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  1. No thanks. Team is completely torn apart.
  2. Needs to be for $$. (10-25). I’ll do categories but prefer roto. Nothing fancy or complicated. Enough spots for prospects or an offline website for prospects. Hit me up
  3. Hey guys, I have some spots available in 3/4 of my 4 sport dynasty leagues. It’s the same owner in all 3 leagues and he has gone missing. His teams are very good and he made sure to draft youth (ball, lillard, cousins Kershaw Altuve Vlad Kopech Bum A Green A matthews), throughout the leagues etc etc are only some I remember off my head but he’s got a lot of potential with MiLB teams(stacked) and solid players in each sport in each league. The baseball teams are all crazy good and look like contenders with top 2-3 MiLB teams. The leagues use proboards. Have in depth MiLB systems. Cross sport trading. Every owner is trading, bidding on players through proboards everyday. A lot of activity in each league. 8 cat b-ball, stands rosters, hockey is standard, 7x7, in depth MiLB system, standard rosters with 5 sp 3 RP and 2 P. 2 utl 4 OF. 1 INF, h2h each cat ,5 ppr standard rosters with additional flex, practice squad. KEEP ALL.! Two of the leagues are $10 a sport while another league is $25 a sport(haven’t drafted hockey and football yet for next year, only basketball and just did baseball). Only fees due are baseball right now for the $10, and the $25 would be baseball. THEN if you’re still with me I have two seperate basketball leagues which need 2-3 owners in each league as we are moving to a $$ league and the free owners are not returning. Actually very good teams are available not gonna lie. These are standard settings rosters and scoring. With a little bigger bench. One is 12 team other is 16, both are $25, maybe $15 for the 16 team. Let me know now and I’ll send links, teams, proboards everything to you if you’re serious. Takes the real ones to read it all and then PM me if you’re interested. You won’t be disappointed with the leagues, very active and owners are awesome and in multiple leagues of mine througout the leagues I run. Thank you!
  4. guys I have 3 4 sport fantasy leagues on espn need one owner in each league. The owner has gone missing in all the leagues. His teams are very young and actually quite good. I’ll send links and teams among interest. Two of the leagues are $10 a sport and other league is $25 a sport. The two $10 sport leagues were free but starting into money leagues starting with baseball. All drafted. The $25 league drafted basketball and baseball so far not hockey or football. He is in 5/12 in basketball so has a good shot at the money. We use proboards for MiLB Rosters(40 spots) and nhl prospect rosters(15 spots). In depth league. Two leagues are 12 team, other is a 14 team. Hit me up. Very good teams and the most active leagues I run! Very very active. Trades go down every day it seems like.