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  1. Possibility of starting is significant in Dunn's case. Some like the stls without % TO sacrifices but he can produce popcorn stats with 30+ minutes.

    So... Why is he starting? The Yahoo blurb says the following:

    "... Coach Jim Boylen has loved keeping his second unit together, so Dunn getting a start tonight likely wasn't just a one-time thing..."

    If he gets more minutes in a long term, I'm ready to run, not walk.

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  2. 52 minutes ago, Kamura said:

    Is this guy a poor man's Mitch Rob or what? but not really any poorer.

    Mitch Rob can't be playing any poorer than he is. On the other hand, Noel is doing pretty well considering his limited opportunity.

    I find the comparison interesting though because at full potential, they are very comparable as stock machines.

    Noel would be more like 2x2 whereas Mitch could be 1x3.5. In general, Noel produces more consistently.

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  3. 9 minutes ago, CharlesCC2 said:

    I appreciate that you guys are trying to realistically project his stats going forward to keep my expectations in check.  I've been holding this guy as a lottery ticket for awhile without really projecting his stats, just hoping he takes a huge step and has some sort of breakout.  I think I'd be happy with how you guys seem to be projecting him without a major breakout though.

    I think the major downside for Fultz is 3pt shooting. Competition for 3s is steep and you want all your players to shoot them. If he was hitting 1-2 3s per game, he wouldn't be on ww in 12 team leagues.

  4. 1 minute ago, WaKe21334 said:

    I just don’t understand why he is so horrible at shooting the ball anymore though. The system shouldn’t have much to do with it. He is flat out bricking open shots.

    I suspect that he's aging. He needs to adjust his shooting to his degrading athleticism - his steals have also gone down.

    Snyder's system is definitely limiting assist numbers as well. 

    I'm hopeful he will percentages will get better as season goes. 

  5. His upside was shown last night. He has definitely improved offensively. His floor is stocks.

    As for the outlook, Payton, DSJ, and Ntilikina are all PGs who can't really shoot well. I don't see them playing next to each other.

    With Fizdale's reputation, the effect of random rotation will be a tough ride for sure.

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  6. His production isn't necessarily popcorn stats, but his fg% and to is excellent as a PF that can shoot 3s.

    He would be 50-60 rank by the end of season if he doesn't get injured.

    He will continue to improve all season, and might end up the 2nd best player on the team next to Graham.

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  7. 1 hour ago, colepenhagen said:

    if youre talking strickly ranking then no as his ft% and lack of dimes will be hard to "rank" that high. doesn't mean he wont hold good value in h2h. got the talent and now gets the min. a lot to like going forward

    I had a hope that he would break out this year. But one unexpected event was the resurgence of Hayward - he seems fully healed and ready to play like his Utah days. 
    I'm still holding as he should get some stocks with his experience and talent at this point. Smart is a strong competition though. Damn so many obstacles.

  8. 7 minutes ago, csklmf said:

    In 9cat, I don’t see how you can find a better guy than him as the last player in your roster that contributes great deal in stocks. You may drop him and stream but most likely you are not going to add him back in your roster again. 

    This. He is doing his job as the last man, and he can only improve as season goes on. 

    He alone will make you competitive in stocks. If you are punting pts and ast, this guy is a must keep.

    He has a nice shooting form to improve on. The TOs are bit too much but I think he will find his rhythm soon.