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  1. yes both are available but Steven Adams is my only candidate I would drop for either one. The problem with Zeller and Thompson is both are injury prone Zeller past 3 seasons: 62, 33, 49 Thompson past 3 seasons: 78, 53, 43 Adams past 3 seasons: 80, 76, 80
  2. I would drop Favors for PJ Tucker for sure. Favors doesn't fit the Pels imo.. and you could drop Prince for Barton as well but not so sure about that one
  3. 10-team H2H 8-cat no TO Who should I pick at No. 1?
  4. really want to punt one category though, because it makes it a lot easier. Really depens on who I can get in round 2 though
  5. I can see Embiid putting up an NBA-caliber season this year. I think Embiid has the higher ceiling while Lillard is the safer pick.
  6. sounds like a plan, was thinking about Doncic but I fear he'll be gone by then. Might punt FT% but not sure yet. Other category that I could potentially punt with Giannis is obviously 3s but not sure about that...
  7. 10-team league picking Giannis at 1, who should I target at pick 20/21 8-cat league no TO
  8. nobody else I'm willing to drop really...
  9. Man I'm so impressed by Josh Hart: Summer League, Preseason as well as yesterday's game, this dude just passes the eye test... Should I drop Buddy Hield for him?
  10. 10-team H2H 8-cat So I started with the 9th pick selecting LeBron James and the obvious strategy was to punt FT% with Gobert available at 12. I went with it and somehow ended up punting 3PM as well. Here's the team: 9 LeBron James 12 Rudy Gobert 29 Bradley Beal 32 Kyle Lowry 49 DeAndre Jordan 52 Elfrid Payton 69 Andre Drummond 72 Evan Fournier 89 Marquese Chriss 92 Reggie Jackson 109 Malcolm Brogdon 112 Markieff Morris 129 Thaddeus Young PG - Lowry - Payton - Jackson SG - Beal - Fournier - Brogdon SF - James - Chriss PF - Morris - Young C - Gobert - Jordan - Drummond