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  1. Rose needs to cool down with the shot attempts. He’s not the man in this team.
  2. Hopefully now it’s thibs turn to get sacked.
  3. Amazing first half Kat. What’s the chance he’s teammates freeze him out second half.
  4. The problem isn’t butler. Problem is thibs, and now Rose Has given the green light to jack up shots in the starting lineup. A guy like Kat should have a usage rate of more than 20%.
  5. Pretty much, atleast it’s not a disfunctional team.
  6. I just offered my Kat for his joker. Hopefully he accepts. Really want to jump off this disfunctial guy and team and coach he plays for.
  7. Doesn’t mean he can’t rebound the ball. He’s effort just stinks this season.
  8. At the start of the season I was getting funny buy low offers. Now I would take those offers in a heart beat.
  9. So far in the 3rd qtr. only registered 1 TO and no other stat. It’s painful owning him.
  10. Honestly Kat has less shots taken then wiggins rose and butler but his % is better. Wtf is going on? So frustrating!
  11. This guy is trash. Wasted pick 17 on this bum!
  12. I actually expected way more from this guy this season. After all the off season stuff he did to be better.
  13. Damn this guy! Played 7 games and will miss 3 of them already!
  14. There really isn’t any excuses the way Kat is playing. Unless it’s personal issues outside of basketball. I wish I can not do any work because I hate my work colleague and my boss, and get paid 30mil for it.