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  1. Absolute mess.
  2. I am all in on Gurley this year if I can get him in the late second/early third. Its a gamble, but there is so much uncertainty around so many players at that stage of the draft this year, not to mention how shallow the RB pool is this year, that I think he is worth the risk. The Rams had a horrific schedule last year, which only made a bad situation worse. A lot of yards his yards came after contact which highlight how bad the line was. While his own play left a lot to be desired at times, I think its easy to understand why a young RB in his second year against some of those defensive units with a line as bad as the Rams ended up struggling like he did. Every year people overreact to a poor season from good players. Murray was a 5th round pick last year, McCoy was going in the third. Gurley has not become a bad player overnight and players do have their ups and downs.
  3. Shady was great value last year, you were getting him in the third round in most drafts. At his current ADP he needs to produce like he did last year to justify the current price tag.
  4. Just became a great option for late rounds in best ball leagues I think.
  5. Have you seen what team he played for?
  6. The bus and its passengers got off easy when he missed it.
  7. yeah start planning for 2018
  8. Its one thing to put yourself out there, and its another thing to shout your mouth off constantly when people disagree with you. The arrogance of the Axe Elf has cost the Axe Elf a lot of money, time and pride this year. Hopefully the Axe Elf comes back and we have a more humble Axe Elf. Chances are we will never see him again
  9. This needed a repost - from another thread where Axe Elf was telling us all about his impending winnings.
  10. Man this guy has lost a lot of money. Maybe the reason we have not seen him for months is because he could not pay rent, is now homeless and no longer has an internet connection. Note to self: If Axe Elf gets back on his feet and ever starts posting again, do the exact opposite of everything he says
  11. Boyd and Miller for me. Miller has a decent matchup, Boyd has been looking good and stands to have a lowish floor this week.
  12. I think he is sitting 2nd or 3rd in total points for the season, and he has only had two clunkers so far. If this is aaron rodgers at his worst, Ill take that too thanks. Was landing him in the 4th and 5th round this year.
  13. Hoyer realizes he has a job there next year if he does not blow it.
  14. I never saw the game, curious to know if anyone would burn a high waiver priority on him after this performance?