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  1. The trade to Texas was big writing on the wall that he'd debut this season. The bulk of Tampa's trades, including the Solak deal, were done to clear 40 man roster space. Solak is Rule 5 eligible this offseason so they would have lost his rights had he not been on the 40-man in the offseason. At that point, might as well see what they had in him. If he keeps hitting I see no reason why he can't take Odor's job.
  2. Of course he could be. He also could be the next JP Crawford, Dansby Swanson, Clint Frazier, Ian Happ, Bradley Zimmer, Lewis Brinson, Orlando Arcia, Manny Margot, Brett Phillips, Franklin Barreto Addison Russell, or the two guys that I think most aptly compare to him at this point: Joc Pederson and Byron Buxton. Every player I mentioned had 5 tool superstar hype, although maybe not all to Robert's degree, and were all significantly more valuable before their professional debuts than after it in leagues with substantial minor league rosters. People are spoiled with Acuna. The only player who has had a similar career trajectory to him was Mike Trout who debuted in 2011. That's 7 years in between him and Acuna's debut. Expect that and you're bound for disappointment.
  3. I feel like there has to be a distinction between sell high and hype trending down. Pretty much everyone listen in the writeup above except for those in "the waiting list" has had their stock or general value decrease over the past few weeks. The window to sell high for them is too late and already gone. Out of the players listed only Waters and Robert make sense as a sell high candidate, mostly in part because those are the only ones whose value has increased over the past few months.
  4. There's no way Luis Robert lives up to the hype he's currently receiving. His MLB debut is bound to disappoint people.
  5. Seems that he's hitting higher in the batting order and he's been on fire since the all star break. Surprised more people aren't big on him
  6. I was about to comment this. Alvarez is definitely one of the better guys from the 2018 J2 class and has done nothing but hit. Super far away but I'm intruiged by his development
  7. I wasn't attacking you or anything I was just purely talking from a player comparison stand point. You're right in Hoskins wasn't ranked...that's totally on me and I guess the hype just built rather quickly on him before getting promoted. Looking back at it now he was old for most of the levels he hit well at. Alvarez definitely was a top 100 guy heading into this season and even made Baseball Prospectus' top 101 heading into 2018. Even then, any reluctance to list him was soley based on defensive concerns, which is why Beer is lowly ranked on prospect sites too. If Trent Clark toiled in the minors for a few years and was in his mid-late 20s then those guys would make more sense as situational comparisons, but Grisham (had to force myself to type it there) is only 22. I wouldn't say he was a consensus top 50 guy a few years back but even based off what you posted he was definitely consensus top 100, and that's with taking into account only a half season of pro ball under his belt. There's a big difference between being a bottom 10 or compensation pick 1st rounder and being in discussion for top 10 of the draft class. Looking at MLB and Fangraph's draft ranking, since those are the only free ones I can pull up, ranked him 12th overall and fangraphs 7th. The position players sandwiched between him on Fangraph's ranking are Kyle Tucker and Andrew Benitendi. From my eyes, late first round picks are a gamble and have a decent rate of flaming out as starting players. If you can find any starting talent at all in the 2nd round or later then you've exceeded the expectations of most picks there. Guys like Grisham that have his star fade quickly but regain it before getting promoted do not appear often, as most just flame out entirely or emerge when they're 25-27 as a grinder through their minor league system. My point is that Clark was a top of the draft talent in 2015 and substantiated it in his professional debut. He's 3 years younger than usual post hype guys used as comparison. There's legitimate upside with him even though he was written off earlier in his career and I can't wait to see how he makes a splash in the majors.
  8. His name was changed in November 2017. I overestimated it but it's still a bit overdue
  9. To say the least though Yahoo was a few years late on the name change and when I added him a week or two ago as an NA stash he was still Clark then.
  10. Rule 5 draft is when a player is kept in the minors too long without being on a 40 man roster. If the player is good enough a MLB team can pluck them from a team and they can play him for the entire season on the MLB roster and take his rights from the original organization. Essentially, it's being said Demeritte wasn't good enough to be plucked away by other organizations. I'm a buyer. I think he's hit well in AAA so far and don't see why not as a potential flier. Maybe he hits in the majors maybe he doesn't. He had prospect hype a few years back and maybe we'll stumble into a post hype success story. If he gets promoted and gets playing time, there's probably worse spec adds out there.
