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  1. Minnesota Vikings 2018 outlook

    He signed Cousins because he's a better QB. Nothing more.
  2. Minnesota Vikings 2018 outlook

    Liar. You're an Eagles fan. Of course you saw that were bragging about it all over these forums. Try the truth next time.
  3. Minnesota Vikings 2018 outlook

    That's because you only watched the NFC championship game.
  4. Minnesota Vikings 2018 outlook

    No one is. My point is that no one was talking about the MIN WR duo being elite until the middle of last year, and Keenum had a lot to do with that. He's not as good as Cousins, but he's not a scrub either.
  5. Minnesota Vikings 2018 outlook

    Show me where you were high on Theilen as a WR1 before the start of last season. No one saw that coming. I thought he had a faint shot at being top-15 and even that was thought outlandish by the FFL community.
  6. New York Giants 2018 Season Outlook

    Giants should sign Pouncey at center on a prove-it deal
  7. Michael Crabtree 2018 Season Outlook

    Seems to be an obvious WR2 candidate. How is he going to get less than 130 targets if he stays he's?
  8. Minnesota Vikings 2018 outlook

    ADP is a great measure of perception - both in FFL and in the NFL. No one thought MIN had an elite WR corps until Keenum balled. Many people thought MIN overpaid on Theilen's extension this time a year ago.
  9. Tyrod Taylor 2018 Season Outlook

    He's a QB1 with a high floor. Ceiling isn't great unless he's rushing for TDs. But he's a cheap QB1 you can get late in drafts.
  10. 2018 Dallas Cowboys Season Outlook

    Straight truth right there.
  11. Jordy Nelson 2018 Season Outlook

    Remember in TB when he assembled a cast of washed up vets who underachieved before he got fired? Looks like he's picking up where he left off. He's never had patience for young players.
  12. Minnesota Vikings 2018 outlook

    Nobody thought the MIN WR duo was elite until Keenum started balling. Look at their ADPs last year if you don't believe me.
  13. Ryan Grant 2018 Season Outlook

    BAL: as classless off the field as they are on it.
  14. Jerick McKinnon 2018 Outlook

    Right now the contract is the only thing I trust. But it's a pretty good sign for those who believe in McKinnon.