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  1. This is the problem with FFL nowadays. 10 years ago, Robinson would have been started easily by most. Now the community thinks it's so much smarter than then that it outthinks itself, and mocks those who make obvious decisions as "chasing points". It's the biggest reason you should never pay for FFL advice. Robinson is in a prime matchup at home as the #3 passing game option for the reigning MVP. That makes him a WR3 at worst this week. Don't let his 6/172/2 from last week deter you.
  2. Hilarious that when literally the passing stats of Jackson and Mayfield were placed side by side for their first 6 games that people still acted like Mayfield is worlds better than Jackson. Jackson has only gotten better every season, and he is continuing to do so this year.
  3. Good luck with that. Jackson is the #1 QB right now and hasn't really started running a lot yet.
  4. They do if the target volume stays high. Bet against Adams longterm at your peril.
  5. Not when a guy is the #1 QB in all of fantasy.
  6. Shouldn't have been. Eli has been making TE1s for more than a decade. Unlike Howard, Engram's target floor will always be high.
  7. Or you could have just drafted a real stud like Engram instead of Howard.
  8. Yes, with the ceiling of a low-end TE1. Just like Howard. I've only been saying this for months. If you didn't listen and overdrafted Howard that's on you.
  9. Why would they lose at ATL when they won at CLE by 30?
  10. Arians doesn't care. He has always viewed TEs as blockers first, blockers second and receivers third. Howard is a great blocker and their OL is garbage. Of course we've known all of this info since the day Arians accepted the job. Nothing has changed in these past 8 months.
  11. When he's not on a historically bad team, we'll be able to make a better judgment of him. And to think that morons were criticizing the Giants for taking Barkley at #2 instead of Rosen or Darnold. LOL.
  12. The injury has taken away his ability to run. That's all it is. When he is healthy he'll be a QB1. Until then....well, we've all seen it recently.
  13. Tanking works a lot better in the NBA because you don't need many good players. You need SEVERAL good players to be a title contender in the NFL.