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  1. Jesus the Vikings oline was a dog show last year, people need to put last years stats into perspective
  2. Potential to be this years Demarco Murray at his current ADP
  3. How is it biased? Its a dart throw until we have seen him in the NFL, but the numbers stack up and show that the guy looks legit. The comparison shows that he is in pretty good company and that there is no reason to avoid drafting him because of any physical limitations some are saying he has. Now if you want to talk situation, then fine. Im of the view that after last season we are going to see a different offense this year. Who really knows for sure at this stage? Its posts like yours that end up making me root for some players. The absolute certainty some of you have is laughable.
  4. People are really underestimating McCaffrey. Rotoviz is stats heavy and its a bit over the top sometimes, but what I found most interesting is that they demonstrated how similar he is (at least statistically speaking coming into the NFL) to these players at the same stage in their careers. Ray Rice LeSean McCoy Jamaal Charles Mendenhall Steve Slaton I think its a mistake to think that this guy is not going to get 15-20 touches a game. The opportunity is there, he went 8th overall and the numbers stack up along with an amazing college record. Depending on how my drafts go, if he is there in the 5th or 6th he would be worth a gamble at this stage.
  5. Simply being able to land a guaranteed bellcow in the third round this year is reason enough to take a punt.
  6. me too
  7. Jeremy Mcnichols is a bit of a sleeper this year. He is a workhorse and has shown ability in the passing game. Depending on how he goes during camp, there may be some opportunity for him until Martin returns. He went quite late in the draft, but the situation in Tampa is pretty good even for a guy buried on the depth chart at the moment.
  8. Charles still looking for a home too
  9. You dont spend 3.5 million a year a RB you intend to only give 133 carries...
  10. Samie Coates looking sexy AF right now...
  11. 18 touchdowns for Blount last year though, which is kind of hard to realistically set as a floor for any RB. There is going to be a lot of opportunity for him, but they still have Lewis, White and Burkhead on their roster of which the last two have landed solid contracts and you have to think are going to see their fair share of time on the field. The Pats came up a bit short at RB last year because of injury which is why Blount got in as much work as he did too. It really depends where he gets drafted in leagues. Depending on what my roster looks like I can see it being worth the pick in round 5 or 6, but if the hype train gets going off the back of what Blount did last year and everyone starts to treat that as his floor, Ill look elsewhere because I can see him creeping up to 4th or 3rd rounds quite easily. Not saying he cant or wont put up double digit touchdowns and 1000+ yards in whats going to be a ridiculous offense this year, I just think that the pick does come with a lot of risk week to week like we typically see with most Pats RB's.
  12. He is already going in the third, been snapping him up all over the place in best ball leagues. Granted those drafts tend to go a little different to regular management leagues, but his value is highly depressed at the moment. Dynasty value is rock bottom, I have been picking him for late firsts in some cases.
  13. hey when are things kicking off?
  14. Watch Gronk put up a monster season this year only to see every fantasy pundit and forum expert tell us why its madness to not select him in the first round come 2018 and how retarded everyone was for letting him slip to the third. The Pats are looking ridiculous this year. Cooks has been brought in, Edelman produces every week, Mitchell emerged last year, Hogan started to wrap his head around the offensive scheme the more the year went on. Dwayne Allen thrown into the mix. Brady looked like he was 30 years old last season. Big investments at RB. Gronk is basically going to pitch a tent in the red zone this year and is going to be a nightmare to cover.
  15. The problem is the week to week consistency that kills you. Fantasy is a weekly game at the end of the day, and it does you no good when you cant be certain that your RB2 or even flex is going to get his work in. So there is no doubt that Gillislee is going to have some monster weeks, but he is also going to have a really low floor too.