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  1. Hopefully he does a wall and tears his quad for real. Just to show these rests on a weekly basis mean nothing.
  2. So does Davis play next regular season game? He only played 4min in the all star game. And didn’t play in the second half.
  3. Next season I would’nt touch this guy unless he’s after pick 20. Just for my own mental health
  4. Doesn’t matter how much minutes have been allocated for him. Him pnot playing the entire 4th in a close game is alarming.
  5. I just traded Davis for Westbrook. He’s having a monster game so I had owners gaging for him. Good luck guys
  6. In a close game would AD be playing or sitting?
  7. I’m trying everything I can to try and trade this guy and absolutely nobody wants him.
  8. Wanker! Traded pg for him at start of season. He’s killed me!
  9. Well from a fantasy perspective this is s---. That means AD most likely wont play till trade deadline in another team.
  10. No they can’t, unless they trade Kyrie