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  1. Think I am ranking him at 6 ahead of Jokic instead of reaching for a point guard in round two. Set your draft up to take someone who falls in round 3 or 4 like Lowry or Conley to match up with him. There's more value in his ft boost and pts than a lot of what Jokic does.
  2. Where are people taking him in snake? I am thinking 5th round it starts getting hard to pass on him if he fits your build. Under $20 in auction?
  3. I had Josh Richardson on all my teams last year because he felt like a deal in round 5, especially as a punt AST PG. I still cashed even with him missing expectations by a fair bit. I would target different players in round 1-5. If you have faith in sleepers later in the draft there is a lot less downside for injury after pick 5 or 6.
  4. Jimmy butler is not a punt FT% player, you would be throwing away most of his value. The only thing he helps that build in is STL. I prefer Lebron/Gobert instead of Drummond if the option is there which it will be about 50% of the time based on my mocks this year. The bigger FG/BLK boosts from Gobert become easier to build around when drafting a bunch of guards to get PTS/3/STL for the punt FT build. Plus if Gobert plays all of his playoff games in H2H you will be very tough to beat in FG% and BLK.
  5. Only takeaway for me was Curry might have to put up 40 a night if Russell is going to play that bad. The attention he gets from defenses will always result in a floor of around 5 APG. He can pick half of those up on dumps to Looney and WCS.
  6. Lillard and Jokic are interchangeable at 6-7 picks to round out their mini tier after the big 5. Then it really gets ugly. Lillard's boost in PTS & FT% is probably more valuable than Jokic's out of position STL & AST. The amount of efficient FT shooting big men seems to be increasing which makes joker a bit less valuable than in the past. Taking Lillard also opens you up to absorbing 1 or 2 mediocre FT shooters. Given the quality bigs spread throughout the draft I would feel better taking Lillard and avoiding some of the reaches on PG in round 2/3.
  7. If you go simmons/lebron I would lean towards a 3rd guard over 4 centers with the amount of blocks/reb/fg you get from those 2.
  8. All the stars are aligning: weaker conference, a couple past knee issues, and a coach that focuses on minutes restrictions and rest. That said of the top 5 I think KAT and Harden are the only ones you could say is less likely to rest than GA, AD, and Curry. But there may be more risk this year with Harden and Westbrook alternating than in the past.
  9. Great fit for punt ft. Even with an improvement he is not going to be a large positive contributor to ft%. He provides lots of pts/ast/3s which are the weaknesses of punt ft. And if any buld can absorb his TO it is punt ft with a bunch of big men that average around 1 per game.
  10. What are the chances of him and Bridges essentially splitting minutes at the 3?
  11. That Brogdon TJ connection is looking sweet. They must have put in some work this offseason.
  12. I prefer Isaac 3 or more rounds later for similar stats except points and fg%
  13. Lillard Kyrie would be an awesome start. Kyrie fg bump fits nice with lillard and you are off to a great start in everything except Reb and blk while avoiding potn tial reaches from the next PG tiers and probably starting the run on that position for everyone else while getting the 2 clear best outside of curry and Harden. Stl and fg a bit low. But fg is less of an issue consider you have not drafted anything but PG so far.
  14. All very sound ideas, you should be well on your way and I like KAT at 1. i also like doncic's upside but a balanced build is the last place to put him. The one thing about being on the wheel pick is you can worry less about exact ranks and just take pairs of guys that fit your needs. Lowry or bledsoe is commonly available in round 4. So you could likely pick the best big man and PG in each of your next 2 pairs after kat. Then fill out wing positions and keep taking best player available to fit your gaps. There are nice pockets of point guards and bigs later in the draft.
  15. You're not getting Gallo and bagley in the 8th and 9th rounds in most leagues. More like Wiggins around 10 and sexton 11