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  1. Interesting!! Because the situation in Minny is completely the opposite. The media, the fans, the play by play guys everyone is s--- tired of Kats defense and have been calling for his benching especially when they see Taj hustle night in and out. He's become quite a fan favourite already. Wiggins is being praised in the past week or so too for his improved effort. If anything people want to see more Gorgui. So No, nobody is calling for anyone's head in Minny yet except Kats for his lacklustre effort. Just google some post game notes or even realgm. KAT will have to play defense to get the ball on offence.
  2. Sold High- K love bought low- KAT Final deal Love + D Collison for Towns
  3. 14 team league. Have Kawhi & Gobert as my top 2 picks. Sitting in 3rd. I have had an extremely easy schedule and have not played any of the other top 4 teams. Bought extremely low on Bledsoe. Lou has carried me for at least a week, believe it or not. Other times it's been guys like Steven Adams and TJ Warren and other times it's been WW guys like D Mitchell and D Valentine. Theres a lot of Buzz in the league with Gobert and Kawhi coming back that my team is set to steam roll but if this year has taught me anything it's your mid round picks and WW picks that win you the league. Kawhi might win me a cat at best best every week but I have to win the other 5-6 with these other guys.
  4. Just bought low on KAT. Love + Collison Not sure if I won the trade at the moment. Love has been phenomenal, Collison has been solid but expecting KAT to pick it up and win me the league.
  5. Wouldn't want to play in a junk league where people trade Marc Gasol for Devin f'in booker. If you ever graduate to something other than bush league, you'll be lucky to not finish last with that type of thought process where Jeff Teague & Deanglo Russell are untouchables especially for someone like Kawhi.
  6. Just grab Siakam, Isaac, Wes Johnson. I'm sure one of them is available. They'll give you what you HOPE to get from Chriss.
  7. Almost there... Kawhi Leonard is close to returning to making his season debut following a months-long rehab from a quadriceps injury. Leonard has played two sessions of 5-on-5, going both halfcourt and full. Leonard practiced with the Spurs for the first time on Friday. "Those are the last steps," Gregg Popovich said. "That's what Tony (Parker) did before he came back." Leonard could be back in approximately two weeks. "He's starting to feel in a little bit better shape and feeling more confident," Popovich said.
  8. If he didn't have C eligibility I would've dropped the dude a long time ago. That's pretty much the only thing that's keeping me from dropping him not this mythical 'Upside'. Beginning of the season he had a 1-1-1 'Upside', now after just 1 steal in 7 games, he has 'Elite 3's and Blocks' UPSIDE. Wonder what's next. Block specialist perhaps. Should've swapped him for Dedmon or Henson when I had the chance, but me like many others was blinded by this UPSIDE too.
  9. The Toronto Kids...Siakam, OG,, Poetl are all versatile forwards who can do it all on the floor. One of them will separate themselves from the crowd soon and be fantasy relevant by mid season. Who...not sure? But Ibaka/Val is a sorry old frontcourt and these kids have way too much talent to be kept down for too long.
  10. Don't necessarily need to drop him for another big man, unless your team is really thin at C. Me, personally am looking for a similar stat set instead of positions. Jerami Grant looks promising, keeping an eye out for him and might swap Chriss for him. Very similar stat set except he seems to have carved out a nice little role for himself unlike Chriss. The Suns really have 0 clue, Bledsoe, playing Chandler for no apparent reason. Batter for Chriss for a while but can't stand the s--- show that the Suns are anymore. One more week, Chriss, make me a believer again.
  11. Schroeder is a much better playmaker than I gave him credit for, he's constantly driving, breaking down the defense and finding open shooters and slashers. Its no surprise then, that Prince is so much better with him on the floor. I feel it only gets better from hereon out, the Blks are coming and as long as he cuts down trying to create his shot and drive in traffic with his head down, the turnovers will be kept in check.
  12. You're right...I misread the contracts. Regardless, Ajinca, at 5 mil, makes less than the MLE and isn't affecting your cap much. Asik is a tragedy but R-Jax has the potential to be a bigger one. He's owed 35 million over the next 2 seasons, not including this one. Jackson is NOT a good player from any angle, advanced stats and metrics. Infact he's a terrible one. He's a chucker who can't shoot the 3 and plays no defense. NOP are not going to tie themselves to his terrible contract, to get rid of a lesser terrible contract while losing a first round pick.
