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  1. I don't care if he is not durable. His style of play is like art!
  2. Traded him yesterday. Today, he is out indefinetely!
  3. The only interesting pickups are Boban, Chriss, Dwight, Tristan, Kadeem Allen, Iguodala, Theis, Noel!
  4. The other owner told me I have one hour to answer to this trade! I get: Towns, Butler He gets: J. Richardson, Porter, Gobert What do I do?
  5. Why trade him? He has one of the best contracts (only 8 million). I don’t think they want to lose him.
  6. GSW receives: AD ($25.4 Million) NOP receives: Iguodala, Livingston, Looney ($25.8 Million)
  7. With Capela out, we are going to witness historic performances from Harden! My guess is that he will have a 70+ point game soon!
  8. REPORT: Jimmy Butler has “aggressively challenged” 76ers coach Brett Brown in a way that witnesses deemed “disrespectful.” (per Woj)
  9. I am a Knicks fan from Greece. So I am not biased.