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  1. And about 5 years older than the last time Rice was good.
  2. No, quite a larger sample size. Not hard to find, btw:
  3. Nope. Mahomes just took that offense to another level in 2018.
  4. Big Ben is so overrated. Not leading PIT to the playoffs last year despite all that talent is an indictment. And BTW, Alex Smith led the NFL in deep ball accuracy in 2017.
  5. Nope. He was a glorified TE, who went 2.5 seasons without exceeding 70 yards in a game. Good luck relying on that.
  6. Rushing QBs don't throw to RBs. Plus you're betting on a 30 year old RB less than a year removed from a PED suspension and leaving the best OL in football and a top-8 all time QB. Hard pass.
  7. This was inevitable regardless. No way was BAL going to let him remain their lead RB when he's a zero as a receiver.
  8. If he couldn't produce with Luck, it's unlikely he'll produce in PIT.
  9. Yeah, you've been hating on both of them for months. PIT is going to suffer this year without their 2 best players, legendary OL coach, and great RB coach to cover up their mediocre defense.
  10. Teams with new coaches are exempt from Hard Knocks.
  11. At best the #5 option in that offense (Anderson, Crowder, Enunwa, Bell) now. Underrated big fantasy loser of FA.
  12. THIS!! Laughable that anyone would criticize them for passing on any of these clowns for Barkley.
  13. Ballard has. They won 10 games and made the divisional round in a rebuilding year by drafting intelligently and not overspending. Why overpay for an RB when you can draft a cheap one in the 3rd round (Kamara, Hunt are recent examples)? And draft a cheap WR in the best WR draft class since 2014.