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  1. Let’s sit back and think for a minute. This guy had 1 good season only. Maybe it was just 1 of those abnormalities.
  2. I hope he doesn’t make all star. Maybe it’ll light a fire in his a**!
  3. I’ve kinda learnt my lesson drafting pacers players. Roy hibbert I drafted early after a break out season and he completely destroyed me. I drafted Myles turner last season and he became a spud also. This year draft dipo after all the talk about how he’s got a killer instinct and training with Kobe in the offseason and look how he’s going.
  4. Starting to think he’s a 1 year wonder...
  5. Cmon Dipo lift! It’s against the damn suns man!
  6. Annoying as hell to own. Just doesn’t get involved much. Its the knicks ffs!!
  7. Really thought this guy would take the next step this year. But he hasn’t.
  8. Maybe for 1 game, or until Rose is back.
  9. This bloke is average. Killing me this season.
  10. Annoying to own. Never thought kawhi is that weak type of player before what happened last year.
  11. Yes I did. Blake knew exactly what he was doing.
  12. Blake is a dirty player man.
  13. Got to more to the injury than just a sore knee. Pissed off nonoftheless.
  14. Hasn’t been fun owning this bloke this year. After butler trade he’s usage is down and he’s turnovers way up. Last time I’ll take this guy with a top5 pick.