  13. I'm contect with 2.3 Stls + Blks. Add in a 3 a game with low turnovers plus C eligiblity and this is an acceptable floor. Now if he ever figures it out...
  14. Fake rumor. Why would NOP give up a first round pick + an expiring + Asik who expires the year after for Reggie freaking Jackson, when they already have Jrue & Rondo. NOP doesn't do this in a million years.
  15. I hope not for too long, the league has to step in at some point. They have a problem with teams resting for one game. I would assume this is driving the commissioner insane. The Suns already set a ridiculous precedent last season, doubt they can get away with this for too long.
  16. Calm down people, I didn't do it. I was just contemplating it. Thinking out loud more than anything. This particular H2H league has 50% of the prize pool split between the top 2 finishes in the RS so the strategy is a bit different than a regular H2H league. Won't stand a chance if EB is on the shelf for an extended period. Yes @StifleTower2 you're so smart, you got me. I'm trying to get people to trade EB in all their different leagues because I stand to gain so much from it.
  17. Please try trading Bledsoe in your league and see what type of offers you get. The best one I've received so far is Jae Crowder, and I might just pull the trigger as the owner seems very unsure. Might change his mind. Now imagine the offers Suns are getting. Might be in this for the long haul and even if it happens, who knows where he ends up. Too much uncertainty. Should've tried trading him earlier when the news broke out.
  18. Harrison Its offers like that, that just piss me off. Like stop insulting my intelligence. Happens a lot in one of the leagues I'm in with buddies. Anyways, offered K Love. Willing to go up to Love + Schroder but hoping it won't come to that.
  19. Thibs is the most overrated coach in the NBA. The wolves don't play any defense for this supposedly defensive guru of a coach and he has 0 offensive schemes/plays. It's Towns ISO/Wiggins ISO/Butler ISO...rinse and repeat. What exactly is THibs even there for? The cherry on the top is that he's no answerable to anyone either since he's his own boss. Dieng is the one covering all of Towns mistakes on defense and Thibs won't let him stay on court for his man crush Bum Taj Gibson. The Wolves will always underachieve with Thibs. He's a hard headed idiot.
  20.'re right, that guy is no Super Marc Gasol. He's barely Marc Gasol lite. Seems like a slower, more ancient version of Jokic. Best Euro player?...keep dreaming. There's this 7 foot German dude who might have something to say about that. I'm assuming English is not your first or second or even third language. Super Marc Gasol was a compliment. Not sure why you got so worked up.
  21. Clearly you don't know what Super Gasol would be then. Because what you described is exactly what I would call Super Gasol.
  22. Why are we discussing Whiteside's Bust? Can't be anymore than 28B IMO. In seriousness though, bust usually refers to someone with high expectations who doesn't live up to the hype. Injuries can happen to anyone. Anthony Bennet is a Bust, Kwame Brown is a bust. I've never seen anyone call Yao Ming a bust. Secondly, even if you want to consider an injury a bust, its way too early in the season to label someone a bust. Even if you want to, there's much better candidates with long term injuries, season ending injuries to consider. Lastly, if you're getting trashed in fantasy, its likely not just because of Whiteside., maybe your team is trash. A lot of Whiteside owners are doing just fine early in the season including me.
  23. Love Collison but Top 25 is a little aggressive.. Teague had 15/4/8/1.2 Stls with good %'s last year and finished 43 in 9 cat. Collison should finish in the 60's. Still, him and Ingles have been my best draftees so far this year. Lots of interest in my league too after yesterday's game and the Rotoworld blurb. Just got offered Eric Bledsoe for him. Might just have to pull the trigger. Risky move but potentially a league winning one.
  24. We shall see. Been playing fantasy long enough to know not to overreact. Still holding on to Chriss, Dedmon but THJ is hot garbage. Rather gamble on Sabonis getting 25 minutes when Turner comes back than kill my Fg% for 2 3's and some points(Best case scenario), the two easiest cats to replace of the WW. To each his own.
  25. Used my precious WW pick #8 on Sabonis. Hoping he's impressed the coach enough to get 25+ Minutes even when Turner comes back.