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  1. Incentives worth millions are on the line depending on games/minutes played in the modern NBA. Holds doubly true for oft injured players like Lowry & Embiid.
  2. Marcus Smart. Dropped/Picked 10+ times, 3 of those by me.
  3. During their first meeting he exchanged jerseys with Vince Carter. Second meeting Trae Young. Huerter was third, probably because Collins wasn't playing.
  4. Giannis lite. Might be the best prospect in the East at the moment. I would certainly take him over Tatum if I was starting a team Today.
  5. I haven't watched the Grizz in a couple of years, not many have I would assume. Gasol is really damn slow especially on defense. Toronto isn't going to the finals if they're depending on this dude.
  6. Probably will man the bench unit. I don't see them breaking their extremely lethal front court of Kawhi, Siakam & Ibaka.
  7. Laker offer or not, the way the Pels have handled this has set them back years. Extremely Petty. From removing Davis from the intro video right away, to the team's social media pages to reeling Lakers along with no intention of a trade, asking for 8 picks, sitting down a healthy AD. This isn't the first time a star has asked for a trade and won't be the last. Neither did AD threaten to sit out or force a trade right away. No player was going to sign in NO as it is but they've rubbed front offices & agents the wrong way as well now. You don't have to make trades but dealing in good faith is integral. Extremely unprofessional, juvenile ownership.
  8. The Pelicans were never going to make a deal before next summer. They're going to hire a new GM, a new front office and let them lay down the blueprint of their future. They, not Demps, will decide the fate of AD, Jrue, Niko & the rest.
  9. Lol @ trusting Snake Ainge. Demps will regret this. The only better offer that could come in the summer is if the Knicks get the number 1 pick(5-10% chance) AND Durant or Irving are on board. And both need to happen because the Knicks would just keep Zion, otherwise. Ainge will probably offer Smart, Brown and three mid round picks. He's not giving up Tatum for a 1 year rental. The Pelicans feel slighted, sure but this is just bad business. Not only are you letting go of the best deal, in all likelihood but alienating future players making the front office look like a joke.
  10. Andrew Lopez @_Andrew_Lopez The New Orleans Pelicans removed Anthony Davis from the end of the intro video where it shows the entire team. AD is not donning a Pelican jersey again, that's for sure. So either he gets trades before the trade deadline or the seasons over for Davis & thousands of fantasy owners.
  11. Good luck LeBron, trying to get AD now. If I am the Pels, I would rather sit AD out then trade them to the Lakers especially after I've filed tampering charges. f--- LeBron, f--- Magic & f--- Rich ******** Paul. Wait till the off-season and trade him to the Celtics.
  12. At the moment, He's just not a very good real life player. He can't shoot, he can't even break down the defense anymore- often turning it over when he tries. All that said, it's a brand new offense. Not the easiest to figure out either and PG's have the most to learn and take a little while to figure it out. C'mon man, Mudiay/Sato. Really? Give it some time.
  13. The problem is the Tom Chambers guy is playing 8 Cat while we all are playing 9. He's convinced that everyone is punting TO, like they dont count.Lmao. No Sir, Not "Everyone" is punting Turnovers. Other than Harden, Westbrook, Embiid, Giannis nobody is "forcing" you to punt TO's anymore . And if you're actually fleecing people left, right and centre you in fact are the one playing in family leagues. LOL.
  14. If you punt 3's, Harden & Capela are in the same tier too. The point is with Davis, you don't need to punt anything if you don't want to.
  15. AD has plenty of bonuses in his contract including playoffs, 1st team ALL NBA etc etc. He's not sitting.
  16. Best draft pick: J Nurkic/ TJ Warren Worst draft pick: H. Whiteside Best Trade/Worst trade: Middleton/Rubio for Booker. Best Add: C. Levert Drop I regret: none so far
  17. Do you slave away at a Nike sweatshop in S.Korea by any chance? If a guy hit by pneumonia got back within four days at my firm, he would be sent back home and given a raise and a medal.
  18. Whiteside is terrible! Miami plays so much better with him off the floor. They came back from 17 down to almost send it to overtime. Doesn't contest shots, 0 help defense, doesn't even Try contesting a jump shot. Just wants to stay back near the basket and collect his boards. As a Whiteside owner I'm upset, but Whiteside is probably the worst defensive Center in the league at the moment, at least Towns tries.
  19. #1 Ranked player(Totals) in 9 cat over the past two weeks. In real life, Lou has led the Clips to 5 straight wins beating GS & Hou over that span. #Stud
  20. Thank you Joel Embid. You da real MVP. KAT is suddenly a force inside. His man to man defense still leaves a lot to be desired but his help defense shows effort and the stocks justify that.
  21. Reminds me of Chriss pre season and Jarett Allen hype early season. The guy has potential and the blks are nice but he was already playing 20 mins. I'm not holding someone a month and a half for 1.5 blks with a dash of 3s.
  22. He's playing behind Gordon, Vucevic. who also has Biyombo as a backup- already. Not sure where the 25 minutes are going to come from. He's certainly no SF but maybe the Magic roll with Isaac, Gordon, Vuc frontcourt at time. Only time will tell. But with so much uncertainty pertaining to his role and talent, not to mention his return, I''m just not sure why I'm stashing him especially with Whiteside & THJ on my roster. Too close to quit now, though.
  23. Spoken like a true fantasy owner! Their offense is fine, they're #5 in ORTG, #26 in DRtg. I own Towns too but I also watch a lot of T'Wolves basketball. Thibs is a disaster of a coach, but this isn't on him. Kat is literally the worst defender in the league. The Vets are doing him a favor, he has to learn how to play the right way. He got too caught up in his hype this season and clearly didn't work on his game. Generational talent is going too far, he's more VC than a Kobe. A first ballot HOF, but no all time great.
  24. Worst stash in the league? I ask because I'm stashing him too, for no reason whatsoever.
  25. I don't think he's going to be frozen out of the offense. He is the franchise when it's all said and done. Maybe it was a one game thing to send a message. Butler & Taj are hard nosed vets and maybe they already tried asking nicely. Lol Personally I'm hoping it is effort that is missing. I would hate for KAT to have the Defensive IQ of Valancunis. I was just answering the guy that people in Minny are more concerned with Kats defense than his touches. This is the home of KG, gaudy stats don't impress them, hustle and effort does. It'll be a lot easier if KAT could just start trying on defense like Wiggins has.