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  1. yeah a little overreaction on my part, but it's plausible given how lights out he's been.
  2. Welcome back to Earth Jason!
  3. i hear ya. the guy sat on the wire for a while in the transaction trends on yahoo. about a week ago i figured meh just pick him up and see what he does. thank God I did. Another day or two and he would have been gone. I picked up a 1st-2nd power bat for free.
  4. He'll hit 40 bombs this year.
  5. she looks like an idiot
  6. im starting to lose faith...his age and past injury are starting to cause concern
  7. Thank God I was able to pick this guy up. He has basically 1st-2nd round power. That was a mammoth shot. and what makes it even sweeter was that it was a breaking ball. Pitchers have been trying to get him out on off speed/breaking stuff but he's mashing those too now. SOMEBODY GET THAT DAMN BANDERAS GIF! What a WAPNER!
  8. This guy's pathetic. Never owned him before and shouldn't have drafted him. Bat him 9th.
  9. Mookie broke the seal tonight boys!
  10. yes
  11. stop trolling.
  12. he's a young guy given the chance he deserves. it's mid April. Relax.
  13. huh?