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  1. Standard league. im already starting Kamara. I need to start one more. Joe mixon, Chris Carson or Marlon Mack? thank you
  2. I can only start two running backs but yes Hyde would be an upgrade. I definitely need a wide receiver but at 1-6, it's starting to become a lost season and I'm ready to look towards next year with this being a keeper/dynasty league. I like Mixon and Kamara, they will be kept but I'm not sure if I will be keeping Hyde (depends on his team status next year). That's why I have the option to get a 2nd round draft pick instead.
  3. 5 man keeper league. Standard scoring. 12 teams i was offered Carlos Hyde. They want Drew Bree's.Or Drew Brees for a 2nd round pick? i am currently rebuilding. my team: Wentz, Brees, Karmera, Mixon, Lynch M.Thomas, M.Lee, Louis E.Engram, D.Walker