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  1. Hey guys, left my picks with Winky and Bolt, I wont be around when my turn comes.
  2. Thats fine, i typically end up streaming a bit anyway
  3. Hey guys, I may not be around, travelling for work. If I am not around to make my picks, just grab me the highest ranked Def and Kicker for the next two rounds.
  4. BUF led the league in rushing attempts last year and both Karlos Williams in 2015 and Mike Gilislee in 2016 ended up being weekly flex options with huge TD upside as the season progressed. I have not seen enough of Williams to know if his usage will be similar, but it may end up being the case and it makes Williams worth a slight reach in the back end of the draft.
  5. Okie Dokie OK then. Kamar Aiken @Iron-cock OTC
  6. Haha, on a Sunday night? Nothing better than a hangover and the monday blues at the same time
  7. Hey guys, Ill grab Marlon Mack @mrblonde1984 OTC
  8. Hill has averaged 220 rushing attempts in his last 3 seasons. Bengals have been run heavy for years now and thats not going to change, if anything they are going to run the ball more this year, and we should see 20-30 more rushing attempts this season from the team. Bernards the guy I think who is going to lose a ton of work because Mixon is a genuine 3 down threat who is excellent in pass protection. One of the reasons why Bernard has had so many snaps on 3rd downs is because he is good in the passing game but he has been exceptional in pass protection at times. Hill is actually quite good in the passing game but Bernard has been so efficient in pass protection that you had to have him out there. The frustration with Hill has that his TD's have been so lumpy. So poor week after poor week and then he will have then have a monster week with multiple touchdowns when he is on your bench. 12-13 rushing attempts a week is what I expect from Hill, along with goal line work. If we find his efficiency improves and he starts getting a few more first downs then its going to tick up some weeks. Maybe we find Mixon is so good that Hill hardly sees the field, but I think that fantasy performance and real life performance with the Bengals running game has not been the same thing over the last two years. Everyone has viewed Mixon as a replacement for Hill, while I think its a more a case of Bernard being phased out and Hill being used for short yardage situations going forward.
  9. The guy has 29 rushing TD's in the last 3 years. Yeah, what a bum. I am very high on Mixon and think he was the best RB in the class, but I think people are grossly misreading the situation here. Mixon does it all and is going to end up the lead back, but he is not going to own that backfield completely. Bernard is going to be phased out and Hill is going to get a lot of work around the goal line still. If anything, drafting Mixon has shown that they intend to run the ball even more this season and given Bernards health its no surprise they grabbed a RB. Also the oline was garbage last year. Hill has not kicked off like we expected him to after his rookie season, but Bernard has been a bigger disappointment and I think he will be playing elsewhere next year. I think Hill is going to get about 200 rushing attempts as a minimum this year, and I expect another 7-9 TD's again. If the yardage can creep up above 4 again, then that is a nice flex option in std leagues given his current ADP.
  10. In some of my most competitive leagues, he is currently going 4th round. Im in the middle of 3 slow drafts now and he has not gone before the 4th once. People are running scared of him this year, and not without justification, but the upside if this guy plays a full season at that price is tempting.
  11. Cony Fleener @Iron-cock OTC
  12. Sorry guys have been on a long haul flight Chris Thompson @mrblonde1984 OTC
  13. Ill take Corey Coleman @Iron-cock OTC
  14. Wow things moved quick. I never left picks with anyone, went to bed after I made my last one and we circled back. Ill take Jeremy Hill @mrblonde1984 OTC
  15. Ugh, this is what happens when you skim news like an ADHD kid with autism sometimes.