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  1. Leagues to avoid next year

    $100 H2H Yahoo STD 9 CAT. Commish: Tim: email:, co-commish: - Scott Scenario: Commish unilaterally vetoes 2 previous trades claiming they are detrimental to the league. But then trades his KD and Len for Blake Griffin and Melo and refuses to veto despite enough public veto and wants to push the trade through right away
  2. Mirotic dropped WHIR won't get him with #10 waiver. so don't even bother
  3. Embiid and Jrue easy. Embiid is planning to play b2bs soon. And jrue will have higher usage going forward
  4. 10 team league? How can wire be dry? Well if you can even get 1 decent guy off the wire do it for sure and stream the other 2. Giannis is definitely worth it tbh. But if ww is truly dry then don’t
  5. Hows my team look? whir 100

    Man looks like a solid team. Your 3s actually are good man. Try to trade Zinger though man. He is a shut down risk. PTS May be a concern but you look safe in 6 cats. If anything I’d try to free up a streaming spot with a 2 for 1 trade. Your WW must have tonnes of players. So may be see if you can do that.
  6. AD is about to get even better with cousins out but the injury risk increases too. Should I take this trade or roll the dice with AD? Please help and WHIR of course. Leave link. Thanks
  7. Eric Bledsoe 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    What's the point of boasting about playing in a league with bunch of clueless noobs? Literally one eyed man in the land of the blind. Good for you. Try a real league next time may be.
  8. can easily afford it. Specially if he includes Bogdanovic. 100% i'll do it. Btw..congrats on your team. SICK. Most stacked team I;ve ever seen lol
  9. Trading for bledsoe. Whir as always!!!

    Depends on your position, if you're struggling to make playoffs, do it, or else try to hang onto lavine. His value is low and can only get some decent return from someone that secured their playoff spot. Besides both RHJ and LaVine will give you more steals than Bledsoe anyways. Try to find a cheaper option. Dunn may be? See if you can get him cheap. But I'd definitely not trade both of them.
  10. Jayson Tatum Fantasy Outlook 2017-2018

    The ROY race between Tatum and Simmons seems like a distant memory now
  11. Just got offered this deal. Not sure what to do. Tatum has slowed down to a crawl lately. Hit that rookie wall HARD I guess he could turn around. But baze has been real solid all season with near elite 3 and D and out of position blocks. Question is it worth it? Thinking of offering a counter with Tatum and ibaka. Will that be any better? Hell pls. WHIR 100%
  12. Who can I get for Wall?

    I dunno..OPJs value is kinda shot now. Really will be tough to sell him for anything good. Need to let him come back and string together a few good games
  13. Who can I get for Wall?

    WOW. PG13 owner wont budge for Wall? Dang, one guy you're leaving out is Harris. Definitely someone to target if you're looking for 20/4/4 kinda guy. He is close. Another LaVine. He's on min restriction but will get going for sure. Also THJ. Try some sort of 2-1 or 2-2 deals for these guys. May be have more success.
  14. My Team: Curry, AD, Whiteside, Dipo, Jamal Murray, Baze, Taj, Milos Teodosic, Lamb, Oubre, Tyler Johnson, Portis, E'Twaun Moore. IL: Vuc, Rivers His Team: Kyrie, Wall, KAT, Gobert, Middleton, Don Mitchell, Kuzma, Dunn, Randle, Joe Harris, Korver, Alex Len. IR: RJax, Fultz I feel comfortable against every other team but this is the only team I am a bit worried about. Do I have enough to beat this team? Or Do I need to get more boards, 3s, stls. I know I can't beat him in Assists, so won't even bother trying to get more assists. Thanks in advance and WHIR 100%
  15. I am not sure if this is the right forum for this but I am trying to put together a list of leagues I'd like to avoid next year with rogue commish or incompetent managers that either screw the league over by stupid trades or by tanking. I'd hope this would be a helpful information to everyone. The reason I want to add incompetent manager is because while it's fun if you can fleece them yourself, it really kills it for you if someone else is the beneficiary. So, better not to be in a league with these guys to keep the competition alive. I'm hoping to restrict it to leagues over $50+. I'd hope this information will be helpful to everyone not just myself. Please add the manager/commish name, email, rotoworld id if he is here, why it merits avoiding any league he is the commish or manager in. Here are my list: $250 Yahoo H2H league: Rogue Commish - Nehal Patel. Details are in the link below: Incompetent manager: League $250 H2H Y! Name: DeAndre Washington. (unfortunately his email is hidden) Following were his trades: 1. Trades his Kyrie for RJax and Fournier and drops Fournier a week later; 2. Trades his Vuc for WCS and Prince when Vuc was absolutely on fire Literally messed up the league and killed any semblance of competition for the rest of the league. Apparently he is in multiple leagues. So, if anyone else knows his email address, please add it. Will appreciate it. Thanks in advance.