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  1. Jabari or Saric ROS?? WHIR

    I just scooped Saric the other day so I’ll lean that way.
  2. Mitch Rob is the easy choice for me
  3. Congrats to those that started him tonight with full games around the NBA. Tonight was vintage Sapper so don’t expect this too often. It was nice to see that he can still have games like this especially with that sweet playoff schedule down the line.
  4. Kenneth Faried 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    I dropped him for Saric
  5. Zubac or M.Robinson ROS?

    I say Robinson as he can singlehandedly win you a category in H2H leagues with his blocks. Plus his scoring and rebs should continue to trend up as the season continues.
  6. LeVert or Nance Jr?

    Good question, probably depends on your current needs and patience. Nance is grooving now while LeVert is waiting for his turn. I would try to hold on to both honestly. I like them both.
  7. He was trending up prior to news that he was starting. I just scooped him so we’ll ride it out and see how it goes. He’ll sit at the end of the bench fight for playing time with Millsap 😬
  8. Noah Vonleh 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    He seems to be trending in the wrong direction. Not good
  9. His explosion is still there so that was nice to see. He looked like he was playing in Denver after those first 6 min. Coach kept him out there late in the 4th as the Nets were attempting to come back which kinda surprised the announcers as well. Kudos to those who held or recently scooped.
  10. I hear ya, I wouldn’t say I’m annoyed but do say “What now?” quite often. Definitely more than I would like to say.
  11. I tried to squeeze one more game out of him before I dropped to free LeVert from IR and he killed my %’s in the process (sigh). Would have done better just playing LeVert from the start. It’s been good ride Justise and I loved your PG eligibility as well but now you must go. Peace ✌🏼
  12. Serge Ibaka 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    I was hoping to make it through the deadline w/o any of my players losing value then this hits the wire. Stings some but I can see his minutes dropping with this trade as Gasol will most likely be closing out games regulating Ibaka to the bench.
  13. Who to drop for LeVert? WHIR

    Tuff, i would most likely lean toward Faried (short shelf life) or Okafor (possible AD return)