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  1. I opted to pick Draymond instead of him in the 3rd round for my Punt FT/PTS/3s build. There are solid bigs later (Capela, Javale, Whiteside, Adams, Poetle, etc) who you can grab and still have the best FG, Rebs & Blocks team by far.
  2. Maybe the 1st round but he was a beast overall in the playoffs. That said, I think he will be fairly inconsistent throughout the year.
  3. Perhaps they are managing his load. They may also just want to experiment playing Ibaka/Gasol a little more against a brutal Bulls team.
  4. I watched the full game and there were at least 2 blocks the score keepers missed. Another questionable one where I couldn't quite tell whether or not he got a hand on it.
  5. AD is probable for their next game so not sure it's worth the gamble anymore.
  6. Fixed this for you! I think finding gems like this who can win you a single category is what makes fantasy so much fun.
  7. Sorry for the late reply. I target the usual punt FT big men (2-3 of of Drummond, Capela, Gobert, Nurk) along with a high FG% high assist/steal guy if I can (Simmons/Giannis). You then pick up more big men like Mitch Rob, Noel, Harrell, etc to dominate REBs, FG% & Blocks while also targeting high steals and or assist guys in the draft. I went for the likes of Dunn, Marcus Smart, Kyle Anderson, Roco & Nance Jr for their steals. My TOs are low so I can stream in low end assist guys if I have a shot at assists during the week. Or stream in steals guys with low TOs if I have no shot at assists. I've won points a couple times due to scheduling or injuries and have fluked out a win on FT% once. Generally it is tough to win 1st in the regular season, but I feel you give yourself a better chance at winning come playoff time. The best part is that if one of your main guys go down, you can usually always sneak in a low end WW guy who has top 60 value for your build. I've been using guys like Cody Zeller, Dwight Powell & Richaun Holmes throughout the year.
  8. I am punting PTS, 3s and FT%. He is Ranked 16 overall for the entire year and 4 overall for the past month in this build. He was a top 20 guy as soon as he started getting burn after the first couple weeks of the season.
  9. Don't have him on my squad this year but at least it's better he gets hurt now as opposed to going down closer to the playoffs.
  10. The points tonight are a fluke but the rest is legit. He's has always been and still is a great steals guy with solid efficiency and rebounds.
  11. The numbers lately have been nice, but it is still concerning that he didn't get the start. It's just another sign that the coach does not like playing him which doesn't bode well when CLE has a fully healthy lineup.
  12. Was just about to post the same thing. Loving the steals production. I am punting points with a really solid FG% core and he has been a monster for me.
  13. Coach seems to be trusting him too. Lots of minutes tonight and had the ball in his hands during crunch time. He missed a questionable 3 late but then came back and hit a game tying shot with 5 seconds left in regulation.