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  1. I would stay put. If anything try to trade one of your SS and that wouldn't weaken your OF.
  2. Yeah I like the trade for you. It looks like you might not have a lot of power hitters even with Davis, so maybe punting HR and gaining in other cats might be a good move.
  3. 12 team H2H Points league I would trade Goldschmidt, I'd get Harper. The league starts 2 UTIL spots, I would still have Voit and Alonso as 1B options. My current OF are Soto, Robles, Senzel, Eloy, Riley and Gregory Polanco (can start 4 OF, but also 2 UTIL). Good move or stay put?
  4. Honestly I would keep Nola. You're going to be selling low on him right now. I would probably only trade him if it was a package for Degrom, or if you needed a hitter. I don't see anyone else in his pitching staff that I would trade him for.
  5. Meant to mention also we start 4 OF, plus 2 UTIL spots.
  6. 12 team H2H points league I'd give up Haniger, I'd get Albies. My current 2B options are Brandon Lowe and Garrett Hampson. In the OF I have Haniger, Soto, Eloy, Robles, Winker, F.Reyes, and Gregory Polanco (DL). (Also have Senzel who will eventually be OF eligible). I'm a little concerned about playing time issues for Lowe and Hampson going forward, and this league is weekly lineup changes so can't swap them out when they don't play. Good move or would you stay put?
  7. I agree I'd drop Chirinos and then figure out how to open a spot later, maybe 2 for 1 trade or something.
  8. I would try either Bregman/Alonso for Arenado or Bregman/Eloy for Arenado. Maybe if you have to add a player to it throw in a lower end guy.
  9. Yeah I would make the trade if you need pitching help.
  10. 12 team H2H league Just based on overall production, which would you rather have Haniger or Hoskins?
  11. Is he likely to be called up this year? He already spent about half the year last year in AAA, so I would think he's got to be getting close development wise. I guess it's just a matter of where he's going to play? He's listed as an OF but not sure how his defense is. Then again I've noticed Houston has sometimes had Tony Kemp at DH batting 9th, so I'd imagine he'd be an upgrade at DH if nothing else.
  12. Haven't really followed him since he was in the Royals bullpen a few years ago, but picked him up due to his spring training and watched the game off and on tonight. His fastball seemed to top out at 91, and just couldn't spot any of his pitches. Everything in the zone was up. Not sure if his velo was down or if that's what he'd been averaging as a starter in spring training?
  13. Obviously as long as Strop is healthy he will be the closer to start for the Cubs I'm assuming, but is the current thinking that he will move back to setup if/when Morrow gets back? Hopefully this won't be another committee bullpen which is becoming annoyingly more common. I'd rather use the roster spot to stash Morrow if he will close, but from what I'm reading that's not a given?
  14. I usually wait on closers in general, but in this league I would be more likely to target the elite holds guys later in the draft (or closers that have later ADPs, like Strop or Barnes/Brasier). With holds there will be more players available that can help either way so you can probably find some good values later on.
  15. Lineup looks solid, especially if Brantley and Donaldson stay healthy. Could maybe look to trade for one more frontline SP at some point, other than that looks good to me.