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  1. Would you add him or Kleber though? The latter is stonger over 36 for Blks and 3pm.
  2. Would you drop him for either? If so, which one?
  3. Thanks all for the feedback... I'm responding now to your posts where applicable. I agree I'm carrying too many high risk, high reward guys in Hield, Fox, Young, Hernangomez etc. I'd like to replace one at least with a more solid (boring) option, such as Gay, Gasol or even Lamb. Also, giving some consideration to punting assists which may mean dropping Young for above boring guy and even trading Dunn. I haven't had success with punting categories in the past as injuries have thrown it all off. Any input on this idea?
  4. Worried about FG% with likes of Hield, Young and Fox.
  5. I don't like Brogon where he is and can't stand Portis, but worth a flyer that far down. Solid team IMO. Mine?
  6. I like Team A. Four useful players vs. 2. Mine?
  7. Agreed... If punting assists, stay put. I think with asts out if eauation, you already have the two better players. Mine?
  8. I also drafted Young and Fox and are both as high risk, with upside... But am concerned about the affect the two will have combined on FG%. I'm considering moving one, you may want to do the same. I don't rate Tyler Johnson this year. You may be able to do better in your wire. Thoughts on mine?
  9. I don't feel strongly based on the options you have... You could drop Gortat or Bell for Levert or Hart for more upside... But I'm not sure it makes much difference to be honest. Mine?
  10. With disclaimer that I've never been in a points league, I'd make the trade for the upside. With Collins, Allen and Jordan, you probably don't need Gobert. Mine?
  11. I wouldn't drop anyone for White. Mine?
  12. I don't rate Ball this year. If you're contending this season, I'd go with Draymond and Prince, with Paul and Simmons. If you're not contending this year, I'd drop Paul and keep Ball. Mine?