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  1. Ike Anigobu 6'10" center with a 7'6" wingspan out of UCLA drafted by the Pacers with the 47th pick in the draft. Very high upside player but also extremely raw; he turns 19 in late October. There seems to be contrasting opinions on him from various NBA prospect sites. Most notably are DraftExrpress ranking him 15th overall (with OG Anunoby ahead of him and Justin Jackson behind him) and ranking him 45th (behind Jonah Bolden and in front of Alec Peters). Some positive comments on him: A set of negative comments on him:
  2. Pardon my lack of sources, but I remember him on the Red Sox as a SP with big stuff but couldn't put it all together enough to remain a SP. It looks like his stuff is still there and it should be easier to manage as a reliever.
  3. Extremely interested:
  4. Mondesi lost his prospect status because of the at bats he had last season.
  5. One of my leagues is in need of an active owner to replace an inactive team. It is an extremely active and competitive and, evidently, the rosters are deep. Each year MLB players drafted by real teams in June and International players who sign their contract between October 2016 and October 2017 are drafted by our fantasy teams in November. The team is currently in 14th place and is being managed by the commissioner and deputy commissioner. Basic Details: It is a 16 team league H2H league run on Fantrax. The starting roster is 22 roster spots large, with an 11 player bench, 50 player minor league system, and 8 player DL. Each season before our first year player draft, we can keep up to 83 players. A team's starting lineup consists of: 1 spot for each hitting positions (Catcher, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, INF, LF, CF, RF, OF, DH, Utility) 3 spots for starting pitchers 6 spots for relief pitchers 1 additional spot for either a starting pitcher or reliever. During the offseason, teams can designate 4 players for DH eligibility. Only DH eligible players can be played at the DH spot. It is not the equivalent of a utility. Categories: Hitting Categories are: Doubles, Errors, Game Winning RBI, Home Runs, RBI, Runs, Sac Flies, Singles, Steals, Strikeouts, Triples, Walks, and Batting Average Pitching Categories are: Blown Saves, Games Started, Holds, Losses, Quality Starts, Saves, Strikeouts, Wins, Batting Average Against, ERA, Hits per Inning Pitched, Walks per 9 Innings. Teams must reach 50 Innings Pitched and 7 Games started weekly or else they will automatically lose their pitching categories. Draft/Minors: Each year during the offseason, we hold a draft on the message boards for the players drafted in MLB's June Rule IV draft and the previous year's international signers. There are 8 rounds in total each lasting 16 picks long (since it is a 16 team league). All draft picks are allowed to be traded. You must have an open roster spot in order to draft a player. There is a 24 hour clock for each team's pick, however, most teams don't take this long. If a team runs out of time, can't free a roster spot to draft a player, or simply decides cutting a player for the draft pick isn't worth it, the pick can be skipped. Draft picks are optional, so if you feel as an owner the player you would have to cut is better than the one you're drafting, you don't have to make a pick. No player from MLB's June draft can be picked up until we do our fantasy draft. All players from previous draft years that are FAs and signed international players who signed who are not draft eligible can be picked up as well. Essentially, most players signed to an MLB contract can be added. This team only has its own 4th through 8th round picks this season. The previous owner decided to trade some away, but more can be traded for if desired. Any hitter who has had less than 260 at bats or played in less than 90 games is eligible to placed in your minors. Any pitcher who has played in less than 90 games or has pitched less than 100 regular season innings is eligible to be placed in your minors. If a player has exceeded this limits, regardless if they are in the minors in real life, they can not be put on your fantasy minors. Available Team's Roster: C: Russell Martin 1B: Brandon Moss 2B: Jonathon Schoop 3B: Josh Donaldson (DH eligible) SS: Erick Aybar INF: Lucas Duda LF: Alex Presley CF: Byron Buxton (DH eligible) RF: Steven Souza (DH eligible) OF: Shin-Soo Choo DH: Kendrys Morales Utility: Jose Bautista (DH eligible) Bench: Carlos Santana, Pablo Sandoval SPs: Ricky Nolasco, Jeff Samardzija, Josh Tomlin, Jordan Montgomery, Jamie Garcia, Jeremy Hellickson, Martin Perez, Ervin Santana, Zach Eflin, Tanner Roark, Edinson Volquez RPs: Kyle Barraclough, Cam Bedrosian, Pedro Baez, Joe Kelly, Corey Knebel, Hunter Strickland, Nick Wittgren DL: Jonathon Villar, Ryan Braun, Charlie Morton, Hector Santiago Minor League Hitters: Shedric Long, C, Cin Bradley Jones, 1B, Tor Jose Marmolejos, 1B, Was Eliezer Alvarez, 2B, Stl Dilson Hererra, 2B, Cin Chesny Young, 2B, Cin Jeimer Candelario, 3B, Chc Drew Ferguson, LF, Hou Jamie Romak, LF, NA Rafael Bautista, CF, Was Jacob May, CF, Chw Cedric Mullins, CF, Bal Victor Jose Reyes, CF, Ari Magneuris Sierra, CF, Stl Micker Adolfo, RF, Chw Lazaro Armenteros, RF, Oak Dylan Davis, RF, SF