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  1. I did the same. I'm all in on this guy again.
  2. Late-ish TD salvaged his day, but otherwise an underwhelming performance. I guess 6 targets is nice and it was without Foles, but a lot of disappointed owners today I'm sure
  3. Is GB defense legit this season or was that a case of the Bears O not clicking + first game of the season rust? I'd really like to not have to stream weekly and GB seems to be the only defense on my waiver that might look like a ROS option.
  4. Maybe I missed it, but I didn't hear anything about minutes.
  5. I wonder if holding him out until after the all-star break would be a good move. Get him a couple weeks to really heal up for a second half push. I still believe. Trust the process.
  6. Dodged one it looks like. Now just unleash him Boylen!
  7. If it’s the worst case of about 6 weeks, he’ll be back just in time for the playoffs. Obviously he won’t be in true game shape and who knows if the Bulls would even bring him back in a lost season. IL him if you can of course, but even then it may be a lost cause for the playoffs. Hope I’m wrong though cause I saw him as a true second half breakout.
  8. Well since this thread is here.... I'm really gonna have to sit Conner in these playoff games with how CMC and Old Man Chubbs is playing, huh? Can't flex Conner cause I'm not sitting Big Ben and Luck with 6 pt TDs and yardage bonuses in my league.
  9. Shoutout everyone who voted. He just got PF eligibility in yahoo.
  10. Love the news but there's a small part of me that's jealous of you Conner owners who didn't draft Bell like some of us did. You guys get a top5 back ROS on top of the first or second rounder you got instead of Bell. Us Bell owners pretty much just get the production we expected from Bell from Conner.