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  1. Thank god (couldn’t come up with a funny lord meme but I’m just relieved right now)
  2. Lmao changing my team name to this if he keeps this up through February
  3. Him and Vucevic for Harden and Adams around the end of november. Regretted it back then, and people in the a**. coach forum advised against it. But the way Harden has been playing I feel better about it.
  4. Looking real comfortable at PG out there vs Toronto. Can’t see anything changing, congrats If you added If off waivers
  5. I’m Holding with Only 1 IR. Sitting at the Top of the standings, he should be servicable in time for our playoffs
  6. Agree with the others. You could get better than that for Vuvevic considering how he’s playing. Take advantage! The trade talks that were supposedly set in Stone seem to have died Down to so it’s shouldn’t be impossible. Thanks for the help on mine!
  7. AD. Although aldridge’s Field goal Will go up, i still take AD + streamer before the other 2. That’s just how much of a beast AD is.
  8. Yeah that quote didn’t exactly have me jumping out of my seat. I take it more as a ”no player is guaranteed to start tomorrow” (except for the Top 3 guys obviously).
  9. I don't have as much insight in points leagues, but I'm leaning Whiteside-Ingram. Gap between Hassan and Nurkic is bigger than between ingram and Tatum imo, I think Whiteside has a legit chance at cracking a top 15-top 20 finish if he can keep this up.
  10. I'm biased as I followed him in europe and think the kid is a straight up baller. But It's tougher in a 10-teamer compared to a 12. I say keep him but if a really hot FA comes around he could be dropped. I think his ceiling this year is 15/4/5 with 2 3PM and 1 steal on 45% / 85% shooting.
  11. I agree. Just worried about Kawhi resting back to backs, especially during playoffs if Toronto is running away with the 1st seed by then. I'm not so sure Vucevic is getting traded as other rotoworlders, but the risk is still there. It's tough!
  12. Go for it. I think the Vucevic trade thing is overblown, still a good chance he stays and Keeps giving you solid Top 25 production ROS. This Would be a sell high with Mirotic(with the window halfway closed after the ankle issue this week).
  13. I’d go 1. Barton. For the reasons you stated. Some people are afraid that Malone f***s around with the rotations and maybe puts him as a 6th man but I think his minutes and value are safe when he returns. 2. Dunn/Prince Dunn and Prince are hard for me to rank because it depends on your team needs. For example I would take Prince over Dunn despite Prince’s slow start for his 3’s in My punt assist build. Love Dunn’s game tho and Would pick him If I needed the assists steals combo. help me out!
  14. 12 Team H2H 9 cat Who wins? Kawhi Vucevic Crowder or Harden Steven Adams
  15. Coach Alvin Gentry said Nikola Mirotic (ankle) is "fine" for Friday against the Knicks. He looked to aggravate his ankle issue on Wednesday, but he wasn't listed on the injury report. Mirotic is going to get Kevin Knox today, so he will likely teach the rookie a few things about how to move off the ball and get free for shots.