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  1. Brandin Cooks 2017 Season Outlook

    Its almost like you had to watch the game to come to that conclusion
  2. Tarik Cohen 2017 Outlook

    9 rushing attempts, 214 yards and 2 TDs 4 receptions, 137 yards and 2 TDs I think its safe to say his floor is about 350 yards and 4 TD's on 13-15 touches in total.
  3. Joe Mixon 2017 Outlook

    Im very high on Mixon myself over the long term, but like I said in the Jeremy Hill thread, it was silly to think that Mixon was going to come in and simply replace a guy who has put up over 3000 yards and 30 TD's across 3 seasons overnight. Hill has been crap to own fantasy wise and his efficiency has not been what it should have been given his talent, but in real football terms he has been a highly productive player for the Bengals. What you are seeing here is a s---y oline that has been terrible for the last few years and it really does not matter who is lining up behind it, they have their work cut out for them and their efficiency is going to suffer for it. Roto has spent the last few months completely ignoring the news out of Cinci and constantly putting their own spin on the situation more than they normally do. Every single news update screams of fantasy nerds desperately trying to convince themselves that its only a matter of time because Hill/Bernard are crap. Neither of those guys are crap, Bernard has been a beast on third downs and is one of the best blockers in the game. Hill is a frikken tank. The fantasy community got caught up in the hype of a highly talented rookie that is still buried on the depth chart. Go back and read the older roto updates relating to Hill and Mixon and see it in all its fantasy geek glory Things may change as the season moves on, but the belief that Hill in particular is not going to see the ball is ridiculous. They did not draft Mixon to sit him on the bench, and by next season this is his backfield when either Gio or probably Hill moves on, but going into this season you needed your head read if you think a player like Hill was going to be watching a rookie take his job from him completely. Lesson 1: Take the bits in blue with a pinch of salt. Its being written by a fantasy nerd who knows about as much as you do. Lesson 2: Good real life players are not always great fantasy assets.
  4. Kasen Williams 2017 Outlook

    when was the last time Seattle produced two startable WR's in fantasy across a season?
  5. Chris Hogan 2017 Season Outlook

    Just became a really nice option in best ball leagues
  6. Ty Montgomery 2017 Season Outlook

    Or try and convince everyone else that the handcuff they drafted is 10 times more valuable than the starter because they are praying that they will find people to agree with them and give them the confirmation bias they so desperately crave with their lotto pick. Its the same sort of people who let Murray go in the 5th and McCoy in the 3rd but are now using their first two picks to draft these guys "because they just cant miss". IE: no one actually knows what the hell they are talking about and the best thing you can do is try and draft good players in good situations with some upside.
  7. Prestige Worldwide - Dynasty Football

    Carlos Henderson @Iron-cock OTC
  8. Prestige Worldwide - Dynasty Football

    Im here and ready to pick
  9. Brandin Cooks 2017 Season Outlook

    Well could be White or Lewis too. Backfield is stacked, everyone assuming its Gilislee at the moment I think
  10. Brandin Cooks 2017 Season Outlook

    Im not sure how so many of can claim with so much certainty how Cooks will perform for the year. Its all hypothetical and the reality is that its going to be hypothetical until the end of the season. No one really knows whats going to happen, but I am eternally grateful for the fact that: 1 - Everyone thinks he is more inconsistent than other WR's going in his range 2 - That you can expect more of the same in NE because thats what you saw when he was playing for the Saints Cooks is only 23, he is younger than guys like Mike Williams, Cooper Kupp and Carlos Henderson. Over the last two years, he has gone for 2300 yards and scored 17 touchdowns. That from a guy who is still learning how to play the game. The Pats chased this guy hard for good reason. The Saints traded up in the draft to land him in a beastly class. Speaks volumes for his talent and potential as a player, but it also demonstrates that he has already put up some serious numbers for someone his age despite being younger than some of this years INCOMING rookies. - He is now at a team that has the greatest QB of all time. - He in an offense that has somehow managed to improve from what we saw last season. NE this year is a frightening team. - The coaching staff went hard for him in a trade and were gushing over this guy before there were even talks of a trade. - He is not going to draw all the premier coverage, he cant when you have guys like Gronk out there. - He is on a team that will be scheming him into plays, they run things differently in NE All of that tells me that, at least hypothetically, he is in for a monster year because his situation has improved. He was already a fringe WR1 at NO, and now he has moved to a team where his situation has improved by a huge measure? When I see guys like Baldwin, Hopkins, D.Thomas, Amari Cooper and even Pryor often going ahead of him it tells me people have rocks in their heads.
  11. MBS4's Rotoworld Dynasty

    Tarik Cohen for me @Iron-cock OTC
  12. MBS4's Rotoworld Dynasty

    anyone heard from this guy?
  13. Prestige Worldwide - Dynasty Football

    Cooper Kupp pls
  14. 2017 QB Rankings

    Its a weekly game. The whole argument about average points over an entire season is dumb and the fact that so many people cling to this has been good for me. Guys like Roeth have those blow up weeks where they will hit 4-5 TDS, but they also put up a lot of stinkers that just about kill you. When your QB does not show up you are normally dead a buried that week because it is such a high scoring position. 1. Elite QB frees up bench space 2. Elite QB tends to be more consistent week to week. They dont cost you weeks as often 3. Given that its the highest scoring position, they often win your week for you too. 4. Elite QB's rarely bust unless injury strikes. You draft Rodgers or Brees you know what you are getting 4pt touchdowns and you can take your chances. 6pts and Im taking one of the top 3 early every time.
  15. 2017 TE Rankings

    Folks are really down on Gronk, I landed him at 3.10 in a 12 man PPR Dynasty startup, with TE PREMIUM scoring this weekend. $200 per year entry with 2 seasons paid upfront, so not some random office league. Already posted this in the Gronk outlook thread, but I think he could put up an absolute monster season this year. The Pats are looking ridiculous and the addition of Cooks was a good thing for him. Cooks, Edelman, Hogan and Mitchell with Burkhead, Lewis and White in the mix? Tom Brady is about to genocide the NFL. Gronk is going to pitch a tend in the end zone. Only thing holding him back as always is fitness. This is how it goes every year it seems. Gronk monsters it, is back in late round 1/early round 2 discussion. People pick him that high and he gets hurt, and his value drops again.