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  1. I LM 3 leagues and I want to join a dedicated league with an awesome LM. I want a league that is active all year long with active owners. GroupMe is preferred. Draft tonight or tomorrow night preferred. Must be: -ESPN(or the sleeper app). -Dynasty/Keeper -$$$ league (under $50) -No crazy settings or point rewards -Idp preferred but non idp is still welcomed Please send me a PM for any open leagues. I’ll consider a take over a team if it’s worth it.
  2. Same here preferably tonight or one of Monday or Tuesday nights
  3. Looking to join Dynasty keeper league.

    Sent you a PM
  4. First League- 16 team h2h each cat. $35 entry fee(2 years upfront). We will use Leaguesafe. Still have a lot fo the core owners. Deep league. 1st league: 1st team- 13th pick. Bron, Dwight, B Griffin, Tyreke, E Payton, Q Cook, Ariza, J Allen, L Williams, Aminu, G Hill, W Chandler, Marvin Williams 2nd team- Durant D Jordan C Hill Z Bo, Josh Jackson Beasley Millsap Vucevic E Turner W Matthews 2nd League- 12 team h2h each cat. Going to a $$ league this year and some owners do not want to pay. $30 year to year. Standard rosters and settings, with an extra UTL added. Team- 10th pick. Lowry, T Hardaway, Marcus Morris, M Gasol, Gobert, Aminu, Vucevic, Josh Jackson, P George, Teague, Wiggins, Favors, Leaf, R Anderson 3rd league- 12 team dynasty. 2 years upfront at $30 a year. Very active group. Standard rosters and settings. 1st Team- 7th pick. Kemba, Schroder, J Allen, Kristaps, E Gordon, L Stephenson, Portis, Dwight, Hardaway, Ball, Randle, Beasley, Pau, Fournier, Smart, VanVleet 2nd team- http://fantasy.espn.com/basketball/team?leagueId=487294&seasonId=2019&teamId=9 Looking to draft soon once full!
  5. Any League drafting tonight?

    Same, under $50, preferably keeper/dynasty
  6. First team first league taken