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  1. Dropped for Sabonis. He's useless when he's not making shots and I just don't see them falling efficiently for him this year. Role players have career years in the Hawks system and always fall off on a new team, without all the open looks created by ball movement. Now as a focal point, THJ is going to struggle because frankly he's just not very good. Even if everything goes well, he'll give you 20 PPG on 44% and little else. No Thank You. I salute everyone whose holding.
  2. 14 Team H2H 9 Cat PG D.Schroeder, D. Collison SG T.Ariza, Tim Hardaway Jr, L. Stephenson, J. Ingles SF K.Durant, T. Prince PF K.Love, M. Chriss, Jaymachel Green C H.Whiteside, D.Dedmon
  3. Go Big or Go Home in the last 3 rounds. Specificly take a lot of risks in the last 3 rounds whether on rookies, players expected to break out or players coming back from injuries instead of the safe steady ones. I honestly believe I've won the leagues I have in the last few years, in the late rounds. It's hard to go wrong in the early rounds. Hell autopick would've done a better job than me, probably. If it doesn't work out, there's always WW studs but if it does, congratulations in advance.