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  1. Big Big trade WHIR 100%

    If you could add Martin to it then I would maybe do it, but otherwise I'd stay put.
  2. Trade Fitz? possibly others WHIR

    I would do any of those trades. The only one that would give me pause would be the Reed one.
  3. Close but I think I would go Baldwin/Cohen. I just think Henry takes over at some point this year and beasts.
  4. Trade Mike Evans for Jordan Howard? WHIR

    I would say definitely no. If you're going to trade Evans for an RB you can do much better.
  5. 10 team, .5 PPR I give up AJ Green and Kelce I get Mike Evans and Diggs. Good move or stay put?
  6. Josh Reddick 2017 Outlook

    He's in a platoon right? Unless he was just sitting against lefties recently to ease him back after the concussion?
  7. Bradley Zimmer 2017 Outlook

    Good point. Would probably take an injury to see him move up. I own Brantley and he is always a good candidate for that.
  8. Bradley Zimmer 2017 Outlook

    Yeah "unusable" might have been a little much. Probably just depends on the league. Mine is roto so if I know I'm going to get 6/7 games from an everyday player versus 4/5 from a platoon guy, it just makes a big difference over the course of the season. I ended up going with Happ instead. I'm definitely keeping an eye on Zimmer though. It would also be nice if he hit a little further up in that lineup.
  9. Bradley Zimmer 2017 Outlook

    I play in a weekly lineup league so the only thing holding me back is he's still sitting against lefties, so he's unusable. Any Cleveland fans know if there is any talk of him eventually playing everyday?
  10. Make this trade? WHIR

    Yeah I would probably do that. I like Happ and own him in my league but there's still some uncertainty about where he'll play when the Cubs get healthy. I think Duffy will outperform Cobb by a good margin over the long haul.
  11. 10 team roto I'd give up Yelich, I'd get Arrieta. I need an SP bad, and I'm overloaded with OF. Both players are struggling. Good move? My team: My team: C Schwarber 1B Zimmerman 2B Altuve 3B Shaw SS Seager OF Turner OF Thames OF Conforto OF Desmond Util Brantley Util Bellinger BN Broxton BN Yelich BN Haniger DL BN Moncada NA BN Happ SP Cueto SP McCullers SP Porcello RP Nova RP empty P Urias P Morton P Ray P Salazar BN Maeda DL BN Berrios DL Chapman DL Britton
  12. Anyone else having issues with Yahoo? The lineup page and available player lists aren't loading when I click on them. Thought maybe it was my browser but I've tried on other devices and having the same issue.
  13. 10 Team H2H 8 cat keeper league, 2 keepers per team I give up: Whiteside and Crowder I get: Kyrie and Ibaka Trying to improve my FT% while not taking too big a hit in blocks, and I think Kyrie will dominate now that Love is out. Whiteside can be kept as a 4th round pick next year, but can only be kept next year and then goes back in the player pool. Other players involved aren't keeper eligible. I have Paul George and Myles Turner lined up as my 2 keepers for next year, so losing Whiteside won't hurt as much. Good move? My team: PG Bledsoe SG R.Jackson G Holiday SF George PF Crowder F A. Davis C Turner C Whiteside Util Collison Util Russell Util W. Hernangomez BN Brogdon BN Lin BN C.Zeller BN Kaminsky BN Knight BN Nurkic
  14. Jrue/Batum for Hayward? WHIR

    I'd rather have Jrue/Batum than Hayward personally.
  15. 10 team H2H 8 cat keeper league Jae Crowder and Reggie Jackson or Otto Porter and Deangelo Russell Which pair do you like better ROS?