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  1. seriously guys, what the HELL is going on with this guy. Im officially panicked.
  2. the wheels have broken and fallen off the wagon, thanks Julio! you loser
  3. Man....this guy is in some sort of rut. BAAAAD...and for a long time now.
  4. Snell is an absolute wreck. and I have Carrasco too, FML
  5. how big of a chump can Manny Machado be? takes the money and flat out SUCKS
  6. when was his last steal, also? he's batting 230s now, too. yuck
  7. it's time to cut bait fellas (12 teamers). he's just not ready
  8. is it safe to say he hasn't lived up to his expectations this season?
  9. when did this guy become complete waiver wire trash?
  10. jeff samardzija you floppy haired freak. one and done, never stream again. ruined me for the week
  11. when is this guy going to be reliable?