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  1. Tim Frazier 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    Didn’t watch the game but with no true PG healthy, I’m thinking the length and height advantage the Miami guards had (Frazier is only 6 feet) caused Gentry to go more with Miller and Moore.
  2. Nic Batum 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    The only real path to value (aside from injury, which I don't wish on anyone) is the Hornets fall way off before the deadline and pull the trigger on moving Kemba for futures/young piece/expiring contracts, but with how bad the east is, they'd really have to drop off to be out of playoff contention by the deadline.
  3. Here's my not so bold prediction: He's going to have a subpar game tonight because he's going against the Grizzlies and Gasol. After the game, people will come on here not factoring in that he played against a strong D and a slower paced team, and crap all over his performance and call for him to get benched or traded or released.
  4. Jusuf Nurkic 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    He got Gasol'd...a lot of better big men have before and there are a lot more to come. He was money for rebounds, steals, and blocks last night and has been a top 40-50 player for a while, so let's just pump the brakes.
  5. You are all speculating without any actual facts...if you aren't a first time father, you won't understand not only how emotional of a time it is, but how hectic and stressful it can right off the hop. It would be a lot to just up and leave your newborn son and significant other and for everyone who calls him an a**hole, maybe he's actually a half way decent guy who wants to be there for his family. I know Wade is on his last season, but dude missed like two weeks and I am pretty sure it wasn't his first child.
  6. He looked better than most of the jimbrones the Cavs trot out each night, but aside from deeper leagues, he's a watch list guy at best.
  7. Irving for my Brogdon/Aminu - WHIR!

    Of course you make this deal...that other owner is clueless.
  8. Millsap or Bagley ROS WHIR

    I would stick with Bagley...he's eventually going to take that spot from Bjelica and has more upside.
  9. Trade Help WHIR

    Middleton and Wall for me as well
  10. Otto Porter Jr. + Gay for Middleton? WHIR!!!

    I would actually hold Porter if you think Wall will be affected by the bone spurs in his heel, as Porter could really eat with him out. please help
  11. Nice trades...good buy low on Prince and good value on Booker. I wouldn't feel the need to add to Booker to get Kemba, as he's come back down to around 2nd round value after his insane start. Maybe try a 1-1 offer on Kemba first. As for the pickup, grab Smart, especially with Kyrie out tonight and having some shoulder issues. please help
  12. DeMarcus Cousins + Jarrett Allen for Clint Capella? WHIR

    I would do it...Cousins is a big name, but they are going to be very careful with him, as they only really need him come actual NBA playoff time. I would expect sitting B2Bs and limit minutes for a while. Capela has been a bonafide fantasy stud this year and with Harden and AD leading your team, go out and get a 2nd elite big man. please help
  13. Embiid won't be realistic unless the owner is a bit of a noob, but sure, go for it. Middleton is a much more realistic target. In either deal, I would look to move Harrell before Adams. please help
  14. Should I drop SGA for Batum? WHIR

    I would probably stay with SGA...more upside there. I don't think he will light the world on fire, but when it's close, go with upside. please help
  15. Teague for Hardaway Jr?

    Make the deal if you are set on assists. THJ is a good source of scoring and a pretty reliable option at SG. please help