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  1. Marvin Bagley III 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    It would seem that whenever Bjelica doesn't start off well shooting wise, Bagley will get the bulk of the minutes even if the former contributes to winning Kings basketball more.
  2. DeAndre Ayton 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    We all know about it, and we all see it. It's obvious. Nobody ever wants to admit it, but it's there. People on this fantasy basketball 'talk' hate DeAndre Ayton. The first question to ask: why? Why do you all hate him? The obvious answer: you didn't watch him in his prime. Likely explanation: I know that most of you are around 14 or 15 years old. That means you only got into basketball in the last couple years. So you never watched DeAndre in his prime. And because you didn't watch him in his prime, you try to compensate for that by diving into stat sheets and analyzing box scores. But here's the thing: basketball isn't played on Excel spreadsheets. The moment somebody brings up "true shooting percentage" or "win shares" I know they know nothing about basketball. DeAndre's game cannot be encapsulated by one stat. He's the second greatest phx center ever, and one of the 5 best phx players to ever play the game. So when I hear somebody say that Luka is better than DeAndre, I laugh, because I know that anybody who watched DeAndre in his prime wouldn't think that. Unlike you guys, I have watched basketball for a significant amount of time, so I know that DeAndre is better. You might be jealous of DeAndre's rookie contract, or jealous of his status as the greatest scorer in PHX history, or whatever. Unless you're a Bulls fan who watched basketball in the 90s, or a Lakers fan who watched basketball in the 2010s, you don't know what real, cold-blooded, killer instinct, will-to-win basketball looks like. And there's nothing wrong with that. This forum would make you think that DeAndre isn't even a top 100 player today. So don't go spouting bull**** about players you didn't watch. Talk about your "greats" like Luka, The Best Rookie in the World™, but leave the DeAndre talk to the adults. Fair?
  3. Trevor Ariza 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    Ariza and consistent doesn't go hand in hand. All you could do is look at matchups & hope for the best.
  4. Otto Porter 2018-2019 Season outlook

    Wall lost his favorite teammate in Gortat so he is looking for a new one. I'm also not sure how Dwight fixes things on the Wizards when Cody Zeller makes the Hornets better as a starter.
  5. Tyson Chandler 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    How much of it is actually regression for Tyson though and not disinterest playing for a franchise without direction? Looking at his per 100 possessions in Basketball Reference, his rebounds are in line with his career averages. His points and blks could be explained by not having quality defenders on the team to funnel opposing players toward him and the Suns haven't had any PGs worth a damn since the unholy trio of Dragic, Bled, & Thomas left. He has basically played behind young players like Bender, Chriss, & Williams just on the off chance that one of them pans out (Narrator: It didn't). The Suns focused on tanking & developing players which is why Tyson picked up a lot of DNP - rests but most of their draft picks didn't pan out. He has been 'resting' for years. What Chandler holds over McGee is being known as an established defensive presence/communicator who can hold players accountable on rotations including the young guys (didn't work on Chriss but I don't think anyone one the Lakers is on his level of IQ/mood swings). I have noticed McGee doing his best in communicating whenever I watched Laker games (learned well from Draymond & co.) but he still has his tendencies of being too block happy (good for fantasy, not necessarily in real life). I admit I have a bit of attachment for Chandler for being the key to the Mavs winning one in 2011 but I could imagine Lebron & Luke looking at this in some capacity the same way as I do which may cut into Pierre's minutes more than most expect.
  6. With the buyout incoming by the Suns and Tyson's imminent signing with the Lakers, what will his numbers probably look like? Around 8 pts & 7 rebs with around a block a game, 20-22 mins. He may be rejuvenated with the Lakers moving away from the floundering suns. How does this affect McGee? Will this be close to a timeshare with only the two of them being capable centers?
  7. Tim Hardaway Jr 2018-2019 Outlook

    Conley has his risks too even though even though he was an established top 50 player. He's playing well so far and the Grizz are too. Hopefully he stays healthy this season. I couldn't think of any others who is coming off an injury. Maybe his teammate works too (Marc).
  8. It's a foul plagued game for everyone. He didn't have his long stretches of minutes because of his early 3rd in the first half.
  9. Tim Hardaway Jr 2018-2019 Outlook

    It's kinda hard to sell him for an established top 50 guy. You could but only to owners who willingly takes risks. I think his shot selection is better now but his fg would vary wildly because of the amount of 3s he takes. Trading him would mean pointing to his usage and the Knicks possibly holding back Kristap's return this year. Don't mention the playoffs either if you play in standard H2H because of the 2 game week in the finals. Be Jordan Belfort.
  10. Every year, the thought of giving up the Lord crosses your mind & every time you forsake him, you regret it and try to return under his guiding light. Be warned heathens for the Lord may be kind but he is vengeful.
  11. Tim Hardaway Jr 2018-2019 Outlook

    Certainly didn't expect THJ's thread to be this bare considering the usage & season he is having. Does he just not have that much appeal? How do you guys see his numbers to normalize? The off the bench change for Kanter boosts his usage but will hurt his efficiency. Will he avoid a shutdown or injury this season? He is entering his prime and there's no one behind him worth playing more than him (maybe Hezonja? but the chip on his shoulder is making him play the opposite of controlled basketball).
  12. BOGDAN BOGDANOVIC 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    Bogdan definitely starts at SF. He should replace Shump unless Dave does something weird which is likely.
  13. My Hardaway Jr./Sabonis for Dray/Osman. 10-man H2H standard 9-cat league. I'm pretty strong in points and 3s and I need some asts. I figured I could sacrifice a lot of points for all the other stats Dray brings. My team is in sig.
  14. The Lord is my shepherd who herds thy threes, steals, and blocks. Praise be!
  15. James Harden 2018-2019 Outlook

    Houston's game is iso with Paul or Harden. It's a bucket, kickout to a 3 pt shooter, or go for the lob threat. MDA does a great job of staggering minutes for Paul & Harden. If ever Butler is added to the mix who is an iso player as well, expect a usage hit to both Paul & Harden. I don't think Harden is a top 5 fantasy player with Butler in the lineup with the decreased touches & spacing if Gordon is included in the trade which will surely happen if I'm Minny. I feel that Harden will end in the 10-15 range and his value will be at its lowest all season with the injury & trade rumors.