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  1. Sure. Many can make 3s in today’s game and therefore Buddy isn’t justified as 3rd pick in my mind. However, get someone who can sure do twice more three’s than average specialist and pair with players who excel at stocks but no 3s - easier to find and not as expensive such as Isaac, Nurkic, etc.
  2. Do not sleep on JJJ. Similar talent as Mitch Rob but more all-around.
  3. Funny thing is the team won by 18 - he didn't really have to try so hard to make shots lol... He could be a drop candidate at this rate.
  4. Dropped J Allen for this guy - fingers crossed now. 🤞
  5. I wouldn’t bother with him this year as talent is stacked in G positions in Denver. The chance of him producing great numbers would be as good as every other guards.
  6. I think he might just turn 'probable' for next week. I'm considering taking that chance and drop Ariza for Covington.
  7. This kid can def produce... close to what I hoped JRich would do this year. Actually considering the swap now.
  8. He seems to be doing better of late. However, he's still not as productive this season overall. Did the injury ruin him indeed? Help me understand.
  9. I think he's been coming through for a few games now. I'm holding but it makes sense to shop around if you have other needs.
  10. Within the last 30 minutes, I just traded A Gordon for Middleton and Warren + Whiteside for Oladipo in 12 team leagues. They are still buy-lows.
  11. Seriously, it doesn’t make sense to hold him so long in IR when he’s indefinite to be back to where he was. There are other injuries to take care of.
  12. So productive every minute - he's looking like a hold in 10+ team leagues right now. Any chance that Kieff and Howard get moved out? I would hope that GM knows Bryant has the tools to become something great and develop him asap.
  13. Bryant isn’t so clear in his path with Mahimni in rotation and Howard coming back later, but has shown a very high upside. Anderson has started to show more consistency with his overall production. Who is your drop in h2h 10 team league? This move is to activate G Harris off IR.
  14. The rate of his production reminds me of Nurkic before this year, getting 20-30 minutes per night, oozing with upside but can’t be consistent. is Harrell complete enough of a player to get 30-40 min a night as a starter in NBA?
  15. He is talented indeed. Watching him play, it reminded me when I was impressed with Siakam earlier this season. He is very quick and long, able to penetrate at ease but tends to give up for an open man instead of finishing.