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  1. Yes, I’m a Vikings fan. I see them running on the Lions. Murray
  2. I’d start Jones, can’t trust Trubisky at this point. Maybe he proves us wrong, but I wouldn’t trust it.
  3. Damn, after looking around, it’s a toss up. And so, I have Breida in the line up. But I’ll check for things in the morning. Thanks again.
  4. I hear you Spaceman, and that’s why I asked. It’s closer than it appears, no doubt. But taking into consideration that the 49ers are the #1 rushing team in the nfl(right ahead of my Vikings). Shanahan is smart enough to not use 1 back too much over the other, even though he has 3(goaline). Breida will get his touches against the Redskins I firmly believe. So, I’m going with Breida. Could be the wrong choice, but that’s the one. Thank you EVERYONE!
  5. Kittle and Kirk for me to. The 49ers are looking like the real deal, getting Kittle is a boom. At this point I’d rather have him than Kelce, which I do.
  6. And Kelce has underperformed all season, I have him on my team. 7.40 points last night, most of which came after Mahomes was injured.
  7. I don’t think you can go wrong with either. I’d check the weather Saturday for the Falcons game and decide from there.
  8. I respect someone who doesn’t play favoritism of players on their team, thanks! I’m favoring that myself. Anyone else? WHIR
  9. .5 ppr As much as I like Dorsett, the Patriots offense including Brady scares me. And he’s been out with a hamstring injury. Those can linger. On the upside, the Patriots receiving corps has been injured, and injury prone. So which player would you drop, Dorsett or Sanu?
  10. .5 ppr, 12 team. I’m 5-1 and haven't needed to do much in FA. But with Jackson at QB, I need to make a move for W8(bye week). I’m planning ahead, and with Cousins available, I’d like him W8 against his old team the Redskins. So hopefully I can get him now. Who do I drop to get him? Phillip Dorsett, or Mohamed Sanu? I can’t drop Cooks, as much as I’d like to. Both Dorsett and Sanu have the upside I’d like to keep. But I have to drop 1. So please, tell me who you’d drop? WHIR