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  1. this guy's a bum
  2. My God, is this loser ever going to get a hit again this season?
  3. <expletives> What the hell is wrong with the Arizona coach? leaving Greinke in there to face Arenado, already pitched 7 innings, should have never been out in the 8th, everyone in the stadium knew what was coming. He was pitching great until then to and in line for the win.
  4. just keeps mashing, glad I picked him up!
  5. Boston should be ashamed of themselves, how many times are they going to leave Sale out to dry with their ineptness at the plate?
  6. he's a liability at this point in the BB cat. Dude is straight killing me every time out.
  7. score this guy some runs, Bostons offense is pathetic this year!
  8. Im so tempted to just move him into the starting lineup and put DJ LeMahieu on the bench from here on out.
  9. 0-6? You pathetic piece of garbage, I knew I would regret not taking Arenado.
  10. wth, i thought this guy was going to split the closer role, 3 opportunities in a row, and didn't get used
  11. Didn't see a thread for him. Here you go.
  12. I wish someone DID try to buy low earlier in the season. Anyone would have been better than this loser. This trash is a BB machine and should be reduced to batting practice pitching.
  13. yup!
  14. A 3-Run blast?? What the ! And the only reason I started him was because Nelson Cruz was out today in my UTIL slot. Good fortune indeed!
  15. damn it im done having him on my bench. He's starting in place of DJ LeMahieu from here on.
  16. anyone holding onto him in 12 teamers? Plenty of streaming options
  17. will he ever pull a dong? Never seen him hit to the left side of center field.
  18. Anyone stashing him in hopes he can return to form this year?
  19. WORST pitcher in baseball today.
  20. what a disgusting ugly game this is
  21. straight oppo field hitter. I would love to see him pull some monster down the left field line, would look so pretty.
  22. Clevenger>>>Sally
  23. we've been saying that for 2 months now......
  24. My first inclination was correct when I drafted him. Instant regret. THIS DUDE SUCKS. over the hill GARBAGE