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  1. Baldwin is on the field looking ok. But they are concerned about an in game reinjury. ?
  2. Man, I'm debating on starting Baldwin. But I just remembered, he wasn't practicing this week, held out with an injury. I need a status report.
  3. The Bears back up hasn't thrown a pass in a game since 2016. In my league, we can alternate our line up 8 times, I've got 5 left. This means I can keep my TE out, and run a 3wr set instead. My only options are, Doug Baldwin or Chris Godwin. Allen Robinson is in the same boat with Burton. So it would be Baldwin for Burton unless you see something I'm not. ?
  4. The Lions historically play well on Thanksgivings day. It won't be easy, that Bears defense is for real. Golliday's coming into his own. Stafford
  5. I need to drop a player and don't know which one I should drop. SELECT PLAYER TO DROP Name Team Pos Bye Inj Ros Pts Opp WProj Baldwin, Doug SEA WR 7 NS 49 @CAR 10 Boyd, Tyler CIN WR 9 S 127 CLE 11 Breida, Matt SFO RB 11 NS 103 @TBB 11 Burton, Trey CHI TE 5 S 84 @DET 8 Collins, Alex BAL RB 10 NS 94 OAK 13 Godwin, Chris TBB WR 5 NS 93 SFO 7 Golladay, Kenny DET WR 6 S 118 CHI 14 Johnson, David ARI RB 9 S 146 @LAC 15 Jones, Aaron GBP RB 7 S 104 @MIN 11 Redskins, Washington WAS Def 4 S 55 @DAL 6 Richard, Jalen OAK RB 7 NS 71 @BAL 6 Robinson, Allen CHI WR 5 NS 82 @DET 12 Roethlisberger, Ben PIT QB 7 S 248 @DEN 23 Zuerlein, Greg LAR PK 12 S 68 Bye Collins or Godwin?
  6. Mosert isn't healthy either. But if anything happens to the 49ers QB, they have no back up.
  7. I have this same question and am very sick. Brieda will play and isn't questionable. And the game is in SF.
  8. Damn, so take the Pats. And then someone else next week?
  9. No way man. Diggs has been left out with Theilen getting most of the balls thrown his way. Fournette has been gone all season, nothing to trust there. Thanks for answering mine.
  10. Without question the Jets have the easier schedule. It cost me $3 per transaction. That's ok, I just don't want to go crazy.
  11. I'd go Luck with how he's been playing. Winston is still getting his legs back. However, he could end up having more points in the end. I'd take the known consistency.
  12. I have the Jets, and they are very good when healthy. But haven't been lately. The Lions and Pat's are available, and the Pats play the Bills this week. Would you plan on streaming a defense instead of keeping one of these, or??? Post your question link.
  13. It's pretty close, AZ is playing some good D. And with the OC change, there should be some extra excitement all around, go David Johnson. The safer pick is Pitt. But don't be surprised if AZ out scores them. Me,