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  1. what is Justin Blackmon up to these days? Gordon may have played his last snap if he couldn't make it with a rebuilding 0-16 team.
  2. i dunno about all that. the much simpler explanation is they didn't want to pay him big money for a lot of years since Ben Roethlisberger is on the wrong side of 35, AB near the end of his prime, and Bell near his.... you are better off taking that money and extending younger players. paying for a running back is like paying for a closer in MLB.
  3. yeah, i think Bell sits for 10 weeks, unless he was playing brinksmanship....but the time to do that was before negotiating a long term deal. devastating blow to Bell owners. I think reality is setting in. I took pity on one league of casuals I am in and didn't add Conner this afternoon when the Steelers put it out that he wasn't going to be there for 10 weeks.
  4. usually players cave and show up to get paid and play football. Bell is sticking the middle finger to all that. its a bold move; time will tell if he was wise or not; but no doubt the players resent that he misled them about his intentions. I don't see Bell playing for the Steelers again, and this being a most ugly divorce...but maybe it will spawn some hard questions about how much a star player should be entitled to when the rb career is usually about 5-7 years. I can't think of any good fits as far as a trade goes....the money would have to work, and teams that would want a 1 year rental probably have their cap accounted for, yes? the Steelers would have to sell for pennies on the dollar for a team to take him for free....and I don't know that it offers enough to not just keep him around...esp when they are probably helping the competition. rescinding the offer doesn't help them either. its quite unprecedented.
  5. i have a hard time believing that bringing Bell back to Pittsburgh is going to work for the coaches, work for the GM and salary cap, and work for the players. This might be Ben's last year. they might welcome him back with open arms, but my gut says that is a low probability outcome. what would have changed to make him come back? is the sitting out just a smoke screen?
  6. it was my understanding that he has great patience.
  7. 6 time pro bowl guard Marshall Yanda and 2 time all pro played in 2 games last season. he's back for his age 34 season.
  8. this reminds me of Emmitt Smith's final season. if you get him for free, why not.....but i have nearly no interest. hes played in 20 games out of the last 48.
  9. so is he still hurt? I was thinking of buying low, but i might be catching a falling knife.
  10. I might take a flyer on Hayden Hurst. curious to see what the first team Ravens offense looks like.
  11. the only thing that gets me......why would the Pats let Dion Lewis walk? age 27. I gotta think he has 3 years left in him; signed for 4.
  12. Bmore local my entire life. the elevation at the stadium is NOT 500 feet. its like 12 feet. its 1/2 mile away from the chesapeake bay in 2 directions. does this matter one way or another? I think not. I think Brown, when hes healthy, will be in play in most leagues most weeks. but not being able to count on a player to suit up during bye weeks has an added cost.