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  1. Better spacing and movement with Boogie on the roster -> more chances for Klay to shine. Sell high season approaching? (due to bad po schedule)
  2. H2h points league 12 teams and currently 300 fps and 5 games less than my opponent. On the FA Pool there is Marcus Smart & Austin Rivers. My team has Bryn Forbes and Dwyane Wade as drop candidates. Should I drop either of them for either of the two names above? is it worth it?
  3. Traded him two days ago along with Gobert for Lauri and KD. I love him as a player, but he's too inconsistent to own fantasy-wise. With that being said though, i believe that he will be better in the next few months.
  4. Should I do it, concerning the tremendous value of KD in order to get me to the playoffs and upside of Lauri, or I'm giving up too much? 12 teamer - points league
  5. 12 teamer - points league. He wants my Donovan Mitchell, planning to propose a trade with Siakam and Cj McCollum. Would it be a good one? Other pieces I can offer as package: Valanciunas, Ingles, Kuzma Other pieces he can offer: Barnes, Hayward, Dario Saric, DeAndre Ayton. What do you think?
  6. If I were you, I would take it and never look back. Expect Khris to thrive this season, while Ayton has the space and freedom to put big numbers for a rookie.
  7. So, my team is in a bad slump for the first two weeks, and that is (in a big part) due to KAT messing around and not being anything near last season's KAT. I've got offered a straight swap of Kevin Durant for my KAT and the question is, will it worth it? Dubs have a relatively lighter schedule this season, so I'm thinking that not many DNP will occur come playoff time, but still, KAT remains my 3rd overall pick. Its a 12-team, points league.
  8. So I got offered my Karl Anthony Towns for his Victor Oladipo and Rodney Hood. Pretty straightforward, we're in a points' league. My team is in the sig, pretty big man orientated, but so far it started flying. He needs a big man, so he offered me these two players. Is it a good one and who should I cut if the trade is done?
  9. 12 team, 9 cat h2h league D. Lillard Por - PG J. Holiday NO - PG J. Murray Den - PG,SG T. Ariza Hou - SG,SF J. Jackson Pho - SG,SF D. Valentine Chi - SG,SF T. Harris Det - SF,PF J. Crowder Cle - SF,PF J.Embiid Phi - PF,C A. Drummond Det - PF,C P. Gasol SA - PF,C B. Portis Chi - PF,C K. Towns Min - C