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  1. yes. both bledsoe and kemba are in their contract years. run with it. both will ball out this year. hopefully you rind a replacement big off the wire thx for the help with mine
  2. 2018-2019 Season Opener Discussion Thread

    *Corey Maggette Good luck basketball junkies!
  3. strenghts/weaknesses of my team? whir

    ingles doesnt score a lot tho he gets 10-12. i would rather stay with ingram and gay for their scoring
  4. Rate My Team! WHIR

    pts solid here cause you got kemba on his contract year rebs kat, ayton, vuc, kabter got this covered ast you may need some help here aside from kemba, ingles, you dont get a lot of dimers 3pm-youre strong here even your bigs shoot them fg% you should be solider here too but pg and kemba will be the major deciding factor. ft% no ft sinks so good here too stls pg, harris, richardson are good at stocks blks youre ok but not dominant since your other bigs dont get that much blocks outside of ayton and kat to since you maybe be punting ast you will be solid here as well
  5. First time doing 9-cat, rate my team! WHIR

    seems to me your rebs and blks are weaker than your ast. you can actually build up your ast with a trade for a pg and a big. this prevalent cause you got too many wing players. but you got assets to move so getting a pg and a big wont be that hard thx foe the help
  6. strenghts/weaknesses of my team? whir

    waiting to raise some of my sleepers and IL players value so I can do some two for ones. ill try to get another 20ppg scorrer
  7. yahoo standard 9-Cat h2h10 team PG RWB, D’Lo, Dunn SG Middleton, Fournier, Lamb SF Ingram, Gay PF Kuzma, RHJ C Embiid, Capela, Ayton IL: IT, Bogdanovic (Sac)
  8. Brandon Ingram 2018-19 Outlook

    it’s time.
  9. Kyle Kuzma 2018-19 Season Outlook

    is there a petition somewhere for C eligibility?
  10. DeAndre Ayton 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    I’d definitely take KAT or Anthony Davis! lol but really. I’d take Capela and Marc
  11. just drafted. critique my team whir

    up where are all the guys that I helped and put “whir” on their topic? smh
  12. Marvin Bagley III 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    is he starting?
  13. Aminu, George Hill, Danny Green, dedmon

    danny green- starting and is 1-1-1 threat aminu-same as above george hill will start bur rookie sexton will take his mins dedmon- collins will be played more