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  1. Add Powell?

    I'd go ahead and do that, or someone else if you have another player
  2. Who to start Keenan Allen or Sterling Shepherd

    I'd start Keenan, but it's closer than you'd think.
  3. Which WR to sit ? Whirrrr

    I'd sit sanu
  4. Trade help WHIR

    In my 14 team PPR league I was offered Alex smith and jordon Howard for my Keenan Allen and Zach ertz. I was also also offered my Allen and Martin for his smith and Hyde. My team: QB: rivers WR: Allen WR: jeffery RB: gordon RB: martin TE: ertz FLEX: cooper BE: amendola BE: Shepard, BE: abdullah BE: powell BE: doctson BE : morris if I were to accept i could probably also squeeze Kyle Rudolph out of him. I'm leaning towards not doing the deal, but I thought I would get some thoughts.
  5. Big trade, thoughts?? WHIR 100%

    You are definitely trading a lot for Evans, as the other two players are definite gambles, however with your depth it could come out as a net positive. I think its up to how much you value depth, but personally i would do the deal. Pick up jones if you can
  6. Brees for Rivers/Benjamin

    I think this depends on your depth at receiver, if you can afford to give up Benjamin then it is an upgrade, however if its a major downgrade at WR I'm not sure the gap is quite worth it from brees to rivers, but its pretty even IMO.
  7. Trade Julio and Carr for Thomas and Ryan?

    I think julio bounces back and has a great rest of the season. I think if you did this trade you'd be selling low on him. I wouldn't do it
  8. Trade McCaffrey for Ingram? WHIR 100%

    Id say go for it, you're getting the best overall player.
  9. Who to start? WHIR

    In my 14 team PPR league I have a dilemma in my FLEX spot. My options to fill in for this week would be to start either cooper, amendola, or shepard. Thoughts?
  10. My Michael Thomas and Kamara for his Bell and Maclin?

    Do it right away!

    I'd probably say Diggs, but it could go either way
  12. ROS Who's the better pickup?

    I'd say Snead, at least for right now. Shepard probably has higher upside in the long run
  13. Brissett or Siemian?

    They both have plus matchups, siemian probably has higher upside, brissett higher floor, personally I'd go brissett, but both are relatively similar
  14. Which kicker ROS?

    I'd say Lutz
  15. Any better RB on the WW than Buck Allen? WHIR

    I'd consider Powell, but besides him I don't think I'd take the others over Allen at this point