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  1. I run an NFL pick em league using CBS Sports. You pick all games over the course of the year - against the spread. Its $60 for the whole year, with a weekly prize of $20 to the highest scorer of the week, and final payouts for spots 1, 2, and 3. Let me know if you have any interest or questions!
  2. Starting a NEW college football pick em league, using the spread, on You pick 15 games per week (CBS picks the games), and top three at the end of the year get paid (60%, 30%, 10% of the remaining pot after weekly winners get paid). Also a weekly prize for highest scorer of the week. Thinking of making the entry $30, maybe $25. Hopefully getting at least 15 people, though anything over 20 would be great. Shoot me an email if interested, with questions, or for an invite!
  3. Anyone interested in doing a last minute EPL pick em league? It's run through the NBC sports predictor app. You pick the exact score of 5 different games. You get 10 points if you get it exactly right, 4 points if you get the result right, 0 if you get the score and result wrong. Doing this on a whim. Looking for $10-$20 per entry.Shoot me an email if interested,