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  1. He looked like a no brainer choice to stream this week, but then I read he only played 21 snaps last week. As great as the matchup is it doesn't do much good if he's not on the field. What exactly are they saving him for? I get he's never been able to stay healthy, but they aren't making the playoffs anyway so I don't understand the need to baby him.
  2. I wouldn't normally mind the slow start, but I think the concern with him and why people are dropping is the system he is now in. As many have mentioned when I drafted him I didn't even think about Arians not featuring TEs in the passing game. Brate's presence doesn't help either. Do you wait it out hoping that Arians changes the scheme to take advantage of Howard's talent? If you have the roster space it's a good idea but unfortunately many don't.
  3. This article claims that he'll return in about 2-3 weeks, but I have seen zero updates anywhere else, so tough to say what this is based on. Unless they are just going off that first reported 4-6 weeks? If it is true it's definitely time to stash. https://chargerswire.usatoday.com/2019/09/29/chargers-te-sean-culkin-suffered-torn-achilles-in-week-4-victory-over-dolphins/
  4. Haven't seen Ronald Jones mentioned yet. Anyone thinking he might be the #1 add this week assuming he isn't already owned? Not really a ton of great options this week, but assuming he finally has earned more PT over Barber looks like a good pickup if that offense stays consistent.
  5. Tough call. You definitely need help at RB. I'm not a huge fan of Lindsay or anyone else in that offense this year, but it's not the worst trade. I would probably aim for a better RB if you're giving up Adams though.
  6. Interesting. I guess I don't see them as that far apart anymore although I obviously like Bell more in PPR. This isn't PIT Leveon, but you could be right I guess.
  7. 10 team H2H PPR league Thinking of trying to buy low on Bell and thinking of offering the following: I give: Derrick Henry I get: Leveon Bell Bell is on bye this week which is usually a good time to send an offer in my opinion. Both play on bad offenses, but my thinking is Bell will be more consistent in PPR with the receptions. Good move?
  8. It's pretty encouraging that he's already producing. Then again there isn't much talent in that WR core outside of him and Lockett. What's everyone's thoughts on him in keeper leagues? Obviously a run first team, but with a great QB I still feel like he has some potential to be a WR2 type eventually on down the road if he improves his route running and gets enough targets the next few years.
  9. 10 team keeper league, .5 PPR My team has been hit hard by injuries and my WR aren't impressive with Hill hurt. I'm thinking of trading Mahomes to get another legit WR1. I have a waiver claim on Goff and would start him. I trade: Mahomes and Dede Westbrook I get: Amari Cooper and AJ Green Good move? Mahomes can be kept as a 3rd round pick next year. None of the other players are eligible to be kept. As much as I like Mahomes I probably won't keep him next year. I'd rather have some flexibility with that 3rd round pick and QB's tend to be available late in this league. My roster: QB: Mahomes WR: Julio Jones WR: Emmanuel Sanders WR: Dede Westbrook RB: Kamara RB: Montgomery TE: Hockenson WR/TE: DK Metcalf WR/RB: Breida BN: Hunter Henry BN: Tyreek Hill BN: Mark Andrews BN: Melvin Gordon BN: Dante Pettis BN: Malcolm Brown
  10. True, but if he acts like an angel with NE, which I can definitely see happening now, he'll easily get another big contract in the offseason from someone. Then he gets to pick who he plays for yet again.
  11. Will be interesting how this effects the rest of the offense fantasy wise. Obviously Brady's arrow is up, but who knows about everyone else. On another note not related to fantasy, what is preventing another player from pulling something like this in the future? I think the NFL needs to have some type of rule in place that a player can't force his way to a release by acting like a total psycho. They could require the player to go on the exempt list for a year or something (which the Raiders should have done anyway) if they are released due to conduct. Full disclosure: bitter KC fan.
  12. Kind of surprised he's not getting more attention in drafts. I know he's buried on the depth chart but he looked great in the preseason, was a high draft pick, and plays in a good offense. I've been able to get him in the last round of my keeper leagues. I can see why people are passing in redraft, but surprised he's only 2% owned on Yahoo with all the keeper leagues out there. Agholor will be gone next season unless they resign him (doubtful), and Desean Jackson isn't getting any younger.
  13. I agree I'd go Godwin and Lockett.
  14. 10 team PPR league Looking to move on from Darwin Thompson. Not looking for any particular position, but trying to decide between these 4 to pickup one: Alexander Mattison RB Mecole Hardman WR Mark Andrews TE Trey Burton TE Just based on overall upside who would you go with?