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  1. LA Lakers 2018-2019 Season Thread

    Big difference. IT brought the Celtics out of being irrelevant into the playoffs. None of these kids ever done that.
  2. Trade advice... WHIR as always

    considering all players are in the same situation fighting for pt and the ball id go with Harris side by a small margin
  3. any drop for these free agents? WHIR

    cause i dropped him when he had a dud before he exoloded. who is the drop?
  4. Bogdan Boganovic, Bagley (clearing waivers), Rose (Clearing waivers), Robinsons, Derick White, Jabari Parker, Zubac (clearing waivers) Team 1 Standard 9-cat, 10-team, h2h PG Russell Westbrook, D'Angelo Russell, Khris Dunn, Rajon Rondo SG Kevin Huerter, Brandon Ingram SF Khris Middleton, Kenrich Williams PF Kyle Kuzma, Montrezl Harrell C Joel Embiid, Deandre Ayton, JaVale McGee IL Lonzo Ball, TJ Warren
  5. Derrick White or Kevin Huerter ROS? (WHIR)

    white is the better player but SAS players burned me in the past. Ill go with the Huerter
  6. Kenrich Williams 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    I got both lol. Huerter is a kyle korver" type and this dude is more of a 1-1-1 type of guy
  7. Rajon Rondo 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    none. holding tho. I just cant get a guy off the wire who can just get 10 dimes on any given night.
  8. Anthony Davis Season Outlook 2018-2019

    I don't think clippers got any assets. And if they do they won't have anything left and AD just embarrass them and goes to the Lakers lol
  9. Bogdan Bogdanovic 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    He's more of combo guard?
  10. Reggie Bullock 2018-2019 Outlook

    Hart can play and has played pg.
  11. Anthony Davis Season Outlook 2018-2019

    Then why not go to the other LA team? Lol
  12. Anthony Davis Season Outlook 2018-2019

    You always gtg start low in any deals. Then you go up from there
  13. Anthony Davis Season Outlook 2018-2019

    Yes because Lamar Odom was the heart and soul of the team and an an allstar like Kobe and Isiah Thomas.
  14. Anthony Davis Season Outlook 2018-2019

    Now People will understand why Lakers paid Kobe 25m a season in his twilight. That has sent a positive message to the players about what type of organization the Lakers are.