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  1. How was cousins high risk? Considering how much the Lakers got em for. Lol Danny Green literally top 4 catch and shoot along with cook. Mcgee was one of the best players not named lebron for the lakers Bradley is 28 is considered one of the best perimeter defenders when healthy. Literally nba defensive honors The rest are bench players and will serve their roles Kcp, Rondo, heck kuzma prob come off the bench. That's how you know the team has depth Clippers aren't as deep as you think they are. Outside harrell and Lou they got no one else. Really Harkless and zubac are starters? Haha
  2. Is there a capella thread? Does his rebs go down boxing out for Westbrook now?
  3. I swear. If something crazy happens like Lakers get Curry people will still find a way to bash the lakes haha. 😁
  4. Cp3 gets his way tho. They have no reason to hold on to him. 1.) no one will trade for him 2.) they can afford to pay him since all their draft picks will get paid pennies next few years.
  5. wont he still get his money from OKC and can sign for the min with LAL?
  6. cp3-westbrook trade! cp3 prob getting bought out to join LAL. Can't wait to see Rondo and Cp3 on the same team lol
  7. If they swap cp3 and westbrook, what are the chances cp3 gets bought out and join LAL? Would love to see cp3 and rondo same team. Lol
  8. It's not "anything" . Players want two things 1.) money 2.) improve their legacy. So long as you give em that you're good. Its why certain franchises keep winning championships.
  9. I think he starts over Mcgee around Dec. He could be a sneaky late round pick especially when AD or Bron needs "load management".
  10. That would be awesome! My house in the Inland Empire would sky rocket. I would have a beach front property as prime real estate ^^ But real talk he "asked" to come to the Lakers, otherwise Pels traded him to Boston or something.
  11. It means it's the only championship you'll see in your life time. Which becomes truer considering the avg human life span.
  12. I agree. I still think clippers are better top to bottom but weaknesses I see are size and playmaking. Harrell cant start cause hes a midget for a big. PG 13 and Harrell cant handle AD. Also there is no one in that line up has great court vision. Pat Bev isnt a true pg. and their best passing player is PG 13.
  13. *Spoilers* You're gonna be 50 and that will still be your only championship in Toronto.
  14. Man. A lot of people sure hate the Lakers. 😂