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  1. Darrell Bevell... What up ?

    When Stafford has been good, he's been propped up by volume. Bevell has always been near the bottom half of the league in passing attempts. Not a good combo for the DET passing game in fantasy.
  2. Darrell Bevell... What up ?

    Nice But if you look at his track record, he is terrible for his QB and WRs -- he favors a run dominant offense with low passing volume. Big reason Golden Tate was useless in fantasy until he left Bevel's offense. And this is the offensive philosophy that Patricia wants. Bad news for Stafford, who can't generate fantasy points with his legs the way Wilson did to counteract Bevel's low passing volume.
  3. Darrell Bevell... What up ?

    For the rest of the NFC North, not for DET
  4. Darrell Bevell... What up ?

    Not a chance. Bevel was one of the worst playcallers in the NFL in SEA...even before the SB loss to the Pats. Criminally shacked his QB and WRs, which Wilson was able to overcome. Bevel taking any credit for Rodgers is laughable. Tavaris Jackson is a prime example of what a QB looks like under Bevel's tutelage.
  5. Darrell Bevell... What up ?

    RIP Matt Stafford
  6. Philip Rivers 2019 Outlook

    Clearly you know little about Plunkett to make that statement. Which is consistent with your arguments about Eli vs Rivers and Ben. Back to Rivers....had a great supporting cast and flopped miserably the last 6 weeks of the season with the exception of one half of TNF. He just doesn't have the consistent upside to win fantasy (or real-life) championships, and he never will.
  7. Philip Rivers 2019 Outlook

    Haha. What has he ever won? I'll still take Eli and his 2 SB MVPs any day of the week. You can have Rivers, his 0-8 record versus Brady and no rings.
  8. Philip Rivers 2019 Outlook

    Only look back fondly now because Brees proved he's world's above Rivers, and that SD was stupid to trade for Rivers over drafting Larry Fitzgerald. Brees + Fitz, Gates, Tomlinson all in their primes = dynasty. Rivers ego in his rookie holdout was the only reason Brees was given a chance to start in 2004, and he ran with it.
  9. Philip Rivers 2019 Outlook

    Yes, he is. Was a jerk to Brees, and for someone who can't even win his division has been very overrated his entire career. And the "passion" angle is only a bonus for non-black players.
  10. 2019 Dynasty Central

    No such thing for WRs untill you know landing spot. Sammy Watkins was the consensus #1 over Mike Evans, OBJ, Cooks, KB, J-Matt, Adams, A-Rob, Landry, and Smokey Brown before BUF traded a 1st to take him over all the other WRs.
  11. Andrew Luck 2019 Outlook

    None of them were doing that with Tolzien/Brissett and fewer than 120 targets like Hilton did in 2017. Don't be lazy in analysis.
  12. C.J. Anderson 2018 Outlook

    He didn't play in CAR bc they wanted McCaffrey to get all the work. Didn't work out so well for them. In DEN he ran for 1000 yards last yr and ran over CAR to win that SB. CJA is no scrub.
  13. Andrew Luck 2019 Outlook

    You're way off on this. Hilton was a top-30 WR even last year with bottom-3 QBs. Would love to see IND sign Tyrell Williams in FA.
  14. Antonio Brown 2019 Outlook

    Carroll proved this year he's more than just a coach who lived off his 2011-13 knowledge of college players. He is a slimeball, but has always been an excellent coach of secondary play, as a Bud Grant disciple himself. I think SF would be a great landing spot for AB.
  15. Antonio Brown 2019 Outlook

    I mistook you for a newbie since you derailed this thread like one. Back to Antonio Brown.