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  1. I actually low key like the Mitchell side specially if Conley ends up in Utah. Mitchell will take another step
  2. In what world is this a vetoworthy trade? Gawd how underrated is BroLo?
  3. Rate my trade. WHIR of course

    Who is the best player ? Boogie?
  4. Just traded my Boogie + Dunn for Conley and Tristan Thompson. figured if Conley is traded specially to Utah, his value remains, may even get better. Dunn is sort of struggling with bulls system. Would love some feedback, WHIR of course!!
  5. AD worth the risk? WHIR

    Honestly, sometimes you mess too much with a good thing, it can really backfire. You got a damn good thing there. Why mess with it? I feel like this is a high risk low reward move whatever you do to get AD. If you can get 1-1 with Marc, sure or else no reason to do this at all really
  6. Ya but not this season. May be during the off season. Unless of course Lakers throw everything including the kitchen sink at them..which i still dunno what it looks like. Celtics truly have the best package possible. But ainge normally doesn't take that kinda risk. Who knows if he will for AD.
  7. Still why make it public..and why ONLY ONE team? That's the issue. If anything, he wants to take away ANY leverage Pels ever had. And ensure Lakers can preserve as much of their roster as possible by scaring away other suitors. I get it from ADs perspective. He doesnt want a depleted roster himself. But it sucks really for Pels.
  8. Absolutely. AD is no saint here. He is doing what's best for him as is his right but he really should've kept it private. Really took any sort of leverage away from them and he should not be let off the hook for that so easily
  9. Don;t know if it's upto him to play out the season. The firesale of Pelicans have begun. And they need to get into the bottom 3 asap. So, if they can't trade him, they're shutting him down. Absolutely no reason whatsoever to jeopardize not only his health, but also their own draft position. There is still one year left on his contract to get a King's ransom for him from almost anyone. Also, Lakers could panic and send even better offer than the ones they potentially will in 2 weeks. As of now, I only see 2 teams that can have any hope to re-sign AD. Raptors and Lakers. Lakers for obvious reasons and Raptors coz with AD, Kawhi, Lowry and Ibaka are actually good enough to take Warriors to 6, may be even 7 games. Neither of them can offer a deal anywhere as good as the Celtics. It's really a matter of the level of interest Celtics have. Any package they can get from Lakers will still be there in summer. If anything, it could be better. So, ya, I wouldn't hold my breath about AD being traded at the deadline.
  10. thats what i though..i am gonna go hide in some corner now and sulk my thought process really was i am locking down boards blocks stls 3s. Just need to hope to win one of the other 5 cats
  11. Yahoo 9 CAT 12 teams - $100 league.. Just traded My AD + TRoss + Terrance Ferguson for Otto, Nurk and SloMo Dropped Jordan Clarkson from the following roster Current team: (At 1st with 3 games lead) PG : Jordan Clarkson, Murray, Collison, Winslow SG: PG13, TRoss, Terrance Ferguson SF: Batum, Gary Harris, PF: Lauri, JJJ C: BroLo, Portis IL: Capela, AD After the trade is finalized: PG : Murray, Collison, Winslow SG: PG13, Harris, Batum SF: Otto, SloMo PF: Lauri, JJJ C: BroLo, Portis, Nurk IL: Capela How bad did I panic? With AD I was confident I'll laugh to the championship..unfortunately, don't know if I can still be THAT confident now. Is it as bad as I fear? Please tell me this isn't as bad as I think it might be Thanks in advance..and WHIR of course.
  12. Definitely a no brainer for you. Won in every way possible. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/739681-which-side-garris-or-tj-warren-bryn-forbes-whir-100/
  13. Regardless of team. Y! 9 cat 12 team league. Thanks In advance. WHIR 100%. Pls leave link.
  14. Pascal Siakam 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    Just traded him away and keep thinking if i indeed did the right thing. What a beast