Johnan Mieses, RF, Lad Franmil Reyes, RF, Sd Luke Tendler, RF, Tex Scott Heineman, OF, Tex Cody Thomas, LF, LAD Minor League Pitchers: Steven Brault, SP, pit Seranthony Dominguez, SP, Phi Carlos Hernandez, SP, Ari Michel Miliano, SP, SD Yefrey Ramirez, SP, NYY Spencer Adams, P, CHW Andrew Anderson, P, Phi Ian Clarkin, SP, NYY P.J. Conlon, P, NYM Tyler Danish, RP, Chw Frank Duncan, P, Ari Nick Fanti, RP, Phi Greg Harris, P, Lad Brett Kennedy, P, SD Reggie Lawson, P, SD Zack Littell, P, NYY Joseph Lucchesi, P, SD Evan Manarino, P, Oak Preston Morrison, P, CHC Thomas Pannone, P, Cle Dillon Peters, P, Mia James Reeves, P, NYY Jordan Romano, P, Tor Eric Skoglund, P, KC Thomas Szapucki, P, NYM Skylar Szynski, P, OAK Bryse Wilson, P, Atl Jordan Yamamoto, P, Mil League Behaviour/Other Notes: There aren't too many rules. Stay active, adjust your lineups daily, and try and keep messages in the chatbox PG. We have a great group of owners and you'll fit right in if you love baseball like the rest of us. It is preferred that you know a lot about prospects. I pretty much only knew about guys who frequently appeared on top-100 lists but you have to go much deeper than that in this league. There are about 800 prospects owned in total in this league and it tests how much you know about players in the minors. If you don't know that much about prospects but you're willing to learn, you'll get the hang of it if you put in the time and effort that is required. A full list of all of the league's rules can be found here. Contact: Please email if you are interested in joining the league. That is the commissioners email address, not my own. If you tell him you are interested in taking over the team then he'll ask you a few questions and let you in if he feels you'll be a good owner. I look forward to possibly playing with you. Thanks for reading.
  6. I don't see how you benefit from doing this deal. Correa (22) > Arenado (26) Springer (27) > Kluber (31) Unless you're in contention this year and you really need the offensive upgrade, I don't see a purpose in doing this deal. You're significantly shortening your timeline for contention for this deal as Kluber is nearing the end of his prime and Correa was a top 10 player at age 20 after being called up. Last year was disappointing but he'll be unbelievable in his prime.
  7. Osuna was a rookie that season as well and, although he wasn't initially a closer that season, he was thrown into high leverage situations in his first games in the majors.
  8. Even though I own 4 of the top 15 base sealers from last season (Villar with 62, Altuve and Gordon with 30, and Myers with 28) I'm still slated to lose SB this week!
  9. I'd like to see some thoughts on how I stand next season. This is an standard 8-cat Roto league with 20 teams. You can keep as many as you want and those who aren't kept are drafted the following season for teams with open roster spots. For instance, if one were to leave 6 players unkept, they would have 6 draft picks the next season to take rookies or unkept players and fill out their team. My team: PG: Chris Paul SG: Khris Middleton SF: Jaylen Brown PF: Julius Randle C: Andre Drummond Utility: Damian Lillard Utility: Brook Lopez Utility: Brandon Ingram Utility: JaMychal Green Utility: Chandler Parsons Bench: Montrezl Harrell, Patrick McCaw, Sean Kilpatrick IR: Dragon Bender Any thoughts and comments are appreciated, thanks.
  10. He's a good low end guy for deep leagues. There shouldn't be so much hate for this guy as everyone should have known what they were getting into. Obviously he should be cut for guys with less minutes and more upside. That kinda goes without saying. If you just need the low end production and there is nobody available with upside, he's a fine player to own. He's doing respectable for me in my 20 team roto league as the guy in my last utility spot.
  11. I don't know which side is yours but this is my analysis assuming you're in a 9-cat redraft H2H since no settings were specified. Millsap > Batum Klay > Rubio BroLo > Schroder Fournier + Deron Williams > Kieff I don't really see a reason for you to do the swap. Thanks for the help with mine. Good luck.
  12. Also forgot to mention a somewhat important detail that its a 20 team league. Thanks everyone for the responses thus far. They are appreciated.
  13. I have no shot of competing this year but think I have a shot for next season. I think this will be Embiid's 'high point' in his value as I think Simmons' rise will substantially hurt his value. I also like the return I got for him, as it puts me in prime position to compete next year. You can keep as many or few as you want in this league and there is a draft to fill out filled roster spots. Heading into next year my team would be: Lillard, CP3, Khris Middleton, Drummond, Julius Randle, Brook Lopez, Brandon Ingram, Dragon Bender, and picks in the 9th-13th rounds in the draft. Hope this provided some context.
  14. The deal: I gave: Joel Embiid I got: Chris Paul, Brook Lopez, Sean Kilpatrick Standard 8-cat Roto league. Any thoughts on this deal? Was it good or bad for me?
  15. I missed the signup for this time but if a replacement team is needed I'd love to get involved again. If a spot opens up let me know. Good luck to all mocking.