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  1. Didn't see a thread for him. Here you go.
  2. He gave up a homer, it happens. But if this turns ugly and he goes on to have 2 more bad outings in a row it will be drop time. He's earned a bit of a leash as far as im concerned. Let this game play out though.
  3. more like top 40.
  4. Man, I had really high hopes for this guy being he's had one more year experience and hitting in the 2 hole in a potent lineup but he just....really, really sucks. I held on since the draft but he's WW trash as far as Im concerned now.
  5. lol I was clearly drinking that day which is why I had no idea I said that. a little hint of sarcasm too, come on now. Too obvious.
  6. i never said nor entered any thread like that whatsoever.
  7. Anyone stashing him in hopes he can return to form this year?
  8. props to anyone who sold high on him
  9. this guy sucks, i knew i shouldnt have started him
  10. exactly what I was sayin. Beast mode approaching...
  11. counting stats for days....batting average superb.
  12. this is surreal. the guy is going to hit 50-60 dongs this year.
  13. Best Power hitter in the game. Yes I went there.
  14. thank God, a 2 bagger. he was shaking his head after swinging and missing during the AB and he's getting pissed. That could snap him out of it
  15. 2 homers tonight! He's in streaky mode!
  16. sweet, I selected Freddy Galvis No. 2 overall.
  17. Uhh oh. He's playing Cleveland tonight. Who has the stones to start him?
  18. thanks for snatching the W away from Greinke you freak! RETIRE ALREADY
  19. How many times is this pathetic Boston offense going to leave their stud pitchers out to dry? smh. Score him some runs!
  20. Cruz missiled
  21. all he does now is strike out now after going 150 AB without one.
  22. yeah a little overreaction on my part, but it's plausible given how lights out he's been.
  23. Welcome back to Earth Jason!
  24. i hear ya. the guy sat on the wire for a while in the transaction trends on yahoo. about a week ago i figured meh just pick him up and see what he does. thank God I did. Another day or two and he would have been gone. I picked up a 1st-2nd power bat for free.