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  1. I agree with everyone here. I usually try and throw a “devils advocate” opnion so here it is: Jacobs has a few nasty run defenses as well as a bye in the coming weeks with Min, Chi and GB. These are games where Oakland is gonna be playing likely playing from behind and may abandon the running game in the second half. Just sit tight cause once that’s done it’s mostly smooth sailing. Thanks for the help on mine!
  2. Yea I’d stand pat. If anything package someone with Kupp (maybe Ekeler depending on how you feel about him ROS)to upgrade your WR2. People are sorta high on Kupp but he has to share targets with woods/cooks making his production unpredictable. thanks for the help on mine
  3. Whoops, for some reason I was thinking about Davante Freeman. Kupp is the weak link here and you could use the help at WR
  4. Def do this. He's panicking about Davante's slow start. ATL has been playing from behind a lot in the first two weeks putting a limit on run plays called but that won't last. Thoughts here:
  5. Disclaimer: also on mobile so I can’t see your sig. Overall I don’t love this trade but I’m not as down on it as the others. I would at very least stand pat for a week and see how Thomas does, I think Bridgewater is a solid QB2 and has been on the team a while now. As for Ross, who I also have, A.J. green is coming back soon and will have an effect on Rosses value ROS. But a similar argument can be made of Chubb. Chubbs your best RB atm but this is a keeper league so Kareem Hunt coming back from suspension will put a cap on Chubbs production at not only a crucial time this season but also in the long term (barring a trade or other off field BS) EDIT: Just hopped on my laptop and realized you have Zeke. This makes the trade a little more palatable. I'd still see if you could get a decent RB2/3 in place of Ross OR sell high on Godwin and land a solid RB2 with RB1 potential Help on mine?
  6. Hard to say. If all this sexual misconduct stuff with AB actually affects his playing time, Gordon will be a huge beneficiary of his absence. But until then Gordon’s production will be spotty at best. I’d second the others here and shop around for a more stable situation
  7. I totally agree with this. I think it’s more a matter if he bites. I think some ppl are a little too high on Breida. I think he’ll be decent but McLaurins upside is looking too nice and you lost Hill for a while so you could use the help at WR
  8. I’d stand pat. I do think Evans will turn it around but it would smash your RB depth. Plus I have very little faith in Jameis Winston. If I were you I’d target some of these young guys who might still be on the wire like Terry Mclarin or maybe even John Ross. I love Monty’s potential (Bears fan here) and I’d be patient there. Mike Davis is a handcuff for a guy that’s not even reached RB2 value yet, though I think he eventually will. A little help?
  9. I’d say no. Juju will eventually be okay but def not a clear cut WR1 without Ben. I will admit I’m pretty high on Andrews despite the lack of quality opponents and I think when it’s all said and done Andrews, not Marquis Brown, will be Lamar’s favorite target. That being said I think it may end up being a similar situation in Pittsburgh. I think Rudolph is already showing good rapport with Vance McDonald. I’m sure Juju will end up doing fine but I don’t think he’s gonna reach his predraft value without Ben help in mine?
  10. Def do this! I grabbed McLaurin too and though I’m not ready to start him against the Bears this week, I think he’s gonna be better than Williams thanks for the help on mine
  11. It’s one of those things where I’m waiting for Monty to break out. The Bears went run heavy last week, and I believe he got more carries than Davis or Cohen but that’s a lot to contend with until he breaks a few out and Nagy leans on him more
  12. My squads in my signature. T.Y. doesn’t usually dazzle but he’s consistent with a huge target share, so he’s getting the start (I was talked in to benching him in week 1 and that proved to be a big mistake) The Cooks/Woods tandem is getting tedious and I’m thinking they go on the block if one of them strings together a few solid games McLaurin is getting exciting but he play the Bears this week Im considering playing Vance at Flex thought? Leave a link and I’ll put in my 2 cents!
  13. Hmmmm I dunno man, I’m gonna say yes but keep in mind Melvin Gordon has been allowed to seek out trades. If he skips town Ekeler will the man back there. But ultimately I would say yea
  14. With Howard (who I think should be favored to win the “workhorse back” title)and Sproles in the backfield, he’ll have limited snaps Fuller, Samuel (breakout candidate), Murray, Sanders thanks for the help!
  15. Self explanatory title, leave a link and I’ll put in my 2 cents
  16. As a Bears fan i'll say it: Why are people even drafting Tarik Cohen? He's totally a situational back which will make his production inconsistent. He was a great kick returner last year but the Bears went out and got Patterson to handle that. And with all that he's still gonna be behind Montgomery and Davis in the backfield. I'd put him on the block along with Alshon (who I'm also not hot on) and see if he generates interest for a solid RB2 with upgrade potential
  17. I'll be the lone wolf that says go with Dak!
  18. I'd hold. There are rumors that the Niners are interested in Melvin Gordon. I wouldn't put too much stock in that but...
  19. no way!!! You're right about your RB/WR situation but you can get a much better deal for Michael Thomas
  20. I'd go Kamara, if you look at Drew's numbers from last year it becomes apparent that his age is starting to show and Kamara will be much needed down the stretch
  21. I agree with Jimbo you have a lot of decent RBs but no "star". Shady has a good chance of taking the starting gig in KC and played for Andy Reid in Philly which makes him interesting. Also why do you have Gronk? He retired...or have I missed some huge news???
  22. It pains me to say (huge Bears fan here) that I think Sony would be the smarter move. Monty has huge upside but out of the gate he's going to be splitting carries with Mike Davis