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  1. David Nwaba 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    I would still hold onto Nance for the time being. He has too much upside to drop.
  2. Aaron Jones 2018 Outlook

    That’s what I’m talking about Jones! What a beastly game. I watched most of the game and don’t think I saw Williams come in once, unless I might’ve missed it. There was no rotating of series and it seems McCarthy is finally coming to his senses and trusting him as a bell cow. It’s looking like we got ourselves a RB1 rest of season boys! Or at least I hope so.
  3. Aldridge has been a headache this season with his efficiency and I think why he is struggling is that he is the starting C. The past couple of seasons Gasol was starting C and Aldridge was the PF. Maybe because he is dealing with bigger and tougher competition at C, he can't take full advantage of them as compared to other PF's of similar or smaller size. I hope this guy starts getting it together and performs to his efficient ways.
  4. Haywards been tough to hang onto this season, but I feel like the organization is really trying to make things happen for him and he'll start turning things around soon. If theres a buy low window, the time is now. Hayward came out with a comment saying he doesn't mind being benched, but his coach has kept him in as a starter. Yesterdays game they blew out Chicago early and coach kept him in I believe to help him get his confidence and get more comfortable. He got his minutes restriction recently removed and he's playing in back to backs. He's been contributing in rebounds and assists and now we just need his shots to start falling, which should happen sooner or later.
  5. Derrick White 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    Surprised he's already starting his first game back. Show us something Derrick!
  6. Thought Jimmy said that he will not be sitting out any games while this situation plays out. Damn you Jimmy! Hoping for a trade asap.
  7. Whats up with Beverley? I never expected great fg% or points from him and the main reason why I drafted him was due to his defensive contributions, which hes not even providing. I get that his minutes are lower this season in the mid 20's, but he should still be able to average over a 1 steal a game. It's getting pretty tough to hold onto him.
  8. I would use the waiver claim on Barton, but it depends on your situation with how your team is and will be doing. will you be good holding an injured player for the next 6-7 weeks? as in, you don't fall too far down the standings in your league. I see that you have 2 IR slots in your signature and think dropping KP would be a good idea as we have no idea if and when he will be back. you also have Portis too, so maybe dropping Portis for Barton would be good.
  9. Ish Smith or Dotson?

    I agree with King, Ish has a solid role with the team and coach Casey likes to run 2 pg's at the same time. As hot as Dotson is, I believe he is only playing so many minutes right now due to injuries with Mudiay, Courtney Lee, and Knox. Dotson could end up being a waiver wire gem, but at this point I choose Ish over Dotson.
  10. My D.Smith for Covington WHIR!

    i value covington higher than smith, but like others have mentioned it comes down to what you need more. looking at your team though, you seem weak in assists as it is, so i think you can get rid of dennis and improve your defense, rebounds, 3's, steals, and blocks.
  11. I have a similar situation where I have been offered Gay for my Rondae. Decided to keep Rondae as he has more upside, younger and entering his prime, and should see more consistent time compared to Rudy. Rondae does have a lack of 3's but he makes up for that with his contribution in every other stat with solid %'s. I like Gay and he is solid as well and I expect him to have a bounce back season, but at this point in their careers I take Rondae over him.
  12. Odell for Demaryius Thomas and Ebron

    If you can get Odell for those 2, then yes I would do that.
  13. going against everyone else's opinion here, but I say go get Gronk. You will be getting the best player in this deal and you already have 2 solid RB's. Aaron Jones and Michel will both have opportunities to be the lead back in their backfield as well. TE position is a wasteland this season with all the injuries and having Gronk will give you an advantage. Someone mentioned Gronk is only good for 13-14 games, but Ajayi has the injury concern as well. I have Ajayi on my team and would love to get Gronk.
  14. Who should I drop for Stills?

    First option should definitely be to grab Thompson and drop Carson for him. For Stills I would drop Shepard. I don't see Shepard being as consistent with a healthy Beckham and Engram.
  15. who to drop?

    out of those 2, I prefer to keep Geronimo. He has the best QB in the league throwing to him.