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  1. he showed great efficiency, albeit on limited targets/carries week 1 and 2 (10, 6). the most encouraging note is his 70% snap in week 1, and of course he got injured during week 2. i don't think frank gore will ever go away, but i'm personally not worried about tj yeldon taking away many snaps (3% and 7% of snaps week 1 and 2). imo, singletary will be the preferred back on passing downs, and will obtain at least a 50% snap share moving forward, with the opportunity to take over if he maintains the efficiency that he showed week 1 and 2. buffalo has a relatively soft schedule coming up against the rush, so i think he will produce even if he doesn't completely take over the backfield this year. talent wise, i don't think that there's a question that singletary is the best of the 3 buffalo backs.
  2. each case is different, can take a week to months/surgery depending on severity. the bigger concern is if he were to come back too early and re-aggravate the injury. julio jones missed two games with turf toe in '16 (missed weeks 14/15), aggravated it during the playoffs, and ended up needing surgery after the post season. no one knows when he will be back, but i'd prepare to be without adams for 2-4 more weeks, especially with the packers having a good record. i can see him being back for the chiefs game if all goes well, but i suspect that the packers will play it safe with him.
  3. i'm in the same situation. i would much rather gamble on a possibly limited hunter henry instead of picking up a 3rd TE, like fant or higbee, who will likely bust anyway.
  4. "HC Jason Garrett just said WR Amari Cooper will be limited today in practice but sounds hopeful about this weekend following negative MRI on ankle."
  5. This is Waller's first year where he was actually involved in full OTAs, preseason, etc. because of his past drug issues. Obviously, he hasn't had much game tape so he is an unknown. However, most players mentioned Waller's name when they were asked who was the camp standout. He has the trust from the coaching staff to be the de-facto TE1, which was a productive position for the Raiders last year, and we find them in a similar situation target distribution wise, with AB leaving. There are videos of Gruden talking him up, and this was before Hard Knocks. With his measurables, you have nothing to lose trying him out with the next two weeks being plus matchups (Broncos weak at TE, they will have to throw against KC week 2). I'd rather take his possible upside over another bum TE on the waiver who is just as much of a threat to post a goose egg.
  6. Just traded Zingod for him today too CSB If he’s back within the next two weeks, and I’ll be happy with that
  7. Which side wins? I feel like he should add a mid round player while I add a top 80 or so. Also considering offering Dipo/Zingis for Wall/Cousins but that would def be rejected lol
  8. Traded away Leonard Fournette and Chris Hogan to receive Antonio Brown and Eddie Lacy, will most likely drop Lacy after Sunday
  9. Settled on AB for Fournette and Hogan Mods, you can lock/delete this thread thanks
  10. Having trouble with this one.. .5 PPR I'd be receiving AB. Rest of my squad is: Leveon Bell, Alvin Kamara, Donta Foreman, Alex Collins, and Wayne Gallman Devante Parker, Chris Hogan, Tyreek Hill, and Josh Gordon