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  1. Noah or Sabonis? I have a bye this week. 10 team Yahoo standard H2H. Noah is playing better right now but has a 3 game week next week. Sabonis isn't playing up to par lately even when he wasn't injured but has a 4 game week coming up. Also, is Bogdan droppable right now even if he has 4 game weeks for the semis and finals week? He's playing like doo doo. Team is in sig.
  2. When will Anthony Randolph sign his 10 day?
  3. The Wolves need the Lord's D more than ever now that they seem committed to starting Saric over Taj. Their defensive rating jumps 10-15 spots with the Lord in there. That's how disruptive the Lord's D is. They are in the playoff hunt as long as he wills it.
  4. You don't scoop the Lord. The Lord scoops you.
  5. It's been 40 days my Lord since you started missing games and I have not lost faith in you. You even named a dove, Dane Moore, to bring us this good news. It felt like it was raining for 40 days when you were gone. Now, the sun has shown its rays through the clouds and your imminent return will bring us bountiful joy and prosperity.
  6. This only makes Lin a great streaming option whenever one of Lowry or Kawhi is out due to load management. His buyout affects Huerter's value more in Atlanta due to him being a capable playmaker. The Raptors are too deep to know exactly when Lin will produce even with FVV out.
  7. Check Monta's numbers when he was in Dallas then extrapolate that to what you think Burke's minutes will be. I feel that Rick will run the same plays for him. Trey is more of a midrange shooter though not as good offball as Monta was.
  8. I've been watching Suns games for Mikal & Ayton at first and now for Oubre. It is really apparent how different Holmes and Oubre plays compared to the two I first mentioned. They never let the score dictate how they play. You can see it in their body language. They are always aggressive while not being too wild. Igor will always find minutes for them. Motor is a skill. He's helping taking the sting off the Lord's injury. Keep on being wavy Kelly.
  9. Oh, so the Reddit thread isn't being directed but the video can be played. The NBA said that AD couldn't deviate too greatly from his usual minutes and suggested a minimum of 25 minutes.
  10. I believe that if AD/Rich Paul didn't publicly admit that they requested a trade, the Pels could have possibly covered this up with an injury excuse and shut him down for the rest of the season. It's all about optics for the league showing that they are somehow still in control.
  11. Yes, at least 25 mins or the Pels will be fined/possibly lose draft picks.
  12. They played him exactly 25 minutes just like Silver ordered. If there's no significant backlash to what they're doing, that will be the limit.
  13. Jonas is young as well. He's just 26 yrs old but seems much older than that due to international play & playoff appearances. He complements JJJ well and has been developing a 3-pt shot. He will get burn. If you don't want to gamble though, hold Rabb as well and wait how the minutes are distributed but I'm betting that Jonas gets the bulk of it.
  14. Yes, Teague won't be in waivers. What I'm not sure of is if you can pick him up again on the same day in case you get cold feet.