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  1. Im +4 and I win the tie breaker, so I think I might eek it out. (offensive walks, not pitching)
  2. Justin Verlander 2017 Outlook

    this is why we drafted you Verlander! 1 hitter in the 8th.
  3. Carlos Gonzalez 2017 Outlook

    LOL, never mind. he aight
  4. Carlos Gonzalez 2017 Outlook

    me too. Back to sucking. As is Judge. both need to be sitting
  5. Aaron Judge 2017 Outlook

    HOLY SHHHHHH!!!!! Did you guys see that last at bat? He swung through two perfect pitches down the middle of the plate and then the 3rd go by for called strike 3. He's free falling and looks like the worst hitter in baseball, and really deserves to be on my bench, why can't I put him there, though? This is a 2nd half from hell. dude is shook.
  6. Mookie Betts 2017 Outlook

    Coming alive clutch in the playoffs!
  7. Cleveland Indians 2017 Outlook

    It will continue through the playoffs, trust me.
  8. Jose Berrios 2017 Outlook

    im nervous starting him in the playoffs
  9. Chad Kuhl 2017 Outlook

    this guy is a BB MACHINE! Reminds me of Tyson Ross.
  10. Cleveland Indians 2017 Outlook

    It's ok to feel jealous about my amazing team. wowzers.
  11. Danny Salazar 2017 Outlook

    because he cant throw strikes and gives up a huge homer
  12. Mookie Betts 2017 Outlook

    Flush the Dookie!
  13. Aaron Judge 2017 Outlook

    More pathetic and embarrassing if anything. And here I thought he had a chance for 50.
  14. Aaron Judge 2017 Outlook

    lol no. Votto was a 10 year vet last year with a career BA of .313. There were no worries about him because we knew it was only a matter of time until he snapped out of it. This COULD BE the real Judge. The 1st half could have just been an anomaly. We'll have to wait and see.