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  1. I don't see how you benefit from doing this deal. Correa (22) > Arenado (26) Springer (27) > Kluber (31) Unless you're in contention this year and you really need the offensive upgrade, I don't see a purpose in doing this deal. You're significantly shortening your timeline for contention for this deal as Kluber is nearing the end of his prime and Correa was a top 10 player at age 20 after being called up. Last year was disappointing but he'll be unbelievable in his prime.
  2. Osuna was a rookie that season as well and, although he wasn't initially a closer that season, he was thrown into high leverage situations in his first games in the majors.
  3. Even though I own 4 of the top 15 base sealers from last season (Villar with 62, Altuve and Gordon with 30, and Myers with 28) I'm still slated to lose SB this week!
  4. I'd like to see some thoughts on how I stand next season. This is an standard 8-cat Roto league with 20 teams. You can keep as many as you want and those who aren't kept are drafted the following season for teams with open roster spots. For instance, if one were to leave 6 players unkept, they would have 6 draft picks the next season to take rookies or unkept players and fill out their team. My team: PG: Chris Paul SG: Khris Middleton SF: Jaylen Brown PF: Julius Randle C: Andre Drummond Utility: Damian Lillard Utility: Brook Lopez Utility: Brandon Ingram Utility: JaMychal Green Utility: Chandler Parsons Bench: Montrezl Harrell, Patrick McCaw, Sean Kilpatrick IR: Dragon Bender Any thoughts and comments are appreciated, thanks.
  5. He's a good low end guy for deep leagues. There shouldn't be so much hate for this guy as everyone should have known what they were getting into. Obviously he should be cut for guys with less minutes and more upside. That kinda goes without saying. If you just need the low end production and there is nobody available with upside, he's a fine player to own. He's doing respectable for me in my 20 team roto league as the guy in my last utility spot.
  6. I don't know which side is yours but this is my analysis assuming you're in a 9-cat redraft H2H since no settings were specified. Millsap > Batum Klay > Rubio BroLo > Schroder Fournier + Deron Williams > Kieff I don't really see a reason for you to do the swap. Thanks for the help with mine. Good luck.
  7. Also forgot to mention a somewhat important detail that its a 20 team league. Thanks everyone for the responses thus far. They are appreciated.
  8. I have no shot of competing this year but think I have a shot for next season. I think this will be Embiid's 'high point' in his value as I think Simmons' rise will substantially hurt his value. I also like the return I got for him, as it puts me in prime position to compete next year. You can keep as many or few as you want in this league and there is a draft to fill out filled roster spots. Heading into next year my team would be: Lillard, CP3, Khris Middleton, Drummond, Julius Randle, Brook Lopez, Brandon Ingram, Dragon Bender, and picks in the 9th-13th rounds in the draft. Hope this provided some context.
  9. The deal: I gave: Joel Embiid I got: Chris Paul, Brook Lopez, Sean Kilpatrick Standard 8-cat Roto league. Any thoughts on this deal? Was it good or bad for me?
  10. I missed the signup for this time but if a replacement team is needed I'd love to get involved again. If a spot opens up let me know. Good luck to all mocking.
  11. This is how my team ended out. I really like my group of hitters but I don't have much depth. I think my SP is very strong but don't have good RPs. c Wilson Ramos (C) (10.1)c Brian McCann (C) (14.1)1b Miguel Cabrera (1B) (1.12)2b Jonathon Villar (2B, SS, 3B) (3.12)3b Jose Reyes (3B, SS) (19.12)ss Brad Miller (1B, SS, OF) (16.1)CI, Mark Trumbo (1B, OF) (7.12)MI, Ben Zobrist (2B, OF) (22.1)of Nelson Cruz (OF) (4.1)of Jose Bautista (OF) (5.12)of Hunter Pence (OF) (16.1)of Jason Heyward (OF) (20.1)of Mallex Smith (OF, 23.1)Util Tim Anderson (SS) (22.12)BENCH: Mitch Haniger (OF) (28.1)sp Max Scherzer (2.1)sp Jacob deGrom (6.1)sp Rick Porcello (8.1)sp Drew Pomeranz (11.12)rp Jeurys Familia (9.12)rp Shawn Kelly (21.12) p Steven Matz (12.1)p Sonny Gray (13.12)p Robert Gsellman (17.12)BENCH: Hector Rondon (18.1) BENCH: Josh Tomlin (25.12)BENCH: Ivan Nova (26.1)BENCH: Alec Asher (27.12)
  12. 27.12 Alec Asher 28.1 Mitch Haniger @thewallsaround
  13. Are we going with 5 total bench spots?
  14. (26.1)maxcd99 - Ivan Nova (26.2)thewallsaround - (26.3)colepenhagen - (26.4)zombies - (26.5)brockpapersizer -(26.6)taobball - (26.7)jfazz23 - (26.8)Brooklyn - (26.9)fuzzy_slippers - (26.10)mysonx3 - (26.11)Rabbit Maranville - (26.12)Bluejaysin203 - @thewallsaround
  15. Tim Anderson 23.12 Mallex Smith 24.1 @thewallsaround