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  1. Some really good moves during free agency and on paper a huge improvement to the Bills oline. Any value here given his current ADP is sitting in the 7th/8th round? Im sure they are going to add someone in the draft, but he might be a sneaky boom/bust flex option in PPR leagues this year
  2. I would not be surprised to see Atlanta draft a RB
  3. sorry chaps missed out on setting roster this week I was out of range and had limited connectivity Not that it matters, been a dumpster fire this year again
  4. Im not sure how you came to the conclusion you did. 1 - Why wont he get more work after the performance we saw from him last year? 2 - Ingram is suspended 3 - They added...Meredith? I have been drafting the guy as a sleeper, but who else is there other than Thomas? Ted Ginn? 4 - They ran the ball over 450 times last year and Ingram/Kamara had a combined 170 targets! Now I agree, I doubt he will be as efficient as he was last year, but to say that his situation is uncertain because you think that he wont get more work makes zero sense when you look at his current situation. Gordon? If not for his TD's and massive workload the guy would be a dumpster diver. He has to be one of the ****test lead backs in the league at the moment and I have got no idea how the hell they have not replaced him. If you want to kill a drive, give this turkey the ball. One of the best offenses in the league and this guy cant break a 4 yard average 3 years straight.
  5. Small frame? Lol, Kamara is 215 lbs. He is bigger than Hunt, Gordon, Freeman, Cook...he weighs as much as Ingram FFS.
  6. Compare: 1st rounder: 284 rushes for 1105 yards (3.9 average) and 58 receptions for 476 yards (8.2 average) 5th rounder: 238 Rushes for 890 yards (3.7 average) and 36 receptions for 325 yards. (9.1 average) Gordon is going first round because his TD's make him a stud (lol, never topped 4 yard average in his entire career), while Miller is a plodder because the Texans offense has been a basket case for the last two years. (first season he has ever been below 4 yard average). Granted Gordon got a bit more volume and can handle a bit more volume, but calling one a stud and another a plodder when their efficiency is so similar is a stretch. It also goes to show what a huge difference opportunity and overall offense makes to a RB. Consider his situation: Key defensive players back for Houston Improved QB situation Foreman on PUP with limited competition for carries until he returns Ellington cut (almost 40 receptions gone with him) Available in the 5th or 6th round on average How people cant see this as the perfect example of a value pick is beyond me. How the Texans have not brought in an older vet as a backup at this point is beyond me. The opportunity is there for Miller this year and his situation has improved. Consider a conservative workload and his history: 220 rushing attempts at 4 average = 880 yards (thats fewer attempts than last year) 50 receptions at 8 average = 400 yards (with Ellington gone who else is there?) 8 total TD's = 5 rushing TD's and 3 receiving TD's (only two more TD's than last year) Thats 226 points in PPR from a RB in the 5th making him a potential top RB5-RB8 overall? He is worth a punt at this sort of value and has more upside than the RB's going in his current ADP range.
  7. PPR changes things in my view too, esp if you have to start 3WR's and have an additional flex to the superflex which most leagues do. I will say though that you are in a pretty good position every week when you have two QB's who are consistent and are both putting up top 12 weeks. The number of points they put up is not insignificant and when you run into the guy with a stud/dud or two duds, then he is going to need monster weeks from the bulk of his team to cover the shortfall. Its also not like you dont get a ton of value in the middle of the draft when everyone else is snapping up QB's either. I dunno, there seems to be this odd disconnect when it comes to QB value in fantasy in general. Its a weekly game and consistency at QB, given its the highest scoring position, makes a huge difference in head to head scoring. You also have more certainty when you draft the position. PPG averages over a season is quite possibly the most retarded way to try and measure QB value given how many points they put up, there is more to it IMO.
  8. Std vs PPR scoring makes a difference too, I think QB's get a bit more a bump in std scoring leagues with Superflex or 2QB settings, even with 4pt passing TD's. Having two top 10 QB's in your team is no joke when they are firing and they put up as many points as they do, along with bringing you week to week consistency. Esp when injuries start to hit.
  9. Yeah I would be keen, my only issue is that being based in Australia makes it hard for me to live draft so have to give those a skip Thanks anyway!
  10. Hypes really building around Kumerow now
  11. Thats basically his stat line from Min last year. I dont think they paid him what they did to sit on his a** for the first four weeks. 200-220 rushing attempts, 70+ receptions is where I have him. Its not like they have stud receivers either, they have a solid WR core if unspectacular at this point. They are going to run the ball a ton in SF this year, expect Breida or Williams to produce quite a few flex worthy weeks too. I dont think people also appreciate how physically gifted this guy is, he is an athletic freak If its 1PPR, he comes with some risk in the second but its not hard to see him producing top 5 numbers given his situation.
  12. encourages league activity and trading, but i agree its why I prefer to draft late june, early august in dynasty
  13. Chris Thompson I think gets the biggest bump with this news
  14. Im actually on the fence mysel. Im quite high on Ertz this year but I feel like this year more than most there is some genuine value at TE Walker and Olsen are consistent performers and while age may be catching to Olsen the guy has been a tank up until recently. Walker is consistent year to year and can be had at a cheap price. Grahams situation is the best its been in a while and with Nelson gone there are RZ targets to be had. Engram may lose a bit with OBJ and Barley in town but he has still shown what he is capable of. There are a lot of other late round fliers this year who could be pretty productive. George Kittle, Burton, Rudolph has a better QB in town and Doyle is getting Luck back. If I end up drafting him its probably because he was there in the 4th and I did not like any of the WR's or RB's in that slot. So Ertz feels like a logical draft choice in the 4th but it does feel like there could be a few cheap steals later in the draft this year and I dont know if the traditional drop off at TE is as large this year as it is most years. Normally there are two TE's and then this huge chasm, while this year I think there are actually 6-7 who may end up producing WR2 level seasons.
  15. - Return of Wentz - Alshons ongoing injury concerns - Great Oline - High scoring offense - Soft schedule - 75 odd receptions in back to back years In PPR you are looking at around 200 points if he hits 75 receptions, 800 yards and 7/8 TD's again, which I dont think is an unreasonable expectation. At 200 points, that puts him between WR20 and WR25 most years TE, much like WR feels a bit deep this year though. Guys like Graham, Olsen and Walker are going to be there and there abouts and can be had later on. Thing is, most TE's in PPR are going to net you around the 130-150 point mark putting them closer to WR45, so having someone like Ertz available in the 4th round is pretty tempting.
  16. Kenneth Dixon - still have one slot open for now. @mbs4 OTC
  17. Thanks for this, I was tempted to draft him over another player I am quite high on, but your all in on Cook suggests I go with the alternative instead and my gut instinct was correct. Christ that was close!
  18. Depends on league size, format and scoring IMO I think QBs get a bit of a boost with standard over PPR, another with 6 point TDS and then another if its a 14 or 16 team league. Throw into the mix bench sizes Also I view fantasy as a weekly game, rather than seasonal where averages matter that much. What you want from your QB is week to week consistency, not the Big Ben weeks where he puts up 40 points and the next three weeks he is struggling to hit 15. If he is sitting there in the third I am grabbing him in regular leagues. If settings boost QBs a bit, then I’ll take him in the second.
  19. Christian Kirk - I had cleared bench space in advance
  20. Looks like I was mistakenly removed as manager for Shhh Only Tears Now - can you guys check it out?
  21. Yeah I’m Shhh Only Tears Now time for a name change this season squad has improved a bit over the last two years.