year??
  10. it will be at 8pm Sunday night American Eastern time. There is actually 2 spots if people are interested. Only condition is you must pay right away to ensure your spot and so I can finalize the teams and set the random draft order to prepare for the draft I will pm you the league details link.
  11. If you can join and pay right now, the spot can be yours! we draft tomorrow! Please give me your email, first come first serve.
  12. Showing up BIG TIME!
  13. ^^^ that is why Ive grown to love MLB fantasy over NBA. No BS resting and for some reason or another, less injuries. It's a more steady game to play.
  14. That's who I just picked up