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  1. Kurucs is tantalizing. Justin is slumping. You think Kurucs has proven himself to start on this team? Who is your pick ROS?
  2. Watched him perform towards the end of the game today vs. Toronto. While he scored clutch points, he looked fantastic, similar to Pascal Siakam with strength and fluidity. He defended Kawhi well and he is one of the few that is capable of physically match up.
  3. Justin Holiday is in a slump - unless you are in a must-win situation, you gotta hold him. Kurucs is tantalizing to me (stock lover) but his ros path is questionable...
  4. This kid is only 24 years old and getting better noticeably. Imagine this kid developing into Blake Griffin type of forward with great 3s. His current range of play seems limited in today's basketball style. Anyone know why Gortat even gets minutes on this team? Harrell as starter and Boban from the bench would be ideal.
  5. My next worst player is Justin Holiday or Jarrett Allen in my ESPN 10 team league. Another option on the ww is Kurucs.
  6. I'm considering to use #1 waiver to pick him up. His stocks can be amazing at times and he is very valuable in fg% punt teams.
  7. Hold WB. I would ask for more for WB. Include a top 10 player at least in a combo deal or 2 top 20-30 players at the least.
  8. Oubre. I think he’s got an open path for usage. On the other hand, I like the upside of Kurucs more but Crabbe is coming back and team has too many players in similar role.
  9. They all have questionable futures but Harrell is frustrating to own and his ft% fits better for punt strategy. My current strength is stocks and I would like to add more of it and some 3s. WHIP
  10. Why is that? Murray/Gary/Barton is pretty damn solid.
  11. So what should I do when the drought begins? Hold? I like the stats today but his FT% is so inconsistent he is always on trade block in my mind. He would be a great 3rd center in ft punt strategy. Otherwise, sell high.
  12. I start to think he can improve even further due to his flexibility in position. Top 25 value may not only be a hope this year.
  13. Hold. Holiday is very good and underrated this year - he’s ranked at 25 for season in Yahoo. I like to compare him to J Butler (current rank at 22): Butler is better in fg% (+9%) and points (+8) but Holiday is better in 3s (+1.2) based on season avg. The rest of stats are vert similar.
  14. He displayed a spectacular show against OKC in the last playoffs which made people think he broke out as a complete player. He may be a player that thrives in a pressured environment. Anyways, he isn’t a complete fantasy player in my opinion. You must punt a category to get a value out of him. Without punt, he should’ve never been drafted before 40.
  15. I recently traded for him when I had a choice between him and Porter. This guy was close to early round value after ASB last year. With more usage this year, he already improved in 3s significantly and imagine with stock nights - he would be producing top 10 stats.
  16. I picked him up on all my 12 team leagues. He is very fantasy friendly. Imagine if he gets more minutes... he’s already getting consistently 20-25 minutes of late. Question is, is he worth a pickup in 10 team leagues?
  17. I sold Harrell high for Garris and then sold Nurkic for JRich and Harrell - overall I’ve got JRich and Garris for Nurkic. They are in the low of their year I think. Cheers to their post ASB explosion!
  18. Have Justin Holiday doing near 3 3’s and 2 stls and now Smart is doing 2 3’s and 3 stls in the past 2 weeks. He seems ******** promising omg!!
  19. Was gonna drop for Nance in my 10 team league after tonite, and thank God I didn’t. However, I would need him to string 2 more like this otherwise I would lean towards Nance.
  20. Richardson also had an excellent campaign post asb last year. My choice was based on my punt TO strategy and I’m hoping his fg would climb to ~45%
  21. Great trade for you - I also have Harris and I think he will be better than last year once he recovers fully.
  22. Anyone? WHIR I think it’s an interesting comparison as they were both on their way up in career until this point where otto is in a chaotic team situation with a possibility of a trade, and Josh seems to be back in his slump period as it happened last year. It was JRich/Porter + Harrell for my Nurkic and I went with the first.
  23. JJJ is inconsistent now but when he stops fouling, he will be much more valuable than Hield with his all around game - keep in mind he has a good potential for multiple 3s a game.
  24. Pascal seems to have a high floor and currently ranked at 22 and projected for 62 in Yahoo. What’s your opinion? I think his role will increase as season goes and will end around 45 with: 1-17-6-3-1-1 with high efficiency
  25. Who is better ROS in h2h? Got offered for my Nurkic.