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  1. Interesting - right now Collins looks better but per 36 min stats should be comparable. Pascal’s advantage would be hyper-efficiency but it may be be sustainable as teams are now more aware of him. If Collins starts getting consistent stocks, Collins could be top 20. I pick Collins.
  2. When you don’t get help, most often it’s because your question is unclear - ie which Harris?
  3. Collison looks like at his ceiling at this point without Dipo, ranking around 30-50 in the past 30 days with 3s / asts / stls. SGA, who has shown flashes, is ranked around 80-100 area in the past 30 days and his best game in that span doesn’t come close to Collison’s. Who do you choose for ros and why? WHIR
  4. Capela is better especially in blocks and assures the owner with his past experience.
  5. I'm a Lillard owner and one thing to think about is whether I can sustain 3s as my competitive edge. If you can find ways to feed the gap in 3s or restructure your team, I'd take Jokic over Lillard. I think Jokic is a better value overall but the move will require additional changes to complete the team.
  6. I dropped for J Holiday in 10 teamers. He does have the potential to have 1-1-1 average for the season but his lack of 3s is critical as the competition for 3s, in general, seems higher than ever. With WW constantly presenting all of these upside players, Ingram's upside isn't enough to hold in 10 teamers.
  7. I don’t see Green keeping his previous value - something’s not right. Gary and Bagley have a better chance this year. Stay put.
  8. First deal has Embiid as the best player but the other side offers so much more all around to cover. Murray for Siakam is interesting - food for thought: Siakam couldn’t possibly keep up current efficiency... as it’s been said a while now
  9. Kyrie. The only way I would even consider is if the package of the two is a fit for a punt category like fg%
  10. SGA’s last game with 4 total stocks is very tempting indeed. Holiday also had 4 stocks + 2 3s. SGA will keep improving for sure. The question is, will Holiday keep this up?
  11. Thanks for thoughtful responses. One concern with SGA is his lack of 3s. As much as his all around game is valuable, Holiday’s 3s and stls production is rare to find and valuable even if he doesn’t do much else. I think Holiday is likely to have good minutes as Parker lacks 3s and that makes Holiday a great case to be on court. I’m in 10 team league and the competition for 3s is so steep it makes me want to punt 3s. In today’s league, what is enough 3s as a team? Competing with it at high level means it’s more difficult to fill other categories. Since my first pick was Lillard, I’ve chosen Holiday to strengthen my team in 3s. But I will have my eyes on SGA very closely.
  12. Thoughts on their outlook for the rest of season? Holiday had a great start last year but regressed as I hear from his owners back then. SGA doesn’t offer nearly as many 3s but has that stability with all around stats.
  13. I have traded Harrell for G Harris. I think Harrell’s style of play involves risk for injury and playing many minutes that way isn’t sustainable for his efficiency and overall production. Harris is at his lowest at this point. His 2 3s and 2 steals potential should be achievable, if not better this year. He also has injury risk. Thanks for your feedback, folks.
  14. Harrell seems to be used the most in the 4th as he gets 2 blks in it! Again!
  15. But their current performance suggests Harrell is a better value. Also if you’re punting 3s, this isn’t even close.
  16. The only reason to hold sounds like his supposed upside but I’m not really seeing it. What are some paths he would make the jump, other than time? Are they likely to happen at all? His lack of 3s is really bothering.
  17. Ingram doesn’t pass the eye test for me. Some players immediately do with things like basketball sense, athleticism, length, etc. But Ingram seems to have only length to stand out. I’m considering dropping him in 10 teamer...
  18. FAs like Bagley, Isaac, and Robinson are so tempting. Is Ingram worth holding over them in 10 teamer? All he got left for me is the mysterious upside this year.
  19. Who is your pick ROS? I think Harrell has higher upside but still doubt if he will be able to maintain current performance. I would say he’s been better than Harris in the past 2-3 weeks. Thoughts?
  20. I think Isaac will be inconsistent throughout the year, if he can stay healthy that is. So I’m just starting him in my 12 team league - I got inspired by the ankle brace and the block on Embiid. BTW Having an active player on IR won’t let you pick up new players. He’s on ww in my 10 team league.
  21. I would bet against ‘all drops him by next week’ He is NOT better than Nurk. But he is not like Leonard - Zach has a bit of Kuzma in a much bigger wingspan. It’s still a hold until the ride crashes completely. This guy is very fantasy friendly. Hold tight.
  22. Kawhi has a definite edge if you aren’t punting any cats. However, it’s about the fit. I would look at whether you need more blocks or steals.