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  1. He didn't decide on Toronto, he was traded there. His baby daughter and fiancee are in San Diego, which is where she's from and where she moved back home to after she became pregnant when Kawhi was with SAS. That might put his trade demand to the Lakers in some context. Popovich moved him as far away from his family as he possibly could. He can't be happy about that.
  2. Last year's final auction values?

    http://2017.basketballmonster.com/PlayerRankings.aspx Select "Yahoo! Avg $" under "Edit Display Columns" and there you go.
  3. Dang it, missed it. Post results for Team 11?
  4. That video is from May, before he started working with Drew Hanlen. Whatever his jumper was in that video has been completed reworked since then. Again.
  5. Yahoo opened on August 17th last year. I was looking at the auction mock we did that day and saw that Team 11 trolled itself as usual and was out of money after the 4th nom. Good ol' Team 11.
  6. LeBron James 2018-19 Season Thread

    Looks like it. LeBron with C elig when centers are so scarce. And for some reason we still need two of them in most leagues . . .
  7. Besides his NBA salary, endorsements/shoe deals would more than make up the difference. The shoe offer on the table that Kawhi rejected in SA was 4 years, $20M. He then learned that within the first hour of LeBron announcing he was joining the Lakers, LeBron's jersey sales were 600% higher than when he announced he was going back to Cleveland. Kawhi doesn't have a shoe deal now, but whichever one he ended up with on the Lakers would obliterate the $20M offer he got when with the Spurs. It was minus 11 degrees when Kawhi was at the ASG in Toronto in Feb 2016. He reportedly didn't leave his room. A lot of people think he's from L.A. where it's warm all the time, but he's not. He's from Moreno Valley, which is 70 miles to the east in the desert where it's hot AF, even warmer than L.A. Will that factor into his decision to leave or stay in Toronto? Maybe, but shoe deals and endorsements could prove to be the bigger pull.
  8. 2018-19 Sleepers and Busts

    Yeah that's not looking too good . . .
  9. Philadelphia 76ers 2018-2019 Outlook

    You forgot Nerlens Noel. They're five for five.
  10. 2018-2019 Auction Values

    When Yahoo opens we usually start up a forum member auction mock, if you want to participate to see how it shakes out. We had a pretty good turnout on Yahoo opening night last year, with eight real dudes, three bots and Team 11. Team 11 is such an awesome troll that it shouldn't really count as a bot.
  11. Brandon Ingram 2018-19 Outlook

    You're a Sixers fan masquerading as a Laker fan in order to trash Laker players on a fantasy forum. You were already exposed on this when you joined the forum a year and a half ago. Remember? So who is the "we" you are referring to in your post? Sorry, "we".
  12. So . . . he's still not 100% healthy? How was he "injured" in the first place?
  13. Either way it gives us a solid two weeks to make fun of their rankings before BBM opens and they're magically fixed.
  14. Rotoworld Summer H2H Mock Draft

    He was the 159th ranked player last year and has never been higher than #114 at any point in his career. His FT% dropped a full 12% last season to 64.3. He should of been improving by now, but instead it's like he's somehow getting worse. Fantasy aside, MIN has him on the books until the year 2023: 18-19: $25.5M 19-20: $27.3M 20-21: $29.3M 21-22: $31.3M 22-23: $33.3M Yuck.
  15. Rotoworld Summer H2H Mock Draft

    That's a great idea, but the problem is the forum only allows for one mock at a time. That means only two mocks per summer, the roto one and the H2H one, regardless of time zones. Someone will organize another one after you H2H guys are done but it will sadly die because Yahoo will be open before it finishes . . .