  11. McNeil probably isn't a good comparison because McNeil was never a big prospect to begin with. Clark was drafted as a prep bat in the teens of the first round back in 2015 I believe. Had a great debut that season and was seen at the time as a potential draft steal since his hit tool seemingly was very developed. During his first full season on and later however the numbers dropped and most people questioned what happened. He always had the elite intangible tools like bat speed and was seemingly a great hitter. Don't know what it was but it all clicked and everything that scouts were praising him for in 2015 and high school started reappearing again. He's always had the strong projectile tools I guess it just looks like they disappeared for a while. I'm slightly biased since I was huge on him in prospect drafts a few years ago but I love his profile. It's awesome to see him remerge after his prospect star faded for a while and he seems like a post hype prospect/sleeper if there ever was one, as opposed to guys like deGrom/McNeil/2016 and 2017 Duvall that never had hype to begin with. I'd say Haniger/McNeil never had hype to begin with, they just grinded through the minors as older guys and just continued hitting and hit once in the majors. Hoskins was totally hyped and I don't think it's fair to say he came out of nowhere at all. Alvarez too, except he was lower on prospect lists due to (legitimate) defense concerns. Gurriel was a top international signee and it just took a bit for him to put it together. None of these guys ever had immense prospect hype, had their star fade, and then reemerge with hype before his debut like Clark is Also I just realized I was subliminally saying Clark the whole time...everytime I say Clark I mean the same player as Trent Girsham.
  12. These deals are agreed upon and paperwork is sent to the commissioners office by 4pm. The deals coming out now were all completed by 4 but the news is just breaking now since most of these were likely minutes before the deadline.
  13. Not good, but don’t you have an injury history and a PED suspension involved with Whitley? A bad frame I would suspect would just amplify injury risk. also I don’t think the AAA bump should affect his stock negatively even if he performs poorly. MLB execs are smart enough to take the juiced ball into account and just standardize all of Deivi’s stats and compare it to league average
  14. Because most of the time these short guys flame out either when they debut or beforehand. Stroman is very ground ball oriented and is an exception not the rule.
  15. Mojica is a completely different animal than most of the guys you listed. He wasn't a top 30 international guy anywhere and signed for a $350,000 signing bonus. Ignoring Jasson Dominguez, Wander is the most highly touted J2 16 year old in at least the past 5 years. Nobody has came close to his skill set and talent heading into J2 except maybe Daniel Flores, who was an ultra toolsy catcher with a ton of potential (RIP). Vlad was no slouch either and was the top guy in his year. Other guys like Soto/Devers were much more under the radar but both were million dollar signees and top 30 prospects for the period. They didn't completely come out of the blue, but the odds were against them. Robels was the top guy to watch for the Nationals forever and Soto was kinda seen as the next Soto, but he kept hitting and hitting when the Nats gave him tough assignments. Even with that, Baseball Prospectus was the only place super high on him and that was when raking the GCL...not DSL. Soto didn't get intense mainstream attention until during 2017 when he destroyed A ball. The only guy from a sleeper/international signee standpoint that makes any sense for a comparison is Acuna. Similar to Mojica, he was also a nobody heading into J2 and only got 100k. Acuna in his first season did really well in GCL and Appy as a 16 year old with a 145 and 138 wRC+ respectively, and got no attention. In 2016 he got a super aggressive assignment to A ball, killed it, and then he got all the high praise for being legit. The rest is history. Look, I'm not saying ignore Mojica. I love when super low minors guys get attention and I have fun grinding through the low minor leaderboards in order to find random guys popping up. I just think everything has to be weighed with appropriate context. For the most part, only bums get assigned to the DSL. Even in the GCL/Arizona league games aren't super competitive and there's extra emphasis on development rather than getting wins. I think a 16 year old that was barely worth scouting a year ago putting up numbers in the worst MLB-affiliated league in baseball does not deserve to be called a "special player" like someone else previously surprised. It's lazy and a good stat line doesn't necessarily mean a prospect is good. Mojica could be good but I want to see him perform well in at the very least domestic rookie ball before taking him seriously. No one here is a professional scout, so stat lines and raw footage is the best thing we have. That being said, since stat lines are our best tool, it's important to take it with appropriate context....since high performance in the DSL rarely ever screams that a player is a worthwhile prospect.