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  1. I'd say depends on the aggressiveness of your league and how many teams are in it. If better options are avaliable if stay put, but if the wire is dry id say go for it
  2. I like the fulmer side better, and it seems like you should hold onto your pitching. I would stay put for now
  3. I think this depends on who is avaliable in your league. Personally, I think if a hot batter is avaliable you go for it
  4. In my 12 team points league Vargas, severino, and Garrett are all avaliable, and I fear not for very long. My problem is I don't know who to drop for one or more of them, my team: c: Molina 1B: h ramirez 2B: Cano 3B: longoria SS: tulowitzki OF: Harper OF: Springer OF: Brantley OF: Fowler OF: Melky Cabrera UTIL: puig UTIL: Pence UTIL:C Hernandez P: Kershaw P: arietta P: Darvish P: Tanaka P: E. diaz P: Hamels P: R iglesias P: Bedrosian P: F Hernandez BE: Hamels BE: Walker BE: Harvey DL: Richards i was thinking of either dropping Bedrosian or walker, thoughts?
  5. I recently drafted this team in a 10 team points league, thoughts? C: Molina 1B: h. Ramirez 2B: cano 3B: longoria SS: tulo OF: Harper OF: Springer OF: Brantley OF: Fowler OF: melky UTIL: Puig UTIL: peralta UTIL: pence SP: kershaw SP: Arietta SP: darvish SP: Tanaka SP: Hamels SP: F. hernandez RP: diaz RP: Iglesias RP: Dyson BE: Harvey BE: Walker BE: richards any advice/ thoughts? Thanks
  6. I'd also go jones
  7. I'd also go jones
  8. Also woods and Martin, but I could also go jones
  9. Ifd go ivory, I don't trust asiata's role
  10. In my 12 team PPR league this is my team: QB: Brady, Rivers WR: a brown, d Bryant, Cobb, fuller RB: Elliot, Bernard, r Mathews, Dixon, rawls TE: Thomas, green Right now I'm starting Cobb at FLEX and Bernard at RB2. Would anyone do differently? thanks
  11. I would definitely not leave the kicker spot open, at least for any of them, I don't think the loss in points would be worth it ol
  12. I'd say jones and hill. I think they're the best of those four.
  13. I think the results of this week change this a lot. If green does well, then green, if not than ertz
  14. I'd go with pitta, Vernon is just as likely to put up a 0 as he is a decent day. Reed isn't gonna be streamlined every game
  15. I'd go cousins, but you can't go horribly wrong either way, they're pretty comparable.