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  1. The perfect example of per game value being overhyped vs. total value which has kawhi at 17th on the season for 9 cat... and probably slipping another spot or 2 by end of season.
  2. Nobody out-tanks the bulls. Just schedule evaluations after the season... Can't wait for other teams to catch on to this. Next will be an appointment to check out AD's back in May and shut him down.
  3. For sure drop I did in a 12 teamer, there should be guys on the wire with 3 games left compared to 2 for Jeremy. One of which he is questionable for. Lamb was one of the biggest surprises this year, but don't get attached. Look at his average stats over 2 games and it will not be difficult to replace that with someone who plays 3. No point in risking that uncertainty in finals week of redraft. Even if he plays they could limit his minutes.
  4. Trending down and punt FG% only. He's probably your worst player which means you should stream his spot. If he isn't your worst player, god have mercy.
  5. I need whatever they are feeding this guy. Kyle Anderson should probably get some of it injected into his shoulder as well. 🤣 3 games missed from a car accident and a near knee blowout.
  6. This would be a great time for booker to start playing his best ball of the year and help justify me taking him in the third round.
  7. he's been pretty bad all year, i cut bait in multiple leagues going into playoffs. Points have been all over the place and only helps in 3s which is easy to stream. Sitting on THJ for 3 games to get you 6-8 3-pointers a couple steals and kill your fg% isn't worth it this time of year.
  8. No, the guys who run the grizzlies are losers.
  9. Gotta be one of the most overrated players. Will he ever be a net positive on the floor?
  10. Love is on a minutes limit. Pretty good chance of not playing b2b games when you are limited to 28 mpg on a tanking team.
  11. This is tough because those guys are opposites for builds in terms of percentages and 3s. So I think you would have to do some guessing based on team needs and possible playoff matchups.
  12. Fox best player and playoff schedule. Miro could blow up. As long as you can get something passable off waivers or stream.