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  1. I know right. I was thinking the same thing. The only thing I can find online are places that rank by position and position only. What good is that going to do for me if I can't compare QBs to RBs to WRs? There isn't a $ amount associated or anything, just tiered out by position. I posted this question to my twitter account and hopefully someone will respond. If anyone knows of good college football rankings that is a overall 100/200/300 let us know! Thanks!
  2. I looked but didn't see a thread started on defense/special teams. I know, sexy topic. If it already exists, mods feel free to delete. Which defense/special teams does everyone see as this year's 2017 Jacksonville? For a large portion of last year, Jacksonville could be had any week as they sat in the free agent pool in most leagues. Who is this year's Jacksonville?