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  1. Anyone in weekly lineup leagues taking the gamble and starting him this week? I'm in roto so it's not as devastating as H2H if he doesn't play, but will still hurt with no stats for the week.
  2. John Wall 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    Just going to assume he's injured because he's on my team. Seriously though 7:33 in the first half and no fouls, but nothing that I can find about an injury. Hopefully he's just sick or something. This guy has been a huge disappointment so far. Edit: Back to start the 2nd half, weird.
  3. Any news on the move they made yet? I have Monroe now but ready to make the swap for Ullis. I like Monroe though if he gets in a better situation.
  4. 10 team 9 cat roto keeper league Trade Nurkic for Gobert? Nurkic is keeper eligible (would be 8th rounder next year). Gobert cannot be kept. I'm looking to improve in rebounds, FG%, and TOs. Was looking at Whiteside but I think Gobert will be back sooner and seems less injury prone. Thoughts?
  5. Yes I would say Beal for Simmons as well.
  6. 10 team 9 cat roto keeper league Trade Nurkic for Whiteside? Nurkic is keeper eligible (would be 8th rounder next year). Whiteside cannot be kept. I'm looking to improve in rebounds and FG%. Obviously somewhat risky due to Whiteside's knee issue. Thoughts?
  7. Bummer, was hoping he could avoid it. So that makes it sound like at least 3 months, and we lost about a week while they decided what to do. In a roto league you're getting about 1 month of production if that's the case, and that's assuming he isn't limited. Don't think I'm going to be able to hold on with no IR spot. Good luck to everyone else that does. Sucks.
  8. embiid for steals?

    It's not a bad move since you can take the hit in boards/blocks, but I would rather have Embiid. It seems like elite big guys are tougher to find, and Embiid is a pretty good steals guy for a big. Maybe try to trade a lesser player (Gallinari?) for a good steals guy.
  9. 10 team 9 cat roto keeper league I'd give up: Jrue Holiday, Kris Dunn I'd get: Steven Adams, Frank Ntilikina Good move? My team: PG Wall SG Irving G Oladipo SF Evans PF Millsap F Aldridge C Nurkic C Turner Util Holiday Util Russell Util Markannen BN I. Thomas (INJ) BN Batum (INJ) BN John Collins BN Bogdan Bogdanovic BN Portis BN Dunn
  10. Any chance he gains SF eligibility soon (Yahoo) if he keeps starting? I saw he started with Hield but not sure who was technically the SG. Hield is 6'4" so I'm assuming Bogdan was the SF (he's listed at 6'6").
  11. Big Big trade WHIR 100%

    If you could add Martin to it then I would maybe do it, but otherwise I'd stay put.
  12. Trade Fitz? possibly others WHIR

    I would do any of those trades. The only one that would give me pause would be the Reed one.
  13. Close but I think I would go Baldwin/Cohen. I just think Henry takes over at some point this year and beasts.
  14. Trade Mike Evans for Jordan Howard? WHIR

    I would say definitely no. If you're going to trade Evans for an RB you can do much better.
  15. 10 team, .5 PPR I give up AJ Green and Kelce I get Mike Evans and Diggs. Good move or stay put?