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  1. My D.Smith for Covington WHIR!

    i value covington higher than smith, but like others have mentioned it comes down to what you need more. looking at your team though, you seem weak in assists as it is, so i think you can get rid of dennis and improve your defense, rebounds, 3's, steals, and blocks.
  2. I have a similar situation where I have been offered Gay for my Rondae. Decided to keep Rondae as he has more upside, younger and entering his prime, and should see more consistent time compared to Rudy. Rondae does have a lack of 3's but he makes up for that with his contribution in every other stat with solid %'s. I like Gay and he is solid as well and I expect him to have a bounce back season, but at this point in their careers I take Rondae over him.
  3. Odell for Demaryius Thomas and Ebron

    If you can get Odell for those 2, then yes I would do that.
  4. going against everyone else's opinion here, but I say go get Gronk. You will be getting the best player in this deal and you already have 2 solid RB's. Aaron Jones and Michel will both have opportunities to be the lead back in their backfield as well. TE position is a wasteland this season with all the injuries and having Gronk will give you an advantage. Someone mentioned Gronk is only good for 13-14 games, but Ajayi has the injury concern as well. I have Ajayi on my team and would love to get Gronk.
  5. Who should I drop for Stills?

    First option should definitely be to grab Thompson and drop Carson for him. For Stills I would drop Shepard. I don't see Shepard being as consistent with a healthy Beckham and Engram.
  6. who to drop?

    out of those 2, I prefer to keep Geronimo. He has the best QB in the league throwing to him.
  7. Yes, not bad at all. Crowder looking good for his 1st game. Even though Rubio is out today, I think Crowder will have a significant role on his new team.