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  1. I had an owner quit last night after failing to show up for the league auction draft. The team is a mess and will take someone patient but the good news is it's a free team. You will have a full season to see if you like the league, guys and possibly make some changes that you'll like an decide to stay. There is player turnover every year so you can turn a team around quick. The league is run on CBS and is a H2H points weekly lineup league. this is a 20 team league. please email me back if interested;
  2. I had an owner decide to leave and abandon his team. The league is a 24 team dynasty league. H2H scoring weekly lineups on CBS. please email me at, We can discuss more if interested.
  3. I am interested in starting a 12 or 14 team H2H weekly lineup auction league on CBS. If I can get enough people I will gladly start the league. As I said the league would run on CBS, thinking $40 entry fee paid to Leaguesafe. If you would be interested please leave your info on this thread. Thanks
  4. This team is paid for 2019 and the auction draft is scheduled for March 10th @7pm est. This is a H2H weekly lineup 20 team league run on CBS. Please leave a message if you are interested and your email address so I can send you an invite to look over roster.
  5. If you are looking to take over a team in an established dynasty league I have 1 open team in 2 different leagues. Both leagues are H2H weekly lineup 20 team leagues. Please reply to this thread with any questions and your email address if you are interested.
  6. I am still looking for someone to take over this abandoned team. Will consider waving league fees for right dedicated owner
  7. The league is run on CBS. This is a weekly H2H points based league. The roster is listed below. If interested please email me at J Alfaro A Barnes(R) J Rogers(M) R Hoskins C Moran (R) P Alonso (M) S Castro C Biggio(R) J Candelario S Kingery(R) M Davidson(R) J.D. Davis(R) L Erceg (M) J Polanco J.P. Crawford (R) H Renfroe S Pearce (R) N Velazquez(M) A Almora M Wilson (M) D Palka D Fowler(R) J Winker (I) D Johnson(M) C Mullins M Taylor (R) B Buxton (R) F Peralta W Buehler B Snell S Gonsalves G Marquez J Urena (R) T Cahill (R) L Weaver (R) S Alcantara (R) K Allard (R) C Burnes (R) J Cotton (I) A Meyer (I) M Molina (M) M Shawaryn (M) M Baez (M) T Widener (M) A Espinoza (M) J Hader D Robertson T Hildenberger
  8. I also can meet all your request except the entry fee which is $50. League is 20 teams. I am sending you the available rosters. Hope you join us
  9. I have 2 open teams in my dynasty league that need to be filled by good owners. If you are interested please email me at; or leave you contact info for me. Available Team 1 S Perez J Ryan Murphy (R) T Flowers(R) M Pina (R) T Stephenson(M) I Desmond R O'Hearn(R) G Bird (R) L Diaz (M) R Odor J Wendle(R) T Saladino(M) A Rendon P Valaika(R) N Senzel(M) J Ho Kang(M) D Ellis (M) N Goodrum D Gregorius (R) D Dietrich R Quinn (R) N Cuevas (M) A Hicks C Maybin (R) O Mercado(M) J Cave A Judge (R) J Luplow (R) G Parra (R) K Morales H Ramirez (R) L Duda (R) B Rooker (R) D Fowler (I) C Carrasco M Foltynewicz D Keuchel F Liriano D Duffy T Chatwood (I) F Perez (M) L Escobar (M) H Strickland A Reed B Kintzler P Baez (R) S Dyson (R) E Ramos (R) V Arano (R) K McCarthy(R) B Morrow (I) C Smith (I) M Montgomery(I) K Makita (M) Available team 2 D Mesoraco F Cervelli(R) J Mathis (R) A Garcia (R) T d'Arnaud(I) J Rogers (M) H Dozier J Mauer (R) A Gonzalez(R) E White (M) D Smith (M) P Smith (M) S Castro E Sogard(R) K Bryant J Burger(M) D Swanson L Urias (R) B Zobrist R Braun (R) J Winker (I) A.J. Pollock R Davis (R) G Springer P Ervin (R) A Aquino (M) J Turner J Mercer (R) N Pratto (M) J Teheran E Jackson L Castillo J Lucchesi Z Greinke R Gsellman (R) H-Jin Ryu (R) J Lackey (R) M Kopech (R) J Hellickson (R) H Bailey (R) N Kingham (R) I Kennedy (R) J.B. Bukauskas (M) S Carlson (M) J Fernandez (M) D.L. Hall (M) R Iglesias S-Hwan Oh K Kela J Diekman(R) R Stephenson(R) M Wright (R) R Buchter (R)