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  1. Anyone else having issues with Yahoo? The lineup page and available player lists aren't loading when I click on them. Thought maybe it was my browser but I've tried on other devices and having the same issue.
  2. 10 Team H2H 8 cat keeper league, 2 keepers per team I give up: Whiteside and Crowder I get: Kyrie and Ibaka Trying to improve my FT% while not taking too big a hit in blocks, and I think Kyrie will dominate now that Love is out. Whiteside can be kept as a 4th round pick next year, but can only be kept next year and then goes back in the player pool. Other players involved aren't keeper eligible. I have Paul George and Myles Turner lined up as my 2 keepers for next year, so losing Whiteside won't hurt as much. Good move? My team: PG Bledsoe SG R.Jackson G Holiday SF George PF Crowder F A. Davis C Turner C Whiteside Util Collison Util Russell Util W. Hernangomez BN Brogdon BN Lin BN C.Zeller BN Kaminsky BN Knight BN Nurkic
  3. I'd rather have Jrue/Batum than Hayward personally.
  4. 10 team H2H 8 cat keeper league Jae Crowder and Reggie Jackson or Otto Porter and Deangelo Russell Which pair do you like better ROS?
  5. Jordan and Brogdon maybe?
  6. Yep, Noel for me too.
  7. I say no to the first one, yes to the second. I'd think you can get more return for Wiggins and Griffin is getting close to coming back so I would do that one.
  8. 10 team H2H 8 cat keeper league, deep rosters I give up: Derrick Favors Reggie Jackson Darren Collison I get: Blake Griffin Wilson Chandler Brandon Knight The knee issue Favors had still scares me, and Collison has been a bum so I'm not worried about losing him. Knight has also been bad but I still like his upside if he gets traded. Good move or stay put? My team: PG: Lillard SG:Bledsoe G:Holiday SF: Crowder PF: Favors F: A. Davis C: Whiteside C: Turner Util: Jackson Util: Brogdon Util: Booker BN: Harkless BN: Nurkic BN: Lin BN: Hield BN: Levert BN: Collison
  9. Is anyone else in a Yahoo weekly lineup league not able to make lineup changes right now? My league's lineup deadline is setup for weekly on Monday, meaning we can normally adjust our lineup until the first game on Monday. Everything is locked already this morning for some reason.
  10. I would hold off. I like the upside of Jokic but Gasol has been really good and you know what you're getting from him already. The only way I think I would do it is if it's a keeper league, otherwise I'd stay put.
  11. Yep I would do it. Looking at the depth you have at at G and F you can afford a 2 for 1 and absorb the loss of Butler, and you're obviously getting the best player in the trade. Hill has been good when he plays but like you said hasn't been able to stay healthy. You could always look to trade Rubio or Collison for a decent F to help replace Butler somewhat if needed. I'd pull the trigger.
  12. 10 team H2H 8-cat keeper league, deep rosters I'm thinking of offering Trevor Booker for Brandon Knight. Booker has been a great pickup for me but his minutes are starting to take a hit, along with his recent slump. My thinking is that Knight is a pretty good stash in case he gets traded (I also have Bledsoe and he'd give me insurance in case he gets hurt). Just based on overall value/upside alone ,good move?
  13. I'm assuming the party is over? He didn't leave the bench and that's with no Chandler.
  14. Guess I should've waited a couple more weeks. I traded him away for Crowder. If the blocks keep coming he'll be a beast.