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  1. Trade grade? WHIR

    I have both guys on my team and I really like them both, but tbh, this is like a C/C- man. I think you could have gotten more for Booker for sure...Hield is nice no doubt, but I think you lost the deal.
  2. I personally like Bledsoe, Fox, and Collison the most. I think using Harrell as bait could land you Collison, while it might take someone like Turner to get you a Bledsoe type.
  3. Goran Dragic or Kris Dunn? WHIR

    I would stick with Dunn...crowded back court in Miami and Dragic didn't look great pre-injury. please help http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/742708-should-i-do-this-deal-100-whir/
  4. Definitely drop Green for Warren or Oubre...would even drop Green for Zubac if you need big man stats. please help http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/742708-should-i-do-this-deal-100-whir/
  5. Jabari or Saric ROS?? WHIR

    I would take Saric...seems finally locked into that starting role and he's been playing well as a spacer beside KAT. please help
  6. I would do it too...a good sell high on Markannen and I like the LBJ/Hield side better. please help
  7. Kanter or Mitch Robinson ROS?

    Robinson for sure...finally getting some run and much higher ceiling. please help
  8. Towns for Beal and Turner WHIR

    Yeah for sure I would do it...Beal has basically been a first rounder since Wall went down and Turner has been a blocks machine lately. please help
  9. 14 team, 9 cat, H2H non-keeper, should I do this deal? Give - Ben Simmons Get - AD I know AD is extremely risky , but I feel like if I even make the playoffs, I am not sure my team, as constructed, can beat the top dogs. Based on this feeling, I'm wondering if I should roll the dice and potentially get a game-changer, even if he does sit some games at key times.
  10. Give me Simmons and Lou. Simmons is very helpful across the board and all the moves in LA have really opened up value for Lou Williams...think he can return to close to what he did last season in LA.
  11. I think you make this deal if you think you have a shot at the title this season. Nurkic next year in the 9th is great value, but Beal is going to be great next year with Wall out most of the season and Porter gone. If you don't think you have a legit title contender this year, I would hold onto Beal and Mark.
  12. Trade Offer

    AD is a stud and approaching his prime years...he’s worth that in dynasty. LeBron’s value isn’t as high in dynasty, Middleton is good, not great, and Randle has been solid but won’t break you by any means. The draft capital is steep but AD could be top 3 in fantasy for the next 5-6 years and top 10 for the next 8-10 years imo. please help
  13. Drop G.Harris for Jeff Green

    Agree that’s it has been rough but definitely not for Jeff Green...hold tight. Please help http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/742191-should-i-do-this-deal-100-whir/
  14. Rank these guys! WHIR 100

    Huerter. Portis, Zeller, Parker, Williams please help http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/742191-should-i-do-this-deal-100-